Kris Jenkins unlikely to return to Jets because of FieldTurf


Free agent nose tackle Kris Jenkins is currently rehabbing from his second major knee surgery in as many seasons, but has plans to play in the NFL again.  It probably won’t be with the Jets.

“I’d be interested if [the Jets] had grass on the stadium field but right now, that’s the big thing and they don’t,” Jenkins told Kristian Dyer of Metro News yesterday.

The likable run-stuffer went on to praise the entire Jets management, and said owner Woody Johnson even spoke to him after the team cut Jenkins in February.  But he wants to play for a team that plays on natural grass to help his chances of avoiding injury again.

“[FieldTurf], it ain’t my friend. Just as far as my health is concerned, I need to think about that and how my body can and will respond,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins has been rehabbing daily and is running again.  He’ll join his brother Cullen training in Florida next week.

11 responses to “Kris Jenkins unlikely to return to Jets because of FieldTurf

  1. I always was a big fan of Jenkins. I feel like he hasnt been on the team in two years though because hes always been injured. Id like to see him do good somewhere else but i really have my doubts that he will be able to play anywhere close to a full season whether he plays on grass or turf. His knees are destroyed and he has never been able to get his playing weight down to help avoid injury. The jets have been and will be fine without him.

  2. That narrows down the teams for him but what about road games? The condition of fields in the midwest and northeast late in the year was the motivation for field turf. Check out Pittsburgh late in the year. All levels of football use it and it is a bad surface late in the year.

  3. “So will he sit out games that are played on the road on Field Turf?”

    He didn’t say he won’t play on it. He said he’s trying to minimize how much he plays on it. Let’s see – he can play on it a MAXIMUM of 8 games going to a team that doesn’t play on it (I doubt there’s any scenarios were all 8 away games are on field turf) or he can play a MINIMUM of 8 games by staying in the Meadowlands.

  4. Man, the abuse players put their bodies through to play football is amazing. I don’t blame him for wanting to play on grass for whatever time he has left in his career. He’s not going to be able to walk well the rest of his life, so might as well sock some money away with future earnings.

  5. Field Turf doesn’t cause knee injuries. Hard natural surfaces and ANY natural surface in bad weather conditions are far more treacherous.

    Not saying he’s lying, I just think he’s in a little bit of denial. I think he will find next season that what is wrong with his knees is…….his knees.

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