Nawrocki has never met Newton, stands by scouting report

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Pro Football Weekly’brutal scouting report on Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has been the hottest draft-related topic of the week. PFW draft analyst Nolan Nawrocki held a conference call on Wednesday, and PFT asked Nawrocki whether he’d spent any time with the 2010 Heisman winner before publishing the attack.

Nawrocki admitted he’s spent no time with Newton.

(That’s even less than top Newton supporter George Whitfield would’ve guessed.)

But Nawrocki “stands by” his evaluation.

“I feel very comfortable (with the scouting report),” Nawrocki said. “I stand by what was written. … I feel very strongly about what was written and stand by it fully.”

A comparison to Jimmy Clausen was made during the call. Nawrocki indicated that Clausen and Newton are similar in that they’re both “egotistical and disingenuous … scripted players with a sense of entitlement.”

Nawrocki says he’s heard the terms “fraud”, “narcissist”, and “con artist” mentioned when discussing Newton with scouts.

Instead of one-on-one time, Nawrocki attributed his scathing assessment of Newton’s character to “an enormous amount of research” in dealing with people in the league.

Said Nawrocki at one point on the call, “Three of the five decision makers I’ve spoken to in the last 24 hours expressed that Newton was disillusioned about his past.

“(And) anybody that does their homework and really digs hard will come away with a lot of the same conclusions.”

39 responses to “Nawrocki has never met Newton, stands by scouting report

  1. Look at where Clausen and McCoy fell to. Even the dysfunctional teams are finally starting to realize that reaching for QBs is bad business just like reaching for any other position.

  2. I cant stand Newton…but seriously narcissistic? What professional athlete isn’t narcissistic? I wouldn’t want anyone on my team that didn’t feel as though they’re the best

  3. Well, Lebron James fits this description and he’s done pretty well……

    Just don’t expect any championships…….

    Excitement — Yes…….

    Championships — No.

  4. I’ve never met either one of them, and I stand by his scouting report…

    I’m just not sold on Newton as a top 5 pick. That said, I’m not rooting against him, either. If he does well in the pros, more power to him.

  5. Newton strikes me as a phony every time I see him interviewed. Let the other teams roll the dice on him. He’ll be an ongoing headache.

  6. Ok, so this guy is getting his information second-hand from people who’s job it is to keep their plans under wraps? So, while many stand to gain from making Newton sound like a problem in hopes that he falls to them, few if any stand nothing to gain by heaping praise on him. I mention that just to ask who is really the narcissist in this situation?

    Nawrocki is stubbornly standing by his story because he doesn’t want to believe that these “decision makers” are feeding him the same stuff they feed all other media members. His assessment has lost ALL credibility in my book as a result of it being 2nd hand info coming from people who only can hurt themselves by being truthful about Cam’s ability to succeed. If these were his own observations then I could understand and possibly buy it, but why should I believe that these front office execs are giving Nawrocki the uncut truth?

  7. …” does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority.”

    It sounds like “narcissistic” is the very least of his isssues.

    C’mon Rivera, don’t attach your head coaching career to this highly questionable wagon.

  8. It’s nice to read a scouting report that doesn’t just repeat the same thing every other pundit claims to observe. You mean someone actually did some research and came to their own conclusions? You mean this guy didn’t just take Mel Kipers evaluation and “make it his own”? Wow, novel concept!

    It doesn’t matter if you agree/disagree with what he is saying, he is giving us more than 90% of the other draftniks out there. I enjoy reading his evaluations.

  9. Not sure why these scouts think they matter.. I mean if they were any good wouldnt they be working for one of the 32 teams?
    Still any moron could say any number of negative things about any draft prospect. Newton stories annoy me.. Do we actually think this guy is ever going to be a top 10 qb in the nfl.. COME ON..

  10. I haven’t seen enough tape (because I have an actual job that I get paid for) to determine whether or not he will be a top 10 qb. I voted “no” because the odds are simply against anyone becoming a top 10 qb. However, will any “character” issues stop him from being successful? Only if these issues disrupt a locker room, lose him respect from his peers, or inflate his ego to the point he doesn’t continue to work hard.

    If he already has a big ego and he works hard, I would think that will continue. If he lacks leadership, however, he will be out of a job in no time. QB is one position where you can’t get by on talent alone.

  11. Scouting Report: Namrocki

    Self-absorbed writer who has failed to live up to his potential. He was orginally viewed as a first rounder but due to his alcholism he has seen his stock fall into the mid-round level. Said one scout “He’s a jerk, plain and simple. I wouldn’t have him write the obituaries for our paper.”

  12. Saying you can’t report on someone’s character because you’ve never met them is like saying you can’t report on someone’s speed because you haven’t raced them.

    Obviously Nawrocki had enough of what he considered to be reliable information to make this report. He does have a very good reputation in the industry.

  13. I wouldnt take Newton any earlier than the late second round. And only then if I had a very sound foundation built, (pretty much the Patriots could take him in the third and thats about it). He needs his ego taken down a few notches by a late draft selection, a team that has guys who can “lead” him, and a few years to develop. Maybe then he’ll have half a chance.

  14. Sighhh…I may as well get for his arrival in Dallas. He sounds like Jerry’s type of project.

  15. As a Vikings fan all these QB’s scare me this year. At least they scare me if they are drafted in the 1st round? Do you Panther, Bill, Cardinal, Redskin fans feel the same way? Seems like there is not one QB that feels a solid of pick as Sam Bradford was last year.

  16. I don’t think very much of Cam Newton or his antics, but I hope he does well for society’s sake. I just hope he ditches any hangers on, posses, or handlers who are looking SCam him out of his earnings.

  17. What is so great about Newton? Honestly. He has mediocre speed (just because he’s black doesn’t make him Mike Vick; he ran a 4.6 40), dubious accuracy, and has never had to read a defense. So even if he overcomes all that and works out to be a genuine NFL QB, what is the upside? A QB with a strong arm?

    There are much better prospects at QB in this draft. And with his character and attitude, he has “bust potential” written all over him.

  18. realitypolice says:
    Mar 30, 2011 4:07 PM
    Saying you can’t report on someone’s character because you’ve never met them is like saying you can’t report on someone’s speed because you haven’t raced them.

    Obviously Nawrocki had enough of what he considered to be reliable information to make this report. He does have a very good reputation in the industry.


    I can respect your analysis and for the most part agree. Many on here are just jawjacking haters with no substance to most of there thoughts


    I dont know if the Kid will ever become a Pro Bowl Caliber QB or a bust. But if I am a writer (that gets paid) whom opinions is respected. I would at least interview the individual. So maybe I am not as big of sports geek as I thought I was but I have never heard of Nawrocki myself. But he sounds like a man with an agenda. ot sure what it is.

  19. I can sympathize with Nawrocki. I formed my opinion of Obama the same way Naw formed his opinion on Newton.

  20. You have got to be kidding me, this guy writes an entire article without ever meeting this kid and you idiots sign off on it like its the gospel. I never met this Nolan guy but when Cam is drafted number one and performs well I’ll be waiting for a retraction.

  21. When I saw Newton play for the first time it was against my favorite team, my alma mater, and he was stunningly good. I had never seen anyone so unstoppable. And Auburn won, but by less than a touchdown.

    But when he started referring to himself in the third person it raised serious red flags for me. This is a clear sign of possible significant personality issues, one of which is a lack of self control and another of which is terrible decision-making. Because of this alone I would not select him, regardless of physical talent.

    I wish him the best, but I fear the worst.

  22. Yeah, that evaluation is credible.

    He’s never met him, but he’s “heard” from 3 of 5 talent evaluators, who probably want to push him down the board to their team, that he’s disingenuous. Not his teammates, not people around the Auburn program, not anything tangible sad to say.

    Since I’ve seen some compare him as a prospect to McNabb, I suppose when he has a good career, he can take his place as the athlete who gets the most hate for being good, but slammed constantly as disingenuous despite not doing anything to warrant the criticism.

  23. Vince Young 2.0

    Vince Young was a stud in college and won games with his legs and arm when necessary. However, people knew he wasn’t that smart and knew he never really had to read defenses or play behind C. In college he was a leader, in the NFL his study habits and lack of interest made him a QB who struggles.

    Cam Newton is very similar to Vince Young. Watching this past National Championship reminded me of Young destroying USC’s defense with his legs.

    He will have some success, but if he’s taken with a top 5 pick and he gets money like they’ve been doling out to top 5 players the past several years, he’s going to pull another Vince Young and look great as a rookie, but once teams actually learn how to contain him he’ll struggle and won’t have the work ethic or smarts to overcome the defenses and learn how to be an NFL QB.

    He’s a one year wonder with questionable character and questionable family members and worst off, his father is known to have solicited money for his son’s athletic ability.

  24. Let me first say:
    1. I think Nawrocki’s the best in the business, it’s unfair to even compare Kiper or McShay to him

    2. I think Newton’s going to be a bust. I wouldn’t take him in the 1st Round.

    3. I think his description of Newton is probably spot on because no one has better sources in the league and in the schools.

    HAVING THAT SAID, he often makes ad hominem attacks on players that have nothing to do with football. For example in his Newton description, I find it relevant that Nawrocki reports that he’s not a leader. The fact that he has a fake smile? Who cares. No one has a less genuine smile than Tom Brady.

    I think a lot of his personal judgments of players also is influenced by his Big Ten roots (he played at Illinois). Read his article in the last Draft newsletter before the preview came out. He basically says teams should take Big Ten players over SEC players because their more “blue collar” and “reliable”. Nolan can take his blue collar, reliable 2nd rate players everyday. I’d prefer talent from the SEC.

    Finally, don’t try to compare his critique of Clausen to that of Newton. He wasn’t kind to Clausen, but his words pale in comparison to the ones who describes Newton with.

  25. If you’ve never heard of Nolan Nawrocki, it’s probably becaue he’s busier actually scouting players rather than fighting for facetime on ESPN. In the 2009 Draft, Nawrocki correctly predicted 15 players and the teams that drafted them…and overall correctly predicted 28 of the 32 players taken in the first round. In 2008, twelve went to the team he predicted and 24 went in the first round. In 2007 he correctly predicted the first eight picks and 11 of the first 13. Whatever your feelings on Cam Newton, Nawrocki knows the right scouts and how they feel about players. And despite the harsh criticism of his character, Nawrocki has Newton going 10th overall to the Redskins…and compares his physical skillset to Jay Cutler and John Elway.

  26. This is an opportunity for Newton to prove Nawrocki wrong and show the Panthers and the league he is the next Donovan McNabb at best or at least Jay Cutler at worst (with a much more telegenic personality).

    Need we remind Nolan that the league needs the next wave of marquee players to re-energize a fan base that is slipping away (Newton-Ryan-Sanchez-Rodgers) have to be the next (Manning-Brady-Brees-Rothlisberger) to continue the popularity and better overall play….else the teams diminish and fan bases will flounder. The league needs good young QB’s , and they better get the message and work their butt off in training camp and in film study.

  27. just another attack on african american quarterbacks .. i wonder now what mr. nawrocki thinks of mr. newton after 400 yards games in the pros. enough said

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