League invites Von Miller, 19 others to the draft

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The NFL calls itself the ultimate reality show.  And that label could be perfectly applicable on Thursday, April 28, if Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller accepts the league’s invitation to the 2011 draft.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the NFL has invited Miller to the festivities.

Miller is one of the 10 plaintiffs in the Brady antitrust lawsuit.  Thus, if Miller accepts the invitation, he’ll be crossing the stage and shaking hands with the man who runs the entity that Miller is suing.

Miller represents all 2011 draft picks who may be subject to a rookie wage scale or an entering player pool if/when the lockout is lifted.  The lawsuit does not yet attempt to block the draft, presumably since the expired labor deal contemplates that a draft will occur in 2011.

Per La Canfora, 20 total players have been invited.  We previously reported that Alabama running back Mark Ingram has received an invitation.

Iowa defensive end Adrian Clayborn and Alabama receiver Julio Jones have accepted the league’s invitation to attend.  La Canfora reports that “several” others have accepted as well.

23 responses to “League invites Von Miller, 19 others to the draft

  1. And the commissioner walks over to him and hands him a countersuit, declaring “You’ve been served!”

  2. Only in the pampered, spoiled and babied world of football players would a guy sue his boss even before he get’s a job.


  3. If Miller really is attending, this would probably cause the judge of the Brady case to die laughing… now the union’s got to decide weather that helps them or not…

  4. i sure hope he doesnt go and try to upstage the commish by walking off stage, not shaking his hand or some stupid stunt. then hell go from athlete to showboat…

  5. Union hierarchy will have no problem destroying these young players day in the sun with their behind the scenes intimidation campain.
    All the previous players should be ashamed of the way their pawning these kids and ruining a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

  6. I think its sad Miller has his name on the lawsuit in the first place, but showing up only shows he can separate the business side of football from the football side. I think every young man that gets invited should come. obviously the NFL holds no hard feeling towards him, so the feeling should be mutual. Just go take your family and enjoy the season with whoever drafts you

  7. The ratings probably just went up for the show, just to see how things will go.

    I agree that if Miller attends, he will be a huge hypocrite, but that might be better than being known as a complete lemming for Tweedle De.

    However, I wonder if any of the invitees might use the stage to make a pro-union statement of some type?


  8. Miller would probably have been invited despite what’s going on, but the fact that he’s involved in that lawsuit makes the entire situation comical. It’s a win/win for the NFL whether he accepts or not.

  9. Good, maybe Jolly can welcome him to the league. Oh, sorry, he may not be available by the draft.

  10. @ realfan…The epitome of “stupid ” is thinking “on record” PR talk is reality !

  11. @hawkeye6

    That will come crashing down when Miller is asked his first question:

    “How excited are you to be joining your new team and getting out on the practice field for the first time?”

    “At the end of the press conference welcoming me to the team, the owner said to get out of the building and to not come back because he’s going broke and doesn’t want to pay me. I said, Jurry, that’s sad, let me lend you a twenty”

  12. Am i the only one who finds it strange that the former union is having their dinner right before the draft?? I bet a steak cut in the shape of a trout dinner that if one or 2 of these rookies says anything union related that the former union put them up to it at said pre draft dinner

  13. Let’s all remember that the spoiled brats that WALKED OUT of the negotiations were the players,not the owners.
    Remember the decent offer that the ownes put on the table just before the players WALKED OUT and WENT ON STRIKE by decetification.
    Let’s recap…The owners made many concessions and made at least 8 offers that were improved over anything they had made before,and then the players inept leadership decided that instead of making some counter offers,as the owners expected,that they would GO ON STRIKE !
    Then AFTER the players WENT ON STRIKE,the owners retalitated by locking out the STRIKERS !
    Now all we hear from the owners is that they want to start the talks up again as soon as possible so a fair deal can be made to benifit both sides and the fans !
    And all we hear from the union is that they wish the League had not locked them out and are in court to stop the evil lockout ,LOL !
    Remember there was NO lockout and there would not have been a lockout,if the players had continued the talks and had not gone out ON STRIKE !!!

  14. realfann says:
    Mar 30, 2011 4:14 PM

    and, of course, you wouldn’t have any problem telling that to Miller’s face.

    Would you?

    Didn’t think so.

    Why not? What’s the problem? Is there some reason I should be afraid to express my opinion?

    I would bet that most people find it very strange and unreal to say the least, that some guy sue’s his future employer, over the terms of that employment, before he even gets the job.

    And why is it that you keep posting these comments implying some sort of physical threat from the players? And why do you answer your own questions in your posts?

    Are you 13 years old?

  15. @tcdun

    The owners locked out the players. Nobody forced or coerced them to do so. The act of decertification did nothing to the owners. Nothing.

    The players didn’t lock out themselves.

  16. @mick730

    Because you are a sad little person spewing hate and abuse at Miller on the internet.

    No way would you have the courage to tell him to his face.

    Get real.

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