Lions get seventh-round pick back in 2011 draft

More than a month after the NFL took away a seventh-round draft pick from the Lions because of a tampering violation, the league has given the pick back to Detroit.’s Mike Sando first reported the NFL has reinstated Detroit’s seventh-round pick upon appeal.  The Lions will instead lose a 2012 pick.

PFT has confirmed the report, and Florio has tracked down further details.

We’ve learned that the Lions will lose a sixth-round pick in next year’s draft if they make the playoffs.  They’ll lose a seventh-round pick if they miss the playoffs, for a 12th straight year.  The league reasoned that this year’s pick was worth more because of the labor situation.

The Lions were represented in their appeal by sports attorney David Cornwell.

UPDATE: The Lions and Chiefs will  still swap fifth-round picks this year, as originally announced.

11 responses to “Lions get seventh-round pick back in 2011 draft

  1. Well according to the pick value chart, a 7th round pick is worth more points than they lose for swapping the 5th rounders. So if the league was willing to push the 7th rounder until next year, then perhaps they would have been open to lowering or completely forgiving the 5th round swap altogether. Next year the Lions could make the playoffs and pay a steeper price, and if they dont they still lose the entire value of the 7th. We might have had a chance to appeal to flat out save some points by suggesting or petitioning to drop that 5th round swap. If the Lions and the attorney didn’t shoot for this, then I would be upset, and that would be an interesting story. Can PFT check with their source to find out this very important dynamic to the story and how it went down? Let’s see if the Lions made a valiant effort to try and get a more favorable deal or if they screwed up in not making the most out of the appeals process!

  2. I’ll be alright with losing that 6th round pick when I see the Lions in the playoffs.

  3. We shall see if Mayhew does his magic and this turns out to be good, or just some more worthless news in an off-season that is really not an off-season hmmmm did that make any sense at all?

  4. Well considering they’re going 16-0, losing pick 6.32 next season isn’t much different than losing 7.13 this year.

  5. I’m confused by how a pick is worth MORE, when the threat of not playing exists, and when compensation is in the balance. What logic is that?

    Amen to the other comments – a deeper ‘lost draft pick impact’ equates to the Lions earlier success without it.

    In that case, I hope it hurts REAL BAD.

  6. It would be pretty cool to see the Lions in the Playoffs! It would also be cool to see Alyssa Milano show up on my door step in her NY Giants ladies apparel…..

    Neither of which I am expecting…..

  7. If all goes well over the next season or two, a 6th or 7th round pick should have a hard time making the team anyhow.

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