Warren Moon sees racial bias regarding Cam Newton

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Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon has been advising former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as he prepares to enter the NFL.  And Moon believes that much of the intense scrutiny and criticism that Newton has experienced arises from racism.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com spoke with Moon about Newton.  Freeman says that Moon was “extremely angry” regarding the manner in which Newton is being treated.

“A lot of the criticism he’s receiving is unfortunate and racially based,” Moon told Freeman.  “I thought we were all past this.  I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans about their smile or called a phony.  He’s being held to different standards from white quarterbacks.  I thought we were past all this stuff about African-American quarterbacks, but I guess we’re not.

“Of course there is racism in every walk of society.  We’ve made a lot of progress in this country. But racism is still there.  I just thought in the sports arena we were beyond it.  I think the way Cam is being treated shows we’re not. . . .

“The thing that makes me laugh is the question of can [Newton] come out of the spread offense?  Can he run a pro offense?  Colt McCoy came out of the spread offense and very few people raised that issue about him.  So did Sam Bradford.  Same thing.  Very few questions asking if Bradford could run a pro offense.  Some of these questions about Cam are more about his intellect.  It’s blatant racism, some of it.”

We’re not prepared to go quite that far, in large part because we vividly recall the criticism that was heaped last year upon the ultimate spread-offense, one-read-and-then-run-the-ball quarterback, Tim Tebow.  Even after a year of NFL seasoning, the Denver Broncos hardly seem sold on Tebow’s ability to be a traditional NFL quarterback.

Freeman explains that Moon was especially upset about the perception that Newton is a phony.

“You can’t be fake and win a national championship,” Moon said.  “The players will see through it.  He’s won at every level.  He took that Auburn team to the national title and that team wasn’t as talented as some other teams in the SEC.

“Just turn on the film and watch what he does on game day.  Then if you have concerns just spend time with him.  Go around the kid himself.  Spend as much time as you need around him.  You can only fake so much.”

But the perception of phoniness knows no racial boundaries.  Last year, Tebow became one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports, with plenty of people thinking that Tebow’s decision to wrap himself in religious and goodness is more calculated and forced than natural and genuine.  And who can forget the relentless criticism of Jimmy Clausen, who was perceived as a bad teammate with a sense of entitlement — and who slid to the middle of round two in part because of it?

Newton enters the NFL amid many questions and concerns.  He allegedly stole a laptop while playing at Florida.  He has been caught up in a pay-to-play scandal that, with tonight’s HBO report regarding other far less accomplished players at Auburn getting paid, will likely inch back toward the front burner.  Newton has dubbed himself “an entertainer and an icon.”  Moon himself has admitted that Newton at times puts “the cart before the horse” when talking about himself.

Also, Newton struggled at the Scouting Combine, and his Pro Day workout was a step below the T-shirt-and-shorts grand slam that quarterback Pro Days so often become.  While Newton won the Heisman and a national title, he didn’t have the kind of clearly dominant performance on a huge stage that propelled other quarterbacks to the top of the draft.

All that said, Newton surely will be drafted earlier than Tebow or Clausen were picked, and well before white quarterbacks like Jake Locker and Ryan Mallet, who has absorbed plenty of criticism this year, too, based on unsubstantiated rumors of drug use.  Indeed, Newton still could be the first quarterback — and the first player — taken in the draft.

That said, are some of the people criticizing and/or rooting against Newton motivated by race?  Undoubtedly.  On balance, however, Newton finds himself in the unenviable position of being a high-profile player at a high-profile position that invites a high level of scrutiny in the months preceding the draft.  Sure, Blaine Gabbert has received far less poking and prodding — but that’s because his college career was far more muted and unremarkable.  Newton is living the reality of life under an electron microscope, the same device that has hovered over Tebow and Clausen and that will be used to study every big-name, well-known rookie quarterback, for as long as there are big-name, well-known rookie quarterbacks.

220 responses to “Warren Moon sees racial bias regarding Cam Newton

  1. This is absurd. Not one person has ever said anything that could remotely be consider based in race…it’s a cop out and a cheap accusation.

  2. When he becomes the biggest BUST of the 2011 draft I suppose then that will be due to the white man not giving him enough of a chance to succeed?

  3. I’m not racist. I just see a future bust.

  4. Quit crying Warren, your boy sCam Newton is absolutely 100% a phony.

    He stole that laptop himself, and is still lying that he bought it from someone else who stole it. He also lied about the pay for play stuff, as well as running and hiding before his ass could be expelled at UF for the cheating.

    He still hasnt paid for anything he has done, and now they are crying racism??

    Give me a damn break.

  5. Of course, it MUST be racist….because Ryan Mallet’s reputation hasn’t been drug through the mud for 2 straight months or anything. Gimme an F’n break, Warren Moon. What a joke and a cop-out. Just play the race card and IGNORE the skewering of white Ryan Mallet.

  6. Anyone who doubted Tim Tebow is an atheist.

    Anyone who doubted Clausen is a classicist.

    Anyone who criticizes Ryan Mallet is, um, a something-ist?

    Anyone who doubts Cam Newton is a racist.

    It’s perfectly logical.

  7. There’s always there is the racial element(I used element not bias, because sometimes it can be of benefit). Pound for pound, Newton is a better raw talent than Tebow. An arguement I’ll grant is that Tebow was maybe popular because he was more grounded than Newton.

    But Moon shouldn’t have said that, he could have said it in a different way. And maybe he did.

  8. OMG! just waiting for the reverend……..
    How long is it going to take that community, that they are their own worst enemies.
    IF newton doesnt steal lap top, get paid to play, and come off as somebody who thinks he has arrived before even being drafted….miraculously? NO ISSUE. IN fact he is probably HANDS DOWN THE NUMBER 1 pick.
    HE DID IT TO HIMSELF. NOBODY gives a flying hoot about the color of skin…ITS TO MUCH WORK….

  9. No one else is being called a phony and a fraud because no one else puts themselves out there as being an Icon or a brand name before they’ve even touched an NFL football.

  10. The only person who has made this a racial issue is Warren Moon. It must be hell being stuck in the 1970’s…

  11. Shhhh….hear that sound? It’s the sound of many, many African Americans rolling their eyes and cursing Moon for his retarded comments.

    He talks about “thinking we were past all this stuff”…the irony is that HE’S obviously the one who hasn’t moved beyond the issue and still wants to take a victim mentality. What a schmuck.

    And why in the hell are they showing an image of him in a Vikings uniform? He played for the Oilers for ten years and that’s what he’s known for.

  12. Maybe people have doubts about Newton because he only played one year of division I football, he ran the spread in college which worked perfectly with his abilities, he has a number of character issues (not because he’s black Warren) and because he looked horrible at the Combine. I think Newton is getting too much respect. If this wasn’t such a weak QB class, he would be a late 1st-early 2nd round pick.

  13. It’s weird how the only black people making racial accusations lately are the ones that have slid completely out of the spotlight (Doug Williams and Warren Moon)

  14. Every single question being raised about Cam Newton in terms of his ability to adapt to a pro style offense was asked last year of Tim Tebow.

    Every single question. Exactly the same. You could print articles about Tebow and Newton next to each other with the names removed and you wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart.

    And the fact is, Tebow was far more accomplished than Newton. Tebow was part of TWO national champions, and both won a Heisman.

    And Tebow had NONE of the off field baggage that Newton does.

    Yet Tebow was drafted at the end of the first round, while Newton is projected in the Top 10.

    So the black QB with the inferior college record and off field problems is projected to be drafted much higher than the white QB with the superior college record and no off field problems, and this is due to racism how exactly?

  15. The guy had a below average workout, played one full season of COLLEGE football, has a troubled past, and not to mention, he’s not the smartest QB of the draft, but yet everyone is a racist for not drafting him. I think every team still remembers what happened to Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith…….Warren, I think you had too many concussions in your playing days.

  16. Warren is right. Cam is being judged on the past performances of Black Quarterbacks. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard him compared to Jamarcus Russell or that he’s essentially not smart enough to run an offense I’d be a rich man. It’s going to take black athletes taking over the Quarterback position like they have almost every other position on the field before the covert racism ends.

  17. Damn shame one of the first cards out of the deck is always the race card. “I thought we were beyond that.” Yeah, so did I.

    The only colors that matter are the red flags Newton is entirely responsible for bringing on himself.

  18. It sounds to me like Warren is the only one thats not past the racial issue, like its been said, this is more about a potential bust issue then a racism issue.

    His comments are just plain ignorant IMO

  19. Moon was a damn good quarterback and usually I agree with everything he says regarding football. But in this case he’s off his game. Newton has been under alot more scrutiny than his prowess on the field. The media is so vast now it doesn’t matter what your ethnic background if you’ve screwed the pooch at anytime they’re gonna dig and find out!!! Ifhe proves to be a quality QB he will prove a ton of critics wrong…but for the time being win in a pro setting before calling yourself an “icon”!!!! Lol what an ego!!

  20. This is sad and pathetic to see crys of racism. Honestly I see Cam Newton as Jamarcus Russell 2.0. He had one good year in college, that yes resulted in a national championship and a heisman, but I would take three or four other QB’s ahead of him purely because the team won’t look dumb when he crashes and burns. And the comparison to McCoy and Bradford isn’t even fair. Yeah they ran spread offenses but they also were multiple year starters with much more experience. Too many question marks on Cam. I would go with someone like Colin Kaepernick, Greg McElroy, or Tyrod Taylor before Newton as they all have smarts along with athletic ability.

  21. Are somethings said about Cam Newton by certain individuals based on race? Sure, but for the majority of people we are seeing his true character come out in some of these press conferences and it isn’t painting a pretty picture.

    The only unfair thing I can truly see is that the spotlight is casted mainly on Newton, but really that is where he wants it. Though every year the spotlight mainly shines on one or two guys like mentioned in the story, ie. Tim Tebow.

    Warren, you are thinking too much into it.

  22. Oh Warren don’t be that guy, I have too much respect for you. Not that this really changes this but he is off base. Mallet has been grilled more IMO and he is white. He has done questionable things and has questions about his past so he gets questions. Funny how that works.

  23. Wow.

    First those outrageously stupid slavery comments and now this.

    “Racial bias”?

    Hey, who’s playing the race cards around here?


    Enough is enough of this stupid cop out crap!!!

    Stop using your race as a social crutch!!!

  24. Really?… Racism, it’s more about his lack of college resume and potential Akili Smith threat. Get bent, comes with the territory. Every top prospect is getting cut up, whether he is black or not.

  25. You also have to realize that draft gamesmanship is full of public relations strategies such as trying to raise doubts about someone you are hoping to slide down to your pick. The more “questions” there are, the more likely he may still be available when you pick. There is a lot of groupthink when it comes to the draft and guys like Bellichick and others who try to manipulate the sheep by throwing out red herrings.

  26. I don’t know. The critics jump on Cam for being lazy, stupid, shiftless, and untrustworthy. But on the other hand they admit that he is mobile, athletic, and has great teeth. You have to take the bad with the good.

  27. I agree with most of what he said, not all but a great majority. If you agree with Moon…thumbs down. If you love Michael Vick..thumbs up.

  28. I know whenever I’m not busy burning crosses in front yards or denying people housing and employment opportunities based on their race, I tend to obsess over how a QB with only one good year under his belt and some questionable ethics might be an NFL bust.

    Guilty as charged!

  29. ‘ Sure, Blaine Gabbert has received far less poking and prodding — but that’s because his college career was far more muted and unremarkable.’

    so by all means he should be the #1 qb taken in the draft….

  30. I’m amazed that I’m not racist at this point. All I hear is one moron after another playing the race card. I swear to God…if I, or any of us, were racist…WE WOULDN’T FREAKING WATCH FOOTBALL!!! Warren, notice how most players in the NFL are black? And that it’s the most popular sport in the USA?

    Stupid should be painful…I hope Moon gets hit by a car.

  31. There are alot of terrible stereotypes against African Americans… but being fake is not one of them. There is still an assumption that black athletes have a harder time grasping complicated NFL offenses but it’s not as bad as it was in the 70’s. But I don’t the criticism toward Cam is race related.

  32. Do people dislike Newton because he is a jerk or because he is black? That could be a poll question.

  33. Umm.. Ryan Mallett’s past drug usage is getting plenty of attention also, must mean it’s because he’s Black also I guess. How about when red flags come up it’s not because race it’s because the person did something stupid for them to arrise. It’s 2011 get over it already. Let us not forget all Aquib Talib’s red flags before he was drafted, how’d that work out for him, I’m going to say 5-10 years for attempted murder is how.

  34. Warren Moon tends to see racism everywhere but he ought to get a little slack due to his having been the product of pretty severe racist treatment when he came out of college.

    Lest you younger guys forget Moon is the guy that was asked to move to tight end before he went to college, he refused and went to a JUCO before transferring to Washington and played two years beating Michigan in Rose Bowl.

    Then he was asked to switch to Tight End by scouts before the NFL draft and when he refused he went undrafted and played in Canada where he won FIVE straight championships.

    Having proved himself in Canada he came to the NFL where he proved himself to be a Hall of Famer.

    Those are the facts… so Warren knows a thing or two about racism.

    Still… I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist, but Moon tends to see it behind every bush without realizing the world really has evolved somewhat.

  35. -_- of course it’s racism! Because professionals critiquing someone is racist. Right.

  36. OH geez here we go again…. Warren shut your trap! Did Gabbert or Locker talk about being an “entertainer and Icon”? Were they involved in a school scandal?

  37. Cecil Newton’s First Broken Law states that…. “the bad apple does not fall far from the tree, even at the rate of mass times velocity squared.”.

  38. When—or, perhaps I should say, if—Cam Newton joins the ranks of a Baugh, Bradshaw, Brady, Dawson, Elway, Favre, Fouts, Graham, Jurgensen, Luckman, Manning, Marino, Montana, Starr, Staubach, Tarkenton, Unitas, or Young, then he can call himself whatever he wants, including an icon.

  39. I’m unwilling to join Warren Moon in his exaggeration of the allegations against Cam Newton. There are plenty of reasons to hate on the guy, some better or more verifiable than others.

    In general, I believe there’s still a black QB stigma for a lot of people, but its impossible to verify if and how big a role that stigma plays because of a guy from 2007 named JaMarcus Russell, who has all of us on the watch-out for the next super-suck QB that teams splurge on early in the first round.

    So long as ANY QB from this rookie class is talked about as a top-5 draft pick, everybody’s going to get their mileage out of comparisons to Russell.

    As for being watchful of people being biased against black QBs, just look for anybody attempting to argue that Josh Freeman is overrated, that should set the alarms off.

  40. Sorry, Warren, but it’s not that simple when discussing individuals like Newton or Vick. Is there racism in America? Yes. Are some of their critics racist? Probably. But since Newton and Vick have highly publicized character issues, you can’t assume all their critics are racist.

    I voiced exactly the same concerns about Tebow’s ability to run a pro offense that I’m voicing about Newton’s. But I didn’t voice the same character concerns because Tebow’s daddy didn’t hit up schools for six figures in a pay-for-play scheme. It is what it is. And I just don’t believe Cam was oblivious to it all.

  41. Hmmm……I didn’t hear Warren speak out about possible “racist” undertones when many African-American players and ex-players were lambasting Cutler after the NFC Conference Championship game…..

    Tell me, Warren, was Sanders being “racist” when he criticized Cutler?

    Maybe, Warren, you need to realize that a#$holes come in every color!

  42. Well that is going to help Cammy Cam Cam impress the slave masters. Sounds like Warren Moon is working for Gabbert.

    I for the record don’t believe there is a top 10 QB in this draft.

  43. Absolutly ridiculous to compare cam newton to bradford and mccoy. Both bradford and mccoy had some of the best college qb careers in history and newton had one very good year. Rasicm? Are you kidding me? Its an absolute joke to use the excuse of racism to explain why experts speak of his shortcomings. Im from buffalo, new york and i was at the mall once and witnessed with my own eyes marshawn lynch throw a tray at one of the cafeteria ladies and when security escorted him out he was yelling and complaining that he was being kicked out because he was black and that the guards were racist. Im so sick of this cheap cop out

  44. Man I love Warren Moon as do most true NFL Fans.. but cmon dude.. STFU.. Cam is Cam and as the saying goes “you make the bed you lie in” just sayin..

  45. I don’t know if it’s racially based, but that’d be a place to start. These “experts” have an agenda with him whether it’s coming from agent bias or is tinged in some long held racial stereotypes.

  46. riiiiigghhttt…….hilarious Mr. Moon! was it racist when many, if not most, were saying Tebow will be a bust as a QB and he should move to TE? Then you get to compare Tebows demeanor and actions compared to Newtons. Tim- all team all the time/ devout christian/ constantly giving his time and money to charity which he would do regardless of football-Tebow vs. Cam – already been in trouble with the NCAA along with his father/ I’m already an icon, narcissistic personality- Newton? They are/were both being called a bust for the same reasons on the field then you throw in Newton’s demeanor and actions in comparison (not a Tebow fan either, just calling it like I see it).

  47. I don’t know why Warren Moon just doesn’t publically challenge Newton to prove all the doubters wrong.

    The only way to shut folks up is to show em what you got.

    Besides, with the media being more and more in everyones face, of course it is going to seem that things haven’t changed.

  48. I enjoy listening to Charlie Casserly on the NFL channel. His comments about Newton’s one year of college play with Auburn have everything to do with Newton’s shortcomings in a very simplified, one read and throw or go spread offense, and nothing to do about his race. There is also the fact, that like Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell, there are questions about Newton’s ethics and the ethics of those who surround him; namely in Newton’s case, his father.

    Casserly also makes the case, that as a former GM, Casserly woudln’t touch any guy for qb who after only one successful year in college ball, states that he’s an icon and a celebrity.

    Personally, from what I’ve read and seen, I don’t think this is a very good year for drafting a qb, be he white or black, brown or yellow. If I’m a gm and I desperately need a qb, like Arizona for example, I trade for Kevin Kolb before I take any of the top five qb’s in this year’s draft.

    And of those top 5, I’m pretty sure four of them are white. So does that still make me a racist?

  49. Seriously, the fool refers to himself as “an icon and entertainer”. ICON??? For what? Having your dad take the rap for your illegal dealings?

  50. I heard questions of whether spread offense QBs can make it in the NFL regardless of race. From McCoys to Changs and everyone in between.

    Sadly, I think Moon is just projecting the true, actual racial bias he encountered onto Newton.

  51. The reason were not “past all of this stuff” Mr. Moon is because people like you keep bringing it up. Football players, whether they are black or white make bad decisions all the time. It just so happens in this case he is black and he (and his dad) have made bad decisions that put him in the spotlight. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist because unfortunately it does but whether you like it or not he has brought on the negative coverage himself. Although I must say that IMHO Mr. Norwicks (or whatever his name is) comments were a little harsh.

  52. Race Card Formula: Take two facts connect it with a conspiracy and call it the truth.

    Fact 1) Cam Newton is black

    Fact 2) Cam Newtons character has been questioned

    Conclusion: Cam Newtons character has been questioned because he is black.

    The race baiters forget about Jimmy Clausen falling to the 2nd round in 2010 because of character concerns or all the crap Ryan Mallet has taken during the current draft talk.

  53. Ryan Lea… Mallett anyone?

    No one takes him serious despite his elite QB tools because everyone knows he’s a terrible leader who has a major coke problem.

  54. Warren and Mr. Sharpton already putting together a case here? Who in the …. cares what this moron has to say. Cam will be drafted, paid a whole lot of money, and never speak to Mr. Moon again. Go back to your recliner, Mr. Moon, and enjoy the games on Sunday. Unless you are an agent, no one cares what you think. You’re just another armchair qb like the rest of us.

  55. lets face it, quarterbacks need to be smart…so it takes one hell of an athlete to make it if you are dumb…Cam is at a disadvantage for obvious reasons…read between the lines

  56. Moon probably sees racism in every possible situation. Lay the blame where it belongs Moon. Right at the feet of Newton. He is just not that good and he won’t make it in the NFL.

  57. Warren only wishes he had this kind of attention when he came out of college. By the way, what college did Warren graduate from?

  58. The truth lies somewhere between the extremes of Moon’s accusations and the first three commenters’ belief that no one ever could be racist, and how dare he ever think that.

    There are certainly people who question his intellect more because he is black, but that number is smaller than what Moon suggests and larger than zero.

    The truth is that Newton is a flawed prospect, a hell of an athlete, and black. Most people only hold the first against him.

  59. I thought we were pass this too, Mr. Moon.

    I thought we were pass the point where we blame every little critique and criticism on racism.

    He’s the highest profile player in the draft! You thought it would be nothing but praise and adoration? You’re smarter than that.

    But calling people racist is the easiest thing to do.

    Sad thing is: The word has lost all meaning. Instead of people seeing this headline and reading the article with concern, they’ll probably just chuckle, roll their eyes and move on to the next story.

  60. Warren Moon, what a joke…

    Perhaps the reason he is getting so much “criticism” is because of the baggage he carries already, from stealing laptops to stealing other students term papers to accepting money from AU to playing the “I don’t know anything” card to the “ICON” comments. All those situations, coupled with playing in a high-school, one-read-then-run offense?
    Seriously, Moon, why wouldn’t he raise flags?

    Of course, if you google Warren Moons indiscretions with the law, you will see why he plays the race card on this issue.

  61. Uhh yeah and there are plenty of black racists as well but nobody wants to mention that

  62. Another strike against Cam – now he has his thrice DUI QB coach calling people racist


  63. Up yours, Moon. You gonna run your mouth when Scam Newton flames out like JaBustus Russel, Brady Quinn, and ?

  64. So it was racism that caused him to steal a laptop? Look when a guy has this in his history and reports of his father selling his son’s talents to the highest bidder there is going to be scrutiny…not racism.

    I’m still trying to understand how Jalen Rose’s comments on Duke was not met by outrage…ask Warren about that one.

  65. Aaaaannnnddddd, there it is. Surprised it took this long. Ya Warren, and Ryan Leaf didn’t make it because of race too. The man, keeping the Urban QB down!! How quickly Mr Moon forgets the issues Mr Newton had before all of this. I think everyone has a right to question him and his character.

  66. If the heats to hot stay out of the kitchen.

    Cam Newton could become a franchise quarterback but considering all that he has been linked to he has not come close to the criticism that Tebow went thru last year and will almost certainly be taken higher as he is still considered a better prospect.

    Tebow was ripped for being a religious person.

    How wrong is that?

    If a top ranked quarterback has flaws, especially character flaws they will be dissected. Period. Lots of cash and the future of a franchise lies in these quarterback picks.

  67. Cheated in college…….stole in college……..father shopped him around like a used car……..ncaa investigating……Why would we not trust him or think he’s a fake? Get off the race card crap and look around warren……..

  68. I loved & respected Moon as a player and he faced true racsim back in the late 70’s. However, this is not racism. Ryan Mallet’s charecter is being questioned (with good reason), what about that?

    Cam comes off as a diva, it’s really easy to be critical and not like somebody who carries themself like that, the pigment of his skin is irrelevant.

    So, Warren, you’ve had a wonderful career and I trust you saved your money, life is good. Now please, do us all a favor and stop playing the race card, let Cam prove people wrong by his merits and actions.

  69. Just cuz ur name is Moon doesn’t mean you have to conjure up opinions from outer space.

  70. If Gabbert’s career was “far less muted and unremarkable” then why the #%@! do people still talk as if he is somehow the best QB in the draft.

    Of course this is racially biased, actually I’d go as far as to call the treatment of Newton racist.

    Newton ran for 1,500 yds and passed for 2,500 more. Newton won an SEC championship and an NCAA title, a year after winning a juco national title for Blinn College. Newton was the 2nd in NCAA history to run for 10tds and pass for 20 more in a season, and the fastest to hit that mark. Newton continually carried his team on his back to win come from behind games against arguably better football teams, seemingly week in and week out.

    Gabbert on the other hand, regressed from his soph. year to his junior year. Struggled to consistently hit his receivers (although some in the media will blame his targets for those woes). Gabbert lost both bowl games he started to the mighty Midshipmen in 2009 and the rowdy Hawkeyes in 2010. Gabbert couldn’t even put together a 2:1 TD:INT ration in the weak Big 12.

    But somehow Gabbert is considered a better player, less risky and more worthy of being selected number 1 or at least higher than Newton.

    That’s nonsense and an insult to anyone who understands the game of football.

    These recent reports that try to psychoanalyze Newton, saying he can’t lead a locker room and is disengenuous, aren’t rooted in fact, just foolishness.

    Go ask the boys from the ’09 Blinn team or the ’10 Auburn if Newton’s a leader. Go ask them if he can hold down a locker room. I would bet there wasn’t a player on either team either year who earned more respect from his teammates.

    The reality of the situation is this. If Newton and Gabbert were both opposite shades Gabbert would be in the mix of comparison with the likes of C. Ponder and C. Kaepernick, and frankly that’s where he belongs.

    Anyone who makes the argument that Gabbert is the better QB is doing so without the facts on their side. So their obviously coming with a different agenda. And I believe, just like Warren Moon, that that agenda is a racist one, even if the people promoting the nonsense don’t even really know it.

    5 years from now Gabbert will be on his second team and carrying a clipboard. Newton will have taken a bad team (the Panthers) and returned them to the playoffs. You can take that to the bank.

  71. Racism? What about sexism, Warren? Not a single gal in the NFL….. ever. No people in wheelxhairs either.
    Will somebody please think of the children?

  72. Garbage. Any criticism directed at a black man, especially a QB, is always judged by someone to be racist. That is absurd. There are racists out there and many are not white. To me, it seems like Moon is tossing out the race card in an effort to minimize any future criticism of Newton leading up to the draft. An attempt to minimize the damage. Moon was a great QB but he is off track on this one. There are legitimate concerns about Newton that can detract from his talent and athleticism.

  73. Mr. Warren Moon has a legit beef, and has every right to say racisim stunted “his” career in the NFL That is a fact.

    However, Warren Moon has no factual basis to say racisim is stunting Cam’s NFL career. Cam Newton has been doing that himself.

    If Warren wants to blame anyone for the question marks about Cam Newton then blame JaMarcus Russell. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

    It has to do with similarities between Russell and Cam Newton that go way beyond skin color.

  74. I never saw anything this past season from Cam Newton that would make me think phony. In fact, he seemed pretty honest when he allegedly apologized to a recruiter, “I’m going to Auburn; the money is just too much.”

    Now, I did see a lot of locking in on the primary, not finding the open guy on the other side of the field, not making throws with anticipation, and not making any effort to go through the progressions to find the open receiver that makes me think he’ll be anything other than a long term project with a high bust potential. Right up there with Ryan Mallet bust potential.

  75. One time I want someone to stand up for a white player being criticized like Jay Cutler was this past year and claim how that criticism was racially motivated against a white player.

    Maybe THEN people will see how stupid it is to blame criticism on racism.

  76. And for the record, potential racially motivated praise or criticism doesn’t just come from “white” media members. It works both ways and some could argue it works more the other way.

  77. Newton is being treated just like what he is a quarterback that will not do very well in the NFL. Very few black quarterbacks do and that is a fact.

  78. Warren, you were a great QB. But I have to call BS. This isn’t racism. This kid has been under intense scrutiny since the story came out about his father asking for cash for his college QBing services and the stories that followed about him apologizing to Mississippi State about de-committing and going to Auburn instead because “the money was just too much”.
    This guy brought at least some of this on himself and yes the same questions about whether or not a spread offense QB can run an offense out of a pro set get asked all the time about white QBs.
    Incidentally Warren, accusations like this are why white people get indignant and throw out counter accusations about the race card.
    Frankly, you’re better than this. If you think the criticisms are unfair or incorrect, say so. You have plenty of credibility. And all you’re doing by throwing something like this against the wall is giving some of that credibility away.

  79. this is insane. Top prospects always get scrutinized heavily. It a team and scouting department doing its job. Cam newton has a lot of question marks about him that have nothing to do with race.

    Look at tebow. He was one of the most scrutinized players i have ever seen and i doubt its because he is white or because of his beliefs, it was because there were serious issues with his mechanics, playing style, etc.

    The team is not out to “get” players and ruin them do to racism, they are trying to find the best player for the team. They are trying to draft the next manning, brady, rodgers or rivers and not the next ryan leaf, jamarcus russell, etc.

    To blame the scrutiny on racism is a cop out and slimy thing for moon to do.

  80. Racism? Hardly, lol! When a potential 1st round pick dubs himself an “icon” BEFORE he is even drafted or stepped foot on an NFL field, he is going to be viewed with intense scrutiny because he is exhibiting egomaniacal personality traits above and beyond the usual youthful confidence that often flows from the kids who win big at the college level. When you factor in the trouble he got himself into at UF, and then the pay for play scandal at AU, teams are going to cautious. This is not racism, this is common sense!

    The media and certain well known community organizers who call themselves “Reverend” have done so much damage to the real issue of racism by playing the “race card” so frequently as in cases like this, that must of us have grown apathetic to it because it is rarely ever applied justly, and this case is no different. C’mon, wake up Warren! Sad.

  81. Why is it that anytime a black guy isnt ballyhooed as the best its gotta be some form of racism?Cmon Warren get real…You had a great career and so did Steve McNair and this whole race thing will never go away if this stuff keeps coming up….when McNair died all they showed was his stats compared to other black QB’s…were talking about 100 yrs ago and slavery and just like the indians…we owe you forever?Cmon…stop blaming race everytime its not a black guy thats supposedly number 1….I give the black race credit…most players in the league,best players and got the most in jails all across the country…

  82. Warren Moon is a racist for thinking that the criticism of Cam Newton has anything to do with the color of his skin whatsoever

  83. I am so sick of the racist card being abused. Tebow was a very similar player with very similar stats he, didn’t have off the field issues, had more experience yet he was not a top 5 pick. I don’t think he should have been top 5 and NEITHER SHOULD NEWTON BECAUSE HE WILL NOT BE READY TO START SEASON 1! It is hard to pay top 5 money for a player who will ride the pine for a couple seasons learning behind a vet. Now I do believe that in time Cam has the tools to become an elite QB but so does Ryan Mallet and he has been dropped out of the first round for off the field issues and he never stole a computer or accepted money against college rules. Jake Locker has the same weaknesses as Cam Newton yet has also been dropped from the first round on many mocks. I’ve not heard any athletic non African American QB’s supporters screaming racism. Warren you are the man but this is BS and nothing like what you had to go through.

  84. Okay I’m black, and nothing about Newton has been racial to me. I just think he’s an arrogant, unpolished kid who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. I think he will be a bust and it will have nothing to do with racism. As bad as the 49ers need a QB, I pray we don’t draft this guy.

  85. To bad Al Davis wasnt racist, that could of saved us from Jamarcus ” sizzurp” Russell

  86. A couple more generations will pass and maybe, just maybe, the Sharptons, and the Jessee Jacksons, and now the Warren Moons, will quit being able to hide from questions of character behind their last-ditch allegations of racism.

    Unfortunately, none of us will be here to see it!

  87. Here you go Warren–his Dad tried to buy his way into two SEC schools–Mississippi State and Auburn. He played in a spread offense, and if you saw any of his games these are the three main plays Auburn ran:

    Pass; RB play and a QB option–that was it. That won’t cut it in the NFL. He’s going to be JaMarcus Russell light–the light because I don’t think he weighs as much as Russell did then or now.

    The NCAA, if they had any guts, should have suspeneded him the moment all of these payment questions came up.

  88. Lol .

    Warren Moon you are a failure.

    So easy to throw the race card isn’t it – coward.

    I think people are hesitant because the last time someone like this guy came out (Vince Young), everyone went easy on him, even though he gotta 6 on the Wonderlic – and that didnt turn out too good

    Go to hell Moon… Life fail.. play the race card when things aren’t your way

  89. Vince Young and Matt Leinhart won national championships too and they turned out great…..Although since Vince Young is black and I said something negative about him I’m apparently racist.

  90. JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf are the two biggest draft busts. One black guy, one white guy…two crappy pro QB’s. Race had nothing to do with the intense criticism they each receive to this day. Newton is under the same serious scrutiny because some team is going to pay him an ungodly sum of money even though he’s got an 80% likelihood of joining the all-time bust list.

  91. it was a really sad day last year when all the republicans started commenting on this website last year. anyone who does not see the racism involved is naive. all the stupid nicknames they give him “cam_i_am. scam newton? all pure hatred. newsflash: most top university stars get paid 2 play for top programs so get over it. all you racist will really go into a tizzy fit when you hear about patrick peterson. I just wish all you haters would just find a diffrent sport 2 watch. all you ppl pounced on barry bonds for yousing HGH and came out in swarms in all his games 2 mock him yet nobody mocked mark mcguire and never will,even though u can catch up with him at evrey cards game since he is the hitting coach there now. LMAO!! yeah no racism towards cam newton.

  92. If Cam goes to a team that can shelter him with a run game he’ll be a instant success just like Flacco, Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Bradford have been, but the thing that Cam has on all of them is his freakish athleticism, and if he can end up in Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota, or Miami he’ll be fine he should be praying he doesn’t end up in Buffalo or Cincy the ownership of those two teams don’t even try to put a winner on the field, as for the racist stuff stop it Cam and his farther brought all of the scrutiny on themselves….

  93. Btw, i’m sure Cam will be so outraged about the white man that he won’t take those millions he’s gonna get right? I mean, it seems only right if he or any athlete truly feels that way.

  94. Go away Moon! You’re still alive? Every time a black person gets criticized….it’s racism! Moon…..you’re a MORON! Go away!

    Shoola knows all!

  95. Please Warren, keep the race card out of sports. Your only revealing your own ignorance. If Cam can make money for someone i.e. be successful in NFL, he will be loved believe meMaybe we who think Ryan Mallet has issues are also racist? Give us a break and stop crying wolf… As a white man, I have seen”real racist” in our community and these kind of people are cowards who only reveal themselves to people of the same color. You would never know he may be working right next to you! Sports brings people of all color together so please do not diminish that camaraderie. Your statements only diminishes true racism and reminds me of the political left who call anyone a racist simply because they may actually think for themselves and which may incline them to possibly sincerely disagree with their policies…I loved your talents and greatness as a quarterback but that does not mean I or others have a desire to hear your own subjective bias, however distorted that may be sir…

  96. The NFL is full of racial bias. Sad but true.
    No one wants to see a black QB succeed. Every black qb will be compared to JaMarcus Russell and intelligence and work ethic will be questioned.
    Last years victim was Toby Gernhart. If he was black he would have had gone to a team that really needed a RB. With Gernhart they used the code word “speed”. Now he is backing up Adrian Peterson.

    I believe Cam and Gernhart are going to prove the scouts wrong.

  97. Oh boy, Moonie plays the race card. Hey Warren, you want some cheese with that whine?

  98. Nobody here admits it, but the majority of posters on this site have racist undertones behind their words. I remember a commenting reading a list of QB busts listed off Akili Smith and Russell, Young yet players like Harrington, Couch, Leaf weren’t even brought up. The hate that Cam Newton partly because he’s a confident young black QB. Go ahead and call it arrogant but that’s the racism inside of you. You all want him to fail

  99. Warren Moon is right 100% right about the fans and the so-called draft experts, holding him to a different standard because he’s black.
    all the work ethic and Intelligence questioning is racist.

    Thank god, teams will not be biased, and the team that drafts him will become more competitive.

  100. Also not cool how Rolle exceptional people are hurt by their intelligence. Alan Page had a great career and is now a state supreme court judge.

    White ivy leaguers get stereotyped unfairly.

    In the inverse, the best of the best are penalized for being morethen jocks

  101. I know ZERO about the college game. All I know is the hype machine cranks up during NFL draft season, and when it turns against someone it’s been building up, that can be almost interesting. It has turned against Newton.

    Racism occurred to me, but I wasn’t going to call it. I am, as I said before, ignorant. And yeah, I tweeted “I’m not just an editor, I’m an entertainer and an icon” because I am, above all, a mocking smart@ss.

    But Warren Moon is extremely credible. Intelligent player, classy guy, and I don’t recall him calling racism when he was obviously its victim.

    So I dunno. Neither do you.

  102. Not true, I just think Cam Newton is a simpleton.

    ….Just like I also think Ryan Malett is a simpleton.

  103. And I see Warren Moon being a racist for not sticking his neck out for Jake Locker. This stuff will never end will it?

  104. Boy can run his ass off & got a decent arm he should be fine. The more hate he gets the more he should wanna show these meat beaters he is the truth.

  105. The last paragraph summed it up well. If you want the fame and attention, and to be perceived as the best in the land, you had better be prepared to withstand the scrutiny that will come along with it.

  106. “This is absurd. Not one person has ever said anything that could remotely be consider based in race…”

    …Except Warren Moon…

    Why is it that because some have questioned his intelligence it is because he is African-American? Is he trying to say only this demographic is un-intelligent?

    This is Moon being ignorant due to his past and you have to feel for him for having to go through what he did during his career. Otherwise, you just let the remarks go and hope HE can get past his past..

  107. Wow……way to go Moon and bring it down to the lowest argument………
    Let’s all just shut up and see what the “Icon” can do at the pro level. BTW, Cam called himself an icon………when you do that, you better welcome the criticism.

  108. Being a thief has nothing to with it…Having a pimp for a father has nothing to do with it…

    Right Warren, whatever you say!

  109. Warren Moon is a class act, and has standing to talk about this issue if anybody does. But that said, I think there are many legitimate concerns surrounding Cam that aren’t about race, but about how his playing style will translate to the NFL, and about whether it’s more important to him to be a success in the NFL or in pop culture/commerce/entertainment.

  110. Absolutely rediculous . If Warren Moon doesnt want Cam put under a microscope then Cam needs to stop saying and doing things that draws negative attention to him . Trying to make this racial is utterly rediculous . If hes black , white , pink or albino it has no bearing on anything . I used to have alot of respect for Warren Moon as a player and person , but after making statements like this , one really has to wonder .

  111. My respect for Moon has suddenly evaporated (as if getting busted for beating on the wife wasn’t enough). How could Moon possibly be so stupid that he’d think people WOULDN’T see all the trouble Newton has gotten into and then when they mention it as a character issue, he delcares racism?

    To make matters worse, Moon has a vested interest in Newton…so of course if Newton falls it hurts Moon. But of course instead of doing the right things and keeping his mouth shut, Moon cries racism which likely echoes Newton’s feelings as well.

    Will Newton cry racism if he flops like JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young, or Akili Smith did? Or would he be able to admit that like Russell, Young, and Smith he didn’t have the work ethic (Russell), mental make-up (Young), or simly the ability to transition his game to the NFL after one great junior season (Smith)?

    I believe that Moon crying racism at this point is yet another red flag and reason to avoid Newton like the plague. Nothing turns off fans (especially white ones) like an underperforming black athlete that blames racism for all of his troubles. For me, this would be the last straw and it would take Newton off my board for good.

  112. “A lot of the criticism he’s receiving is unfortunate and racially based,” Moon told Freeman. “I thought we were all past this.”

    We were all past this, Warren. Apparently, you aren’t.

    “I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans about their smile or called a phony.”

    That’s probably because you see only what you want to see. Apparently, he can’t see as far back as Jimmy Clausen.

  113. They havn’t said anything about race.. BECAUSE THEY WOULD BE CALLED RACIST

    of course this has a lot to do about race.. he’s 10x better than the QBs of last year, except for Bradford and still gets chit for it

    He won a National Championship.. in addition, look at who they tried comparing him to; Akili Smith, Culpepper, Young…. now they are throwing out Big Ben to not appear racist

  114. Oh yeah, it has nothing to do with Newton putting himself out there for criticism with his heavily scripted airings and “entertainer and icon” assertions, but only due to racism. Right…

  115. wow… what a shock… a black player receives the same exact scrutiny as his peers and it is percieved as being racist. The only thing racist about this is the assumption that any criticism against Newton- who has a checkered history of doing and saying the wrong things- is racial in nature.

    Dr. King had a dream that little black kids and little white kids could one day be judged for what they do and say, and not what color skin they have… if you want that dream, then you have to be able to stand the criticism when you do and say things that could be judged harshly.

  116. Geez, its about time SOMEONE brought the race card into play. For a moment there, I thought we had moved on too, Warren. Thanks for keeping excuses alive and well. Cheers!

  117. of course he does,!!!!ANY criticism regarding black athletes calls for the RACE card today, as a matter of fact any criticism for a incompetent black president calls for the race card! It’s always been clear Warren is NOT a genius! what was his Wonderlic?

  118. The reason there is still racism in sports, and all walks of life, Warren, is because of people like YOU who like to play “the race card” at each and every opportunity! Any percieved slight, and you can count on someone crying, “It’s RACISM!!!” Facts don’t matter…only the color of the skin. Please.

  119. If you say you want to be an icon, you are automatically inviting extra attention, some of which will be critical. If there are hints of issues in your past, whether or not you were aware of them, that is going to follow you.

    If you don’t like the heat…

  120. “You can’t be fake and win a national championship” moon is right about that,
    Just ask Jamarcus russell
    So all the doubts about tim tebow was about race too. Warren moon just wants some attention. Go blow another 35-3 point lead you moron

  121. Hey Warren,

    Just because you have been forgotten about and no one remembers you, this is NOT the way to get yourself back into the news.

    Nothing racial going on here. Just opinions being voiced like any other year going into the draft. Potential high draft picks at QB ALWAYS get grilled by the “experts” and they usually don’t dwell on the good, but the bad – that’s what sells.

    So Warren, why don’t you crawl back into whatever you crawled out of and just STFU about your views about racism because you are just making things up…

  122. I thought we were past all this stuff of playing the race card every time we feel like we’ve been slighted, but I guess we’re not…

  123. The only color I see with Cam Newton is red, like the color of the flags that surround him on multiple issues he has brought on himself.

    Another player being protrayed as a victim versus admitting that he has done something wrong in the past.

  124. I will tell you what we are NOT past. We are not past being able to criticize a black athlete and it not automatically being accused of racism. Newton has brought on a good majority of this criticism from the way he portrays himself in interviews. Add to that the fact that he is a one year wonder and he has been wrapped up in controversy. Add it all up and what you come up with is a figure that a lot of people will be skeptical about……..WHITE OR BLACK! I just lost so much respect for Warren Moon.

  125. If Moon is “extremely angry”, let’s hope he can actually take it out on a man instead of a woman this time.

  126. Racism is the defense of rouges……Jesse, Al, and now Warren……

    defend this nonsense at your own risk……this is about money and greed which means the color is green!!!!!

    the folks who run the NFL would draft the devil himself number 1 if they felt he would make them money. Look at the labor negotiations if you doubt what I say.

    GREEN….that is the color…everything else is way down the list….grow the hell up and except responsiblity for your actions is what I say.

  127. Steve McNair….Now THERE was a good Black QB. He was good enough to win it all. Doug Williams did win it all. Moon, Vick, Cunningham, they all couldn’t get it done.
    News flash for Mr. Moon-bat: The NFL has only one color: GREEN. as in $$$$$$………If you can play and win, they’ll take you. They’ve taken black people and given them 85% of the spots on the roster on every team in the league. And the American WHITE people love watching the game, despite all the blackness on their TV every Sunday. If you win, you’ll play and get paid zillions, doesn’t matter what you look like. You know this, just look at the league. Now git yo a$$ in the kitchen and start washin’ the dishes…..

  128. @ imarques

    Racial bias may exist but idiots like Warren Moon who throw it at everything diminishes the significance of actual racism. Moon said nothing that was true and the fact that you say “white people get all upset” makes you the real racist sir. Sickening to say the least.

    I went to bed last night with a lot of respect for Warren Moon, I woke up this morning and he now has none. What a shame.

  129. it seems like Warren Moon struck a nerve. the truth hurts, i guess. where are those scouting reports on Gabbert’s smile? it’s not like someone actually has to meet Gabbert to come to that conclusion or anything.

  130. The only thing racist about this story is what’s coming out of warren moon’s mouth. The best thing cam newton can do is get away from this loser. Moon just showed his true colors. And he’s supposed to be a mentor?

  131. Last year there were a lot if white people who were mad that Toby Gernhart was looked past, this year the blacks are mad about Cam Newton… Solution: shut the hell up and let these guys play before we compare them to someone or call them bust.
    The comments I read make you guys sound like u are extremely jealous of Cam Newton and for what? He hasn’t done anything to get this amount of attention.

    Just like the Rush Limbaughs and Glen Becks , he has the right to feel how he feel about any situation. If I wrote an article about your sons or daughters from second hand information, then I am quite sure you’ll be pissed too.

  132. Why can’t these Gridiron Great’s just retire and enjoy life? Is enjoying the legacy they created for themselves not good enough?

    Shame on you Warren

  133. What’s the matter Warren…too many shots to the head in your playing days? It’s not about his race, it’s about him being a one year wonder heading to the NFL and being the field general at the highest level!
    As soon as an African-American gets criticized the race card gets played. That gets old really fast!!!

  134. First off Newton is garbage not because he is black but because he is going to suck in the nfl.

    Moon I understand dealt with some crap early in his career but the funny thing is he did the right thing then and made his case on the field. Now by going out acting for Mr. Newton and saying he gets bad press because people hate blacks is not helping Newton its hurting him.

    Someone smart needs to get in Newtons ear and tell him to tell everyone around him and himself to shut up. The only way to lose his current situation is to do it on the field. Cry racist all ou want its not going to help.

    He can take a page out of Vicks book and put his head down and work as hard as he can and not let the bad get to him.

    But the facts still remain this guy would be best served in nfl by being a tight end. I know in moons eyes i am aracist for saying it but i think the same thing about tim Tebow. These guys are just not built to play that style in the nfl.

  135. Throughout my lifetime (42yrs), I have never ‘classified’ anyone as black, white, red, yellow or any color… I see people as being either a good person or an A-Hole… I dont know Cam personally, but he has been coming across as an A-Hole… It has nothing to do with race… A-Holes come in all sizes, shapes & colors… Get over yourself Warren!!

  136. Nobody complained when John Kuhn was dubbed a “folk hero” because it’s a novelty that a white guy plaid RB. Isn’t that covert racism? He can’t just be a RB, he’s gotta be a “folk hero”. And how about guys like Aaron Kampman? He’s not talented….he’s “a hard worker” a guy whose “motor never quits”. But blacks with the same output were labeled “talented” and “a physical specimen”. Point is, people call it like they see it, and it’s not about race.

  137. “imarques82 says:
    Mar 31, 2011 7:19 AM
    I like how white people get all upset when when the truth is stated.

    Racial bias does indeed exist”

    Yes, it does exist. But that does not mean that everytime a black man is criticized it is racism. So like the boy who cried wolf, when you play the race card too much, it looses its meaning and then when there is a racist act nobody really believes you.
    And here is some irony for you. The fact that you are making a blanket statement about all white people makes you the racist in the group. Yes, racism still goes both ways bud!

  138. I don’t think this has as much to do with race as it does the fact that he’s a flashy guy. He’s not shy about his talent, he wants big things for himself and wants to use football to get there. Everyone has motivation for life beyond football. It’s just not acceptable when your goals are to be an CEO for an entertainment company or a performing artist instead of working hard labor for free in the peace corp or getting married, making babies and reading to kids for a living.

    A lot of people mistake confidence for arrogance and they blast them for it. Blaine Gabbert hasn’t made any noise. Then again, his numbers were average. He also played with a mediocre team.
    I believe if Blaine Gabbert was some hotshot, flashy kid with big dreams and Cam was the soft spoken one, the article would have still been written. Did the Writer step out of line, yes. There’s no reason to blast a 21 year old kid when you’ve never even spoken to them.

    Warren Moon faced adversity and in his older age is seeing things and hearing some comments that remind him of when he was coming into the league. Moon has a strong voice as one of the most successful African American Quarterbacks ever. I don’t blame him for trying to put a stop to it especially when no one has come to Cam’s defense aside from his close friends and rep. The Writer already is back peddling. He admitted to never even meeting Cam in person. He’s an idiot.

  139. If Cam was a WR, then people wouldn’t care at all. We saw JaMarcus Russell failed and now everyone is afraid of a black QB. No one will admit it but it is true.
    If Andrew Luck and Gabbert came out the same time, then the articles will be about how Gabberts number were mediocre. Every year the NFL has it favorites.

  140. I thought we were all past this. I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans about their smile or called a phony. He’s being held to different standards from white quarterbacks. I thought we were past all this stuff about African-American quarterbacks, but I guess we’re not.

    Hey Mr Moon, If Cam would have just kept his mouth shut and left the Icon, superstar, entertainer stuff in his head rather than making it to his lips maybe we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The fact is as you should well know that physical talent and ability are but a small part of the package to succeed at this level…..Look at Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young, all the ability but both busts. Why? because evryone around them told them they were superstars before they even played a down. Those two guys also succeeded at every level and look were they are now………….

  141. Warren, Was this racism as well ??

    * 1995, Star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Warren Moon is arrested in Houston and charged with misdemeanor assault after he slapped his wife, choking her “nearly to the point of unconsciousness.” Moon is later acquitted after his wife refuses to testify. A few months previously, Moon had been charged with sexual assault by a Vikings cheerleader in a case that was settled out of court.

  142. Hey i’ll own up. I think Newton is just another dumb black QB from the SEC. He should have never been allowed to play in that BCS game. Anybody who thinks he didn’t know his services were being shopped is either an idiot or extremely naive…..or both. Guys like him and Dez Bryant are the very illustration of what’s wrong with black culture in America.

  143. Maybe Newton should let Warren Moon play his career for him, then just put his NAME on it.

    That’s pretty much how he got through college.

    And I’d hate any white, blue, pink or GREEN person who would not only cheat at his classwork, but screw some other student in the process.

  144. Guys, I wouldn’t put the blame on this solely on Warren Moon. You need to look at who wrote the article and possibly steered the direction in this manner. Freemen spews out this kind of garbage at CBS CONSTANTLY, he holds onto his little race card like its 1952. That being said, Moon needs to realize that Colt McCoy was taken in the 2nd BECAUSE of the pre-draft criticism. Warren – This is what happens when you are vying to be the #1 pick, you go under about 15-20 microscopes run by different organizations. EVERYONE goes through it, even the white folks. Aaron Rodgers fell past like 22 teams on draft day because of scrutiny too, and he ended up better than fellow white boy Alex Smith. Conversely, you should really think about what comments like this say about you when they take massive flops… Did JaMarcus Russell fail because he is black? Will Cam Newton fail(or succeed??) because he is black? Absolutely not, put your race cards in a pile and burn them, its 2011.

  145. Moon should no better than this. It just adds even more pressure on Cam Newton, who just adds more expectation every time he opens his mouth. Thats a guy that should talk with Josh Freeman of the Bucs. Rivera is a no nonsense guy and although Newton appears if he could be a Donovan McNabb type QB in a year or so, he is dangerously close to a flame-out before his career even starts.

  146. Have the Harlem Globetrotters hired any white basketball players yet? George Preston Marshall called from the grave, wants to know…..

  147. Mempusa – the writer is no idiot, he’s discussed cam with several head personal guys around the league, who you know, have put in way more hours studying the guy than you have. He didn’t need to meet him in person because he’s getting his information from people that have already done that. He makes a composite analysis of all the draft picks based on what every team will tells him.

  148. Aaron Rodgers fell to the 26th pick he fought his way from high school on his wrap was he didnt have a strong arm those racist basterds oh wait hes white cant be racist get over it moon save your stupid comments when he does something except break the rules and the law

  149. boknowsvt says:
    Mar 30, 2011 9:59 PM
    I’m curious as to which team had the most production from their rookie class.


    I think it was clearly the Pats. Where other teams did have good rookie players. The pats had several play makers who changed the game. Sure teams like the packers had good rookies, but not on the level of rookies the pats had.

  150. Pretty sure 80% of football fans are now on the Mike Vick bandwagon for one or more of the following reasons: He got a raw deal and spent more time in jail than he would’ve if wasn’t famous, he had an amazing season last season, we like a good come back story, or (and most importantly) PETA.

    oh, but wait, we only like him because of all of the above and because he’s white. oh, wait, he’s not white? nevermind, we’re not fans anymore.

  151. Look I don’t know why everyone is getting upset at Warren Moon’s Opinion, Just like the one reporter calling him “Phony” without even meeting the Man. If the shoe doesn’t fit my friend.. why bother getting upset? Surely he wasn’t talking about you… We all know damn well it’s been some racism and jealously towards Cam Newton! May not be the biggest factor, but it’s surely a Con against him.. like the Laptop and like the Pay to Play… But all and all.. this Man won a National Championship at Blinn, He won a National Champion at Auburn.. and a Heisman. If anybody gets a pass to talk about Racism.. it’s Warren Moon, Right or Wrong this Man can talk about it! Dude had to go to Canada because he was a Black QB and Won 4 straight Grey Cups.. and you look at he’s “football” numbers alone and he’s one of the greatest QB’s of all-time if not the GREATEST!

  152. “You can’t be fake and win a national championship,” Moon said

    America’s Game 2008 Steelers:
    Big Ben: “I’m a changed man!”

    years later, after another scandel, and the act he put on during superbowl 45’s media day.

    c’mon moon….you think kurt warner wasn’t a fake grocery store worker?

  153. and THIS crap is just another example of whiny, blame everyone else players….. fire them all.

  154. @axespray …

    Okay, I have to ask … what is a fake grocery store worker? Does that mean Warner was never actually employed by a grocery store? Or he hung around the grocery store in a uniform but didn’t do any work? How do you know?

  155. Didnt McCoy fall to round 3? Why would Moon compare a possible first to McCoy, it just shreds his arguement. Why did McCoy fall so far, were they racist to him?

  156. YAWN! Once again the “R” word comes onto play when ANY african american is criticized.
    While racism is certainly and unfortunately still prevalent in our society, it becomes somewhat cheapened when an athlete whips the term out, “willy-nilly” when criticized.
    When Cam Newton, along with his father, sold his services to the highest bidder, speaks of himself in the third person as a icon, has a poor work ethic and performs poorly at the combine; he deserves the criticism he’s getting, regardless of color.

  157. Why do so many of you act as if racism doesn’t exist and just want to sweep any racial bias under the rug and just say its unwarranted?

  158. Sorry Warren, but this is simply not true. For starters, Ryan Mallet is facing the same kind of scrutiny that Newton’s getting, and Newton is still staying a top 10 prospect.

    Secondly, Newton does have a shadow clouding him. From the fact that his father was soliciting schools for money for his son’s skills to the alleged computer theft, you can’t just pass those issues over. Those aren’t small items you just sweep under the rug.

    As for his ability to play and comparing him to Colt McCoy and other white players out there, let’s make one thing clear: Tim Tebow was more heavily scrutinized (and still is) and was projected a middle 2nd round pick. Colt McCoy was projected to be picked in the 3rd and he was. Newton is projected top 10 while having some of the same concerns as those two.

    And heaven forbid that he happens to be one of those players who is really really successful on the college level, but can’t make it work in the NFL. That never happens. If you have college success, it means you’re going to be a star in the NFL no matter what.

  159. “closisgood says: Mar 31, 2011 10:59 AM

    Why do so many of you act as if racism doesn’t exist and just want to sweep any racial bias under the rug and just say its unwarranted?”

    Maybe its because any rational, well adjust person is sick to death hearing how racist they are, when in reality it is a small section of the population and not everywhere and in everything like Uncles Al and Jesse want you to believe.

  160. Does anybody remember the comments made about Toby Gerhart? I’m not sure who provided the quote but they said ” If he was black, he would be picked in the 1st-round.” I’m serious, look it up. But thats ok, he’s a white guy. This is stupid, this is why racism still exists so prominetly on non-racist people. I am not a racist, I just think Warren Moon is a moron. Is that ok to say?

  161. I am getting tired hearing about racial bias, it is really starting to get old. Warren Moon should just realize that Cam Newton just might not be that good.

  162. WARREN MOON didn’t play with a thin leather helmet did he? Obviously this fool took too many shots to the head and he is punch drunk. I am a cowboys fan and I suppose all the trouble Dez Bryant is in is because he is black. Wake up Warren or take your meds

  163. I’m pretty sure people are just as scared of by WHITE quarterback Ryan Mallett’s red flags as they are by Cam Newton’s… and Cam is almost universally expected to be picked before Ryan.

  164. Newton has dubbed himself “an entertainer and an icon.” He doesn’t think much of himself does he? He “allegedely” stole a computer? and this is because he is black Warren? I think Moon made those comments because he has been out of the limelight for so many years and this was his stupid way of getting some press. And if newton has done the things he is accused of it’s becaue he’s black? I get tired of the race card every time one of these spoiled athletes is criticized

  165. Amazing how Moon and others like him obsess over the people who question Newton’s potential, while completely ignoring the fact that Newton is expected to be a top 5 pick in the draft, if not #1 overall.

    Obviously, Cam Newton has plenty more supporters than detractors.

  166. He’s absolutely right, and until this country actually elects a black man to our highest office, we’ll…. what? Oh, never mind.

  167. Funny but I don’t recall seeing one scouting report mentioning Newton would fail because he was African-American. All souting reports mentioned he only started for one year, took most of his snaps from the shotgun and didn’t have many reads to make. If that’s racism, then I’m the Queen of England.

    Equally funny is how the only way Moon gets any press since his retirement is by being a wife-beater and by making outlandish comments…

  168. if one wants to be considered for his achievements, perhaps he should first have some (not just ‘one championship season’), and then also stop screaming about how he is discriminated against (himself or thru proxies). this guy will get a big contract. whether he earns it ot not is another question. most high profile rookies dont, so he wouldnt be unusual.

  169. Yeah of course, next thing you know he’ll be saying o.j. Was innocent and the only reason everyone thinks he’s guilty is becuase of racism…

  170. I now see why these sports sites keep stories like this coming….209 and counting…As sit and bash away at others on the internet, we making these sites rich.

  171. Also, it’s good to know that those in the media can say and do as they please but Warren Moon isn’t intitled to his opinion.I’m sure many of you remember what that is right.

    I seriously don’t think 1/3 of you know what racism truly is. 1/3 simple enjoy pushing it. and 1/3 hate blacks with every fiber of their being.

  172. Warren,

    I didn’t even read the article but you should change your stance on this issue to whatever I feel is correct since you gave me a peace sign way back in whatever year when the vikes got their asses handed to them by the Pats on Monday Night Football.

    You unnersand?????

  173. Look at all these comments here.

    Warren Moon is Wrong, blah blah blah

    Cam Newton brought is on himself, blah blah blah

    Here’s why Moon is correct, that race is STILL a big issue, because there are over 200 comments trying to cry otherwise. If it’s not a big issue, hit the ignore button. However saying it’s not an issue over 200 times (via the comments here) then guess, it becomes an issue.

    Did cam steal a lap top? Show me proof where he did. And not proof if the allegation (two different things)

    Was Cam guilty of a pay for play scheme? Show me proof, again not the allegation

    Cam was right, he is an entertainer and Icon why? Because there are over 200 comments on here crying otherwise.

    70% of you do look at race first, and then other 30% lies about it.

  174. Moon is right. This may come off as racist but I’m just not a huge fan of the blacks.

  175. Well we all know there are two sets of rules and Cam Newton will be held to a higher standard. He made two alleged mistakes and now one guys opinion that he has a ‘Phony Smile’ will shape the minds of the masses. It’s not uncommon for blacks to be demonized in the media for making boneheaded decisions. Lets be honest majority of white QB’s coming out of college at least get the chance to become a bust if not good or great. Most black QB’s coming out of college have to convert to WR . But Cam Newton can’t play QB because he has a “Phony Smile” get real ! How many white QB’s were hated on draft day ? Remeber the 1999 draft Donavan Mcnabb . And if you think racism don’t exist take your ass to Vidor,TX.

  176. Nonsense like this is on par with Adrian Peterson’s ridiculous claim that NFL players are held in some form of slavery. With the race card being played any time a black man is even remotely criticized these days, is it really any wonder nobody takes allegations of racism seriously anymore? It seems the only ones screaming racism is the racists themselves.

  177. As the Hispanic population grows in this country and more and more politicians cater more to them, the black population will become more and more irrelevant.

  178. I seriously don’t think 1/3 of you know what racism truly is. 1/3 simple enjoy pushing it. and 1/3 hate blacks with every fiber of their being.

    Lol Another “math genius” in the crowd. Let me say that you sir, are not helping those numbers any.

  179. “I remember back in 1990, I threw for over 500 yards in a game, the second-most ever, and I came out of the game because we had the game won,” Moon said. “Well, I got criticized by our African-American newspaper in Houston and called an Uncle Tom by a writer here because I didn’t break that record, because it would have been so important for African-Americans that I break that record just for the self-esteem of African-Americans.” – Warren Moon

  180. Play the Colt McCoy card, Warren ! That will show them you are right ! Warren needs those disability benefits in the new CBA show he can have his brain examined. Good luck finding it !

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