Jake Locker’s Pro Day criticized for being “too easy”

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Washington quarterback Jake Locker drew initial praise for an accurate showing at his Wednesday Pro Day. But draft analysts have since conversed with scouts and personnel people, and there is growing skepticism about how much the Pro Day workout really showed.

“If you’re going on a ten scale, the degree of difficulty was probably a three or four,” observed ESPN director of college scouting Todd McShay on Wednesday morning’s edition of SportsCenter. McShay said he’s spoken to two NFL scouts who feel the same.

NFL Network’s Charley Casserly and Michael Lombardi expressed a similar sentiment on Wednesday night’s Path to the Draft program.

“Mostly short throws, over the middle,” is how Casserly described the workout. “If you’re a senior in high school, you’d better have an A-plus in this workout.”

Lombardi was on site for the Pro Day, and noticed “not a lot of decision makers in attendance.” He suggested this means either teams are relying on private workouts to really evaluate Locker, or that Locker is simply “not high on a lot of draft boards.”

Lombardi said Locker’s workout only included two deep-ball tries, “which were both incomplete.”

29 responses to “Jake Locker’s Pro Day criticized for being “too easy”

  1. If your really basing draft stock on pro-days. You shouldn’t be a scout. It’s about what you put on film and not what you do in shorts.

  2. This just keeps getting better and better. Pro days are not a good indicator of what a player can do anyway but they had to “dumb it down” for Locker.

    And I didn’t think his game tape could make him look any worse.

  3. Why so much wasted time on so called Pro Days. These guys come to try outs, say if and when they will run, pass or kick or not. The press runs around and films and tapes every word said. Where did these guys earn all this respect and not played one down in the NFL? What was the word used not right to play in the Nfl but prevledge to play in the NFL. Makes not one bit of sense what the future players can get away with. Hype hype hype for the unknown.

  4. I think the Bowl game vs. Nebraska proved he’s not an NFL caliber QB… I think he’s basically the next Alex Smith. The guy’s powerful and mobile, but that’s about it. He’s not even worthy of a 1st round pick… and the only team I see pulling the trigger on him in the 1st would be Seattle.

  5. Stop the presses… Pro day throwing drills designed to make a prospect look good? I am shocked and outraged.

  6. Accuracy problems, sure. But to say his tape couldn’t get any worse is a bit ridiculous.

    I love this argument with Jake. There seem to be so many armchair scouts who want to evaluate his talent.

    He struggled at times in college. But he has got all the talent in the world. And he is a natural leader, and would instantly become one of the hardest working and most dedicated players on any roster.

    Stick to your day job, and let the talent evaluators do theirs. He will still be going in the first round.

  7. Jake Locker has been overrated since day 1. He is an excellent athlete but he is not a Quarterback yet. Is the equivalent of being a thrower but not a pitcher. Locker does not come in and start right away. However that is not to say that he won’t be good. A previous post is right, look at his game tape and that’s all you really need to know He did not dominate in average Pac-10 when really that is what he should have been able to do.

  8. Also, there is a reason guy’s like Lombardi are on TV and not in a front office somewhere. Those two deep balls were just out of reach of the receiver. Balls a lot of NFL players would have caught.

  9. If your really basing draft stock on pro-days. You shouldn’t be a scout. It’s about what you put on film and not what you do in shorts.
    Well, then he may not get drafted, because he sucked in most games.

  10. If he’s sitting there in the top of round 2 or even 3, I wouldn’t mind the Bengals taking a chance on him. He couldn’t be that much more inaccurate than Carson Palmer has been over the last 3 seasons.

    I actually like the kid. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, he’s really athletic (was also drafted as a Pro Baseball player), and made Washington competitive when they had absolute garbage around him. Everybody seems to forget that he was pegged as a #1 overall pick last season. I think people are unfairly piling on him and if he’s surrounded by some good talent, he’ll be a good NFL player.

  11. QBs who struggle with accuracy in college always end up struggling with accuracy in the pros. Kyle Boller is a great example. The Ravens became enamored with the fact that he could throw a football 60 yards from his knees, while apparently forgetting he was an inconsistent inaccurate QB in college. And then shockingly, Kyle Boller ended up being an inconsistent inaccurate QB in the pros. It’ll be the same case with Jake Locker, although I think teams will be smart enough not to take him early in the 1st round.

  12. I guess being a talented kid with morals and strong leadership skills will get you nothing but hate. If he was a liar and a thief, he would at least have Warren Moon on his side.

  13. Agree with johnnycash19 (can’t disagree with Johnny Cash 😉 ) that film tells the story. But have never understood why Locker would outrank Gabbert or Mallett. Ryan may have some mobility issues and need some work on closing games, but he’s the prototypical pro QB. Gabbert doesn’t have Mallett’s long ball, but he’s got a tremendous skill set and more mobility than Ryan. Neither of these guys may have Bradford’s potential, but think I’d gamble on either of them over Locker.

  14. Jamarcus Russel was said to have all the talent in the world as well so what’s your point seatown other than the fact your a Washington fan making excuses?

  15. McShay is down on Locker anyway. Expected that type of comment. After his record at UW, he may be right in his assessment.

  16. Big difference between Jake and De Marcus. For starters Jake aint on the purple drank. I hope Jake can hold the clip board for a season. I think he will have a long and succesful career as a very good NFL quaterback.

  17. the more and more i visit this site the more apparent it is that you have an agenda against this kid

    look the fact is he will be a top 20 pick

    hes a no nonsense, smart, and persistent kid

    he played on a team that went defeated one year and led them to wins, and now two years removed from a team that went defeated you want him to step up and deliver the pac10 title?

    look im sure he would step into the pocket and make all the throws if he had, had one…..

    and you listen to a GM who is no longer employed, because he made one good pick, Mario Williams? he was a no brainier pick

    you guys hate the kid end off story, im sorry he had the class to stay and try to help his team rebuild

    you are what makes the media in this country bad

  18. help me says:
    Mar 31, 2011 12:22 PM
    White QB draft prospects are never scrutinized, right Warren?


    So I guess they’re critizing Jake Locker because he’s white then, huh? Doubt that very seriously! They’re criticizing him for his soft workout, not because of the skin he’s in (unlike some black QB’s we know).

  19. So pro days definitely determine how good of an nfl player you will be…
    Good thing Jamarcus Russell is still a starter…
    Oh wait McShay didnt know anything about his pro day either.

  20. I never “got” pro days either until it was explained to me that they are used to rule guys out more than drool over them for doing everything well as scripted. Makes perfect sense. If a kid can’t cut it in the most ideal conditions possible then you have to take notice of that.
    That said , I like the kid a lot…and I will truly be rooting for him to do well but just don’t think he’ll be a great QB. He’s an athlete, not a QB.
    Baldeagle6 had a good comment about his accuracy on another post about his pro day about how his accuracy issues aren’t so much mechanical but more a function of lack of quick enough information processing. Makes perfect sense. That’s one reason I feel the Wonderlic is more of a big deal for QBs and hardly a big deal for other positions.

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