PFT Live: Fran Tarkenton and Rich McKay

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Wednesday’s PFT Live includes an outspoken Hall of Fame quarterback and the head of the NFL’s Competition Committee.

Fran Tarkenton joins the program to talk with Florio about his thoughts on the current labor situation, the state of the NFL, possibly Brett Favre, and well, anything else he wants to talk about.

Also on the program: Falcons president and Competition Committee Rich McKay, who will talk about the latest rule changes that the NFL has implemented.

Watch the show live at noon ET.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Fran Tarkenton and Rich McKay

  1. Old twinkle toes needs to shut up if not, tell him to make sense and don’t come with “lock in, no food & water crap”… Also ask him when he plans on paying back the investors he defrauded?Unless you ask him that no one has any reason to listen to him. I put him in the same class as Lenny Dystra and Antoine Walker.

  2. Fran was bellowing about financial hardships to not only the owner and the players but also to the fans.
    What financial hardships is he talking about?

    Seems to me, that in this lousy economy, the fans could use an extra $9 billion remaining in their pockets this year…

  3. Why does this or any other football news outlet care what Fran Tarkenton has to say about anything related to football. He’s been out of the game for over 30 years. Anyone who does not live in Minnesota and is under the age of 43 most likely only remembers him as the goofy guy on “That’s Incredible.”

    I could understand inviting him on the show if his achievements on the grid iron were stellar, but his big claim to fame appears to be playing poorly in and losing three Super Bowls.

    If that’s what makes a guest on PFT, get Jim Kelly on the show. He lost four consecutive Super Bowls. He’s also actually dealt with and could offer some insight on the current labor situation since he was a player the last time similar events occurred.

    I can’t remember the last time I heard a Jim Kelly interview, but that’s the real problem isn’t it. I do remember the last two crazy things Fran Tarkenton said. First it was to pile on Brett Farve, then I think it was to take some shots at Jay Cutler.

    That’s the real bottom line though. PFT knows Fran is going to say something outlandish and brash, a real juicy sound bite. It will give them something to write about for the next week and with luck the story will get picked up and mentioned on PTI, Sportscenter, etc. Way to go PFT crew!

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