Larry Johnson: Kansas City hates me so much, I can’t get a fair jury


Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is being sued in Kansas City by a woman who says he spat on her in a bar. But Johnson says he needs to move the trial out of Kansas City because it would be impossible to find 12 people there who don’t despise him.

Johnson’s lawyer, Jack T. Bangert, told a judge Wednesday that folks in Kansas City hate his client with such a passion that he could never get a trial in front of an impartial jury there.

If we can’t get a change of venue in this case, it is insurmountable,” Bangert said. “We want to go anywhere but here.”

Bangert showed the judge newspaper articles, web posts and affidavits from two talk-show hosts, all attesting to how much Chiefs fans hate Johnson.

However, the plaintiff’s lawyer says those concerns are overblown, and that Johnson isn’t as famous (or infamous) in Kansas City as he thinks he is.

“We all know people in Kansas City who are not Chiefs fans who have never heard of Larry Johnson,” lawyer Charles Speer said.

The judge will rule later on whether Johnson is really so despised in Kansas City that the case has to be moved elsewhere.

33 responses to “Larry Johnson: Kansas City hates me so much, I can’t get a fair jury

  1. I think football fans across the country hate Larry Johnson. That is what happens to a man when he spits in a woman’s face.

  2. He was an arse in KC, and most if not all of his incidents involved women. Who does he want on his jury? Orenthal James? Jay Marrotti? Chris Brown? Don’t move it, let him take his medicine.

  3. PFT usually dumps more legal knowledge on me than I could eve want- but this article leaves out some important points-

    Has a judge ever granted a change of venue for a spitting trial? How far away does he want to move it? Just how big a sphere of hatred has LJ created? Is it bigger than the evacuation zone put in place around the overheated nuke plants in Japan? Is there any way at all to work Tebow into this article? Favre? TO?

    BTW, if the lockout ends before you can answer these questions, then nevermind.

  4. One of the primary reasons we have local Court’s, is so that communities have some say in how justice is administered in their city or county. Johnson chose to live, behave and make his reputation there. Moving the trial elswhere won’t change the facts of the case, but could deprive the people of KC from their right of deliberating on one of their peers.

  5. Doesn’t he look like he’s getting ready to spit in that photo above…? Case closed!

  6. the only reason they hate you is because you are the world’s biggest jerk!i doubt you ever play in the nfl again,so i hope you have’nt pissed all your money away!

  7. In his feeble mind, he can not get a fair trial in KC or anywhere else. To his way of thinking, ‘fair’ means being allowed to spit on anyone at any time and in any place. Next on the drivel menue will be the R word. What a scumbag.

  8. wryly1, the reason we have local courts is because the defendant, not the plaintiff/prosecution, has the right to a trial by a jury of his peers. It protects you from being judged by people with a different set of core beliefs/values. Of course the other side has the same right, but not nearly to the extent the defendant does (the defendant’s right is constitutionally protected), which is why a change of venue is possible.

  9. So let them move it. Who cares? If they jury is impartial, then it shouldn’t matter where the trail is. If he is guilty, then he should be found guilty anywhere.

  10. good point gtfan1!
    Although I must point out, he was such a jerk here in cincinnati in his time here he never cracked the starting lineup when benson was down he shared carries with bernard scott. Actually Scott got the starts over him. He should have been the starter when benson went down, and should have been able to step up when we played the jets the 2nd time instead of having to force benson to play hurt. Word here in cincinnati was that he was too lazy to learn the playbook for “veteran minimum where he was only going to stay 1 year” per his words. Guy is an aarogant jerk, although lets be serious here people, spitting on someone isnt assault. Spitting is not used in MMA, sumo wrestling, or in the entire history of war. In fact the only place i think its ever been used is in “pro” wrestling, for dramatic effect. I believe if someone spits on you, that gives you the right to punch them in the mouth once for free. Other than that, too damn bad. Who knows maybe she deserved it, maybe hes just a pompous ass, but reguardless of it all there is no lasting effect from being spit on. Nobody is hospitalized for being spit on (and dont even get into the whole if he has aids or hep C crap I dont wanna hear it)
    That is all

  11. Let’s see … he made a CHOICE to act like an immature little idiot, and now due to the CHOICE he made, he has an issue with a trial being in the very town where he made a poor CHOICE. Nice.

    I feel sorry for no one who makes bad choices and then can’t deal with the consequences. It’s like government public housing. Stupid people make a stupid choice to have ten kids that they can’t afford, and then somehow, it’s everyone else’s fault and everyone else’s problem? Stupid people making stupid choices.


  12. blizzard01 says: Mar 31, 2011 8:57 AM

    PFT usually dumps more legal knowledge on me than I could eve want- but this article leaves out some important points-

    Has a judge ever granted a change of venue for a spitting trial? How far away does he want to move it?


    They want to move the trial spitting distance.

  13. What a 24 carat jerk. Spends his career being a jerk and then complains about juries? Honest, hard working citizens never need to worry about juries fair or not. Unless of course, they are serving on one. What a douche!

  14. Probably cuz in America, we discriminate against PUNKs that act above the law and spit on women….

    Larry Johnson: “ka-durrh?!”

  15. You know what’s really odd — 99% of people don’t COMMIT CRIMES and have to worry about who will be on their jury and whether or not they will like you. Has nothing to do with Kansas City – you’re not liked because you can’t show basic common respect. Like spitting in a woman’s face. Is there some magic city in the US where that will be applauded by 12 of your peers?
    Here’s a hint, if you don’t want people that may hate you judging you, don’t commit crimes.

    And to the moronic point of view that “no one went to the hospital, so we shouldn’t worry about it” – I pray you’re never in a position to judge the law. Or reproduce.

  16. Poor baby.

    Sad story, actually, he was a freakin STUD! But threw it all away.

    I kew he was trouble he threw a tentrum after Vermial said it was time to “take the diapers off.”

    But, I have to say, why wouldnt he settle this out of court? Why waste the taxpayers money and jurys’ time over something like this?

    I smell a publicity ploy. Is’nt he looking for a job?

    Try to stay relevant much, LJ?

  17. Spitting on someone is a vile, vile thing to do. But I hate to think of my tax dollars being spent on a trial over something like this. I don’t hang out in bars with spitting people, but couldn’t she just have whacked him over the head with her purse and been done with it?

  18. He has beat and/or spit on multiple women in KC. Gosh, hard to imagine why they would hate him there. He needs to take this like a man, he made this reputation himself, he shouldn’t be able to run and hide from it to face the consequences somewhere else. He’s a piece of poo

  19. LJ should change his last name to Massengill… What a loser, Im sure JoePa is way disappointed in one of the greatest rushers in Penn State history… Grows up with a silver spoon in his mouth and acts like everybody owes him something… Get a life!!

  20. LJ is hated so bad here in KC that the Chiefs actually benched him right before he was going to pass Priest Holmes’ record as the franchises all-time leading rusher. I applaud them – Priest was a great person on and off the field… LJ was a dbag on and off the field.

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