Julio Jones talks pain tolerance, foot injury, and life at Alabama

Alabama wide receiver ran a 4.39 forty yard dash despite a stress fracture in his foot at the Combine.    His secret?

“I got a high pain tolerance,” Jones told Florio on PFT Live Thursday.   My pain tolerance is outrageous.”

Jones had surgery following the Combine and said he’ll get his foot out of his protective boot in another week.   In the clip below, Jones talks about why playing a pro-style offense like Alabama was the right decision for him, even if it didn’t help his numbers.

To watch Jones’ full interview, head to the PFT Live homepage.

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16 responses to “Julio Jones talks pain tolerance, foot injury, and life at Alabama

  1. Move over AJ, you may have slightly better ball skills but no reciever in this draft is ready to play on sunday quite like this Julio Jones specimen. He runs like a gazelle, possesses supreme physicality (downfield blocking machine), and he happens to be tougher than nails. He will also happen to be a top 10 pick…

  2. Julio did the surgery himself with a chisel and a screwdriver. He did confess to having a cup of warm milk that night to help him get to sleep.

  3. His secret? “I GOT ME SUM GOOD PILLS”.

    The bigger questions are how long it will take him to get barred from a mall?
    How soon the ban will be dropped after writing a check?
    How low will he wear his pants?
    Will he call the owner of his new team a “slave master”?
    Will he pay his bills?
    Will he shoot someone?
    Will he shoot himself?
    Will he need a child support lawyer in every state?
    Will he be broke in 5 years?
    Will he be hanging out with L.T?
    Will he be hanging out with Aquib Talib’s mom?

    These are what citizens want to know.

    Time to see what the players biggest worshipper will have to say about this now. Especially since it’s regarding a Tide “pro”

  4. The NFL needs to figure out a way for the draft to have TWO number one overall picks so this guy and Cam Newton can each share the honor.

    Anything less would be racism!


  5. @iknowfootballandyoudont …

    Nothing about my posts indicates I worship players. You just despise me because I support the players in the labor action, and as your posts make so clear, you hate athletes.

    To answer your question, I love Julio on the field because he’s never given Tide fans any reason not to appreciate him. Off the field, I don’t know anything about him–and neither do you. All you know is your own jealousy and bitterness toward elite athletes, which leads you to constantly make belittling, offensive posts about them.

    Most players in the NFL do their jobs and stay out of trouble. Only a small percentage get arrested or cause problems, and no more of them are substance abusers than you’ll find in the general population. (And Julio passed a drug test at the Combine, so he wasn’t popping pills when he ran the 40.)

    Julio’s comments here were about being a good teammate and taking your turn at blocking rather than always looking to score. It’s a shame you decided to use this as a forum for yet another of your vile, hate-filled rants against athletes simply because they are more talented and have a higher earning potential than you do. Instead of sharing your neuroses and inferiority complexes on a football blog, you really should find a therapist.

    Roll Tide, you poor thing.

  6. @revengeofthefilthymcnasty …

    Oh, I hope D.C. isn’t listening. Although there are certainly worse places he could end up, I’d hate to see Julio with that wackadoo Shanahan! (Nothing personal.)

  7. This kid looks like State Champion Wrestler, and Pro Bowl wideout Roddy White. Talk about a really good receiver that can block like a TE. Any team that gets him will be lucky. I hope it’s the Skins, along with trading down and getting more picks, and a OLB, and a DT, and a OG, and a C, and a RT, and a CB, and maybe just maybe a QB, and dan snyder fleeing washington, and fed ex coming back to DC and, and…..sheesh

  8. I have been waiting 3 years for this guy to reach his potential. I will continue to wait, because I really believe he will reach it in the pros. This guy is a carbon copy (on the field) of T.O., and the only reason he didn’t dominate like Fitzgerald, Megatron, and Crabtree is because of injuries and the fact that Alabama didn’t take full advantage of his talents.

    Size- check
    Speed- check
    R.A.C. skills- check
    Blocking- check
    Toughness- check
    Hands- uhhh…needs work. But I’ll take it.

    One thing that gets overlooked is that he was the most-hyped recruit out of high school. Though he had a bit of a tough time settling into a run-dominated offense, he didn’t cause locker room problems. That is rare these days.

    If he is available at 14, St. Louis is taking him.

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