NFL Alumni warns NFLPA* not to disclose tape of George Martin meeting


Last week, NFL Alumni executive director George Martin attended the NFLPA* annual meetings in Marco Island, Florida.  Since then, word has emerged that the session was videotaped — and that a transcript and/or the tapes could be released publicly.

NFL Alumni apparently isn’t comfortable with that possibility.  In a letter from a Washington, D.C. lawyer to NFLPA* general counsel Richard Berthelsen, a copy of which PFT has obtained, NFL Alumni explains that the meeting was private and confidential, and that Martin did not consent to the recording of the session.

Then, the lawyer rattles the sword.  “Florida Statute § [934.03] prohibits the recording of any oral conversation without consent of all parties to the conversation,” writes George Constantine of Venable LLP.  “This statute also provides that it is a crime for any party to disclose the contents of a conversation that was recorded without consent of all parties.”

In the end, NFL Alumni asks that the NFLPA* refrain from disclosing the tape or its contents, and that a copy of the recording be given to NFL Alumni.

The letter gives rise to several questions.  First, did Martin not know or realize that the session was being taped?  Second, does § 934.03 apply to meetings, or other to phone calls?  Third, does § 934.03 permit a lawsuit to be filed, or does it merely set the offending party up for a possible criminal prosecution?  Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, why does Martin not want the information to be disclosed?  If, as Martin wrote to the group’s Board of Directors and chapter leaders, the meeting was “defiant, accusatory, and outright disrespectful,” wouldn’t Martin want the information to be available for the public to review?

Meanwhile, how can Martin claim that the meeting was confidential when he created a memo (that we obtained) regarding the meeting, and when NFL Alumni issued a statement essentially confirming that the leaked memo was legitimate and embracing its message?

Regardless of the answers to those questions, the heat is rising between NFL Alumni and the NFLPA*.

12 responses to “NFL Alumni warns NFLPA* not to disclose tape of George Martin meeting

  1. Its the union, they’ll still release it and then send Brady, Manning, Brees and Von Miller to sue him.

  2. I heard what was said, the Alumni want more of this huge pie & the NFLPA is messing up by the numbers for speaking for them. The Alumni should get a piece of the pie right off the top for their services, it’s only normal after retiring & becoming vested.

  3. The whole deal sounds shady to me. I don’t doubt that the meeting went as Martin claimed. My guess is that he knows he said something disparaging towards the league (that gave him money) and he does not want that revealed. Probably in a weak attempt to refute the accusatory and disrespectful interrogation questions.

  4. Everyone gathering at the troughs to get some…some of the profits raised by the work and investment of the OWNERS they so despise.

    OH wait I forgot its the NFL Alumni, they are entitled because they once worked for the organization and got paid hadsomely for their service so they should get to keep collecting. Afterall it is the American way.

    America, land of entitlement.

  5. if PFT is trying to say the meeting was not “defiant, accusatory, and outright disrespectful”, then why didnt the nflpa deny that the meeting was like that. i owuld think the nflpa would have been shocked by his comments if the meeting went fine but he decided to make them look bad.

  6. NFL alumni are in a large part the bonus baby, paid to play in collage players of the 80’s and 90’s who couldn’t give a rats rear about past players when they played and sold them out. Now they are they same cats that see they might get something from the owners in a new CBA and they are willing to sell out today’s players and future for their selfish self centered motives, they just can’t change their stripes.
    Martin says they were belligerent and defiant to please the owners, but if you show the tape proving we are still self seeking liars we will take you to court. What a bunch of punks.

  7. The NFLPA is just frustrating all sorts of groups. The Owners, the Fans, and now the Alumni. What a mess they are.

  8. Really? Amazing..George Martin got the job as Director of the “New” NFL Alumni Association–When? 17 months ago or so, been trying to get a one-on-one with D Smith ever since – Accepts an invite to Marco Island at NFLPA reired player convention. Speaks to who? – What’s all the fuss about? – Let’s see what George has to say. Release the tapes so all retired players can know what the Alumni is all about…….

  9. Reminds me of when wealthy widow aunt Ida died and all of the relatives were like starved vultures tearing each other apart to get a piece of the inheritance pie !

  10. “First, did Martin not know or realize that the session was being taped?”

    He must’ve been a member of the Rams.

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