Julio Jones has accepted NFL draft invitation

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Early this week Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones had said he didn’t know much about the issues regarding whether players should attend the draft, but that he wants to shake the commissioner’s hand. Now Jones has confirmed that he was invited and will be there.

Asked by Adam Schein on Sirius NFL Radio whether he’ll be at the draft, Jones said he definitely will.

“Yes, sir,” Jones said. “I have been invited and also will attend.”

Jones said no one — not the NFLPA*, not his agent — ever urged him not to go, and that once he was invited the only people he talked to were his family.

“We decided that we’d love to go there,” Jones said. “You know, it’s a one-in-a-lifetime chance.”

Despite talk that there would be an NFLPA*-led boycott or an NFLPA*-sponsored alternative draft event, Jones’ view seems to be the general consensus: The young guys who aren’t even in the NFL yet shouldn’t have to give up their once-in-a-lifetime experience just because the active players and the owners can’t work out a deal.

12 responses to “Julio Jones has accepted NFL draft invitation

  1. Good for you, Julio! A player like you with high character and phenomenal skills will go high! Fortunately for you, my Clowns will pick Green over you, even though you have much more talent!

    Enjoy the draft! You earned the invite!

    Roll Tide!!!

  2. Good to see these kids do the right thing and nit get bullied.

    It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and their appearance with The Commish will not influence anyone’s opinion towards the owners or the players in their squabble.

  3. I like the idea of the NFL players currently on the team welcoming the teams draft choices on stage.This year that may happen somewhere else.
    Hopefully, next year, when all this is settled, that will part of the NFL Draft experience for these young lads.
    It is a great touch!

  4. AJ Green is the better ‘college’ receiver, but no one should be surprised if Jones turns out to be the more productive NFL player – especially in a West Coast offense.

  5. Part of me hopes that all the owners/GMs secretly agree NOT to draft Von Miller until the last pick of the 7th round…that way he can win the Mr. Irrelevant trophy…perfect prize for an idiot who wants to pretend he’s been cheated before he’s even played a single down…

  6. jc1958cool says:
    Mar 30, 2011 7:53 AM
    congradulations your locked out idiot!!!!!!!!!!


    “congradulations” followed by calling SOMEONE ELSE an “idiot” with a string of exclamation points. Priceless!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I believe most people who criticize players for attending the draft are “missing the boat” when it comes to the NFL inviting players to the draft. I read a lot of complaints that players should not participate in the festivities surrounding the draft because the players are locked out. It is not all about the players for the draft weekend. It is about the players AND their immediate families. The families live vicariously through the accomplishments that the players receive and feel just the same emotions or even more than the player does. Players who want to go to NYC for the draft festivities are not only doing it for themselves but also for their families who might have sacrificed a lot to get the player where he is today. The draft weekend might be a nice thank you to the family members that have participated in a young man’s dreams.

  8. I know I’m dreaming but I would love to hear the words “With the 14th pick in the 2011 draft..the St Louis Rams select Julio Jones..wide receiver University of Alabama”

  9. Good for him. Maybe Colt McCoy can shake his hand and present his new Browns’ jersey/cap instead of Goddell or some other suit. The Browns need him, badly.

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