Pimp in Lawrence Taylor case will serve 7-9 years in prison


Lawrence Taylor was able to avoid prison time for after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute. The pimp who arranged Taylor’s encounter with a 16-year-old girl wasn’t so lucky.

Rasheed Davis has pleaded guilty and admitted wrongdoing in a plea deal that will likely see him sentenced to somewhere between seven and nine years in prison. The 37-year-old Davis has already spent most of his adult life in prison, stemming from a manslaughter conviction.

I knew what I was doing was against the law,” Davis told Manhattan Federal Court Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, per the New York Daily News. “It was my intent to seek some financial gain.”

As part of the deal, Davis will become a registered sex offender — just like Taylor. Davis also agreed to forfeit the 1999 Mercedes Benz he used to bring the girl to Taylor’s hotel room, and the $300 Taylor paid him.

20 responses to “Pimp in Lawrence Taylor case will serve 7-9 years in prison

  1. Where’s Eric Holder when you need him? Shouldn’t he be getting “his people” off the hook?

  2. 7-9 does not mean he’ll be out in 24 months. Even if he gets day for day credit in New York, he’d still have 42 months to serve if he gets 7. (Less any good time credit [up to 6 months] and credit for the time he’s been in jail since his arrest) On 42 months, with the max credits he still has 3 years to kill.

    If he gets 9 years, he’s looking at 54 months minus the incentives.

    In any event, Pimp Daddy is going to be locked up 3-4 years and registered as a sex offender for much longer.

  3. multiple crack busts, nonpayment of child support, tax evasion, leaving the scene of accidents, now busted for screwing an underage hooker and who knows what else and this piece of human waste has never done a single minute in jail in his entire life, has he?

  4. Both of them committed crimes and deserve to be punished. But how does the guy who actually did the “act” get LESS jail time than the guy who merely helped “set up” the act?

    Oh right, because he’s famous… right.

    This whole system is sick from head to toe, no justice for anybody at all.

  5. How much sex was he getting from the girl? Sounds like statutory rape since she was under age of consent. Throw the book at him and then if he survives prison he has to register as a sex offender and shouldn’t be allowed to live anywhere near his former area.

    LT should have gotten more time too and also register as a sex offender.

  6. Most of you are wrong here. LT did pay for and have sex with the girl. He should have gotten $150.00 fine like everyone else in this world. The girl admitted, she lied to him and stated she was 19. Sad? Yes. But what he did was like everyone else.

    This scum actually beat the gir and forced her into this way of life, not only with LT, but others. That is why he is getting prison time.

  7. This is the guy who belongs on the national sexual predators list. You can bet this isn’t the only underage girl he’s exploited.

  8. @cscfriarbob

    Wrong, the pimp is more of a problem than LT.

    Both of them as registered sex offenders will now be prohibited from living within 1000 feet (thats the usual distance) of a school, nursery, park, etc, so long as they are registered. Not to mention, being on that registry requires yearly updates (if not sooner), which means any violation of the State’s registering act will land them back before a judge with a new crop of charges.

    I do not think LT got off light in this case. Most johns wouldn’t make the back page with these facts, but his star power landed him with the ramped up charges, not a lighter sentence.

  9. The age criteria should be a federally mandated law. There should be a little more consistency in the laws from one State to the next.

    Age 16 is legal for consensual sex in some States. However in some states like California it is a felony.

    Taylor should have put up more fight over the issue.

  10. 3yardsandcloud,

    That Pimp will only get good time off his sentence if he programs. By that it means he has to either work or do schooling and he can’t get any infractions.

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