Mallett to see Bengals, Seahawks, Vikings, Panthers, 49ers, Dolphins


The NFL draft is four weeks away, and Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett is going to be a busy man between now and that.

Mallett was at the airport on the way to Cincinnati during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show today, and he said he has several visits planned with NFL teams, including some he could name and some he couldn’t.

“After Cincinnati I go to Seattle, Minnesota, Carolina, I have a day break, then I go from San Francisco to Miami, and there’s another team that I can’t really talk about,” Mallett said.

Several reports have suggested that Mallett will fall out of the first round and still be available to a team like the Bengals in the second. Mallett said he’s not worried about dropping down to the second round.

“I’m just trying to get drafted and go play,” Mallett said. “Obviously I’d like to go in the first, but if that happens it happens.”

Mallett tried to avoid any comparisons to Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, saying, “I don’t know anything about Cam’s football IQ.” But when Patrick asked him whether he thinks he’s the most NFL-ready quarterback in the bunch, Mallett said that’s exactly how he views himself.

“As a quarterback, I would have to say yes,” Mallett said.

31 responses to “Mallett to see Bengals, Seahawks, Vikings, Panthers, 49ers, Dolphins

  1. as a niners fan, i’m hoping we end up with Ponder in the 2nd. Mallett wouldnt be the end of the world but his character issues have me a little nervous.

  2. Knowing Jerry…. if he falls to the second round and a team that drafts before them doesnt scoop him up…i would not be surprised if that secret team was the Cowboys.

  3. the picture PFT keeps posting with each of his stories isnt helping much….just sitting on that bench looking dumb and all Jay Cutler like…

  4. Can’t be any worse than other backup qb’s the Bengals have had. J.T. Sullivan and Jordan Palmer come to mind. Oh yeah, I forgot. He won’t be a backup. Carson’s retiring, not.

  5. Mallet has all the physical attributes to be an NFL quarterback. He has the accuracy, he reads defenses, he is mobile enough to extend a play by a second or two if need be. His arm strength is adequate for the bengals west coast offense/power running offense being installed by jay gruden. I also see it in his eyes, as an addict for years and only clean for 2 years, he is a drug addict. The way he acts, the bags under his eyes, his appearance. An addict knows an addict. I would almost bank on mallet being a drug addict. Maybe he’s sobered up, I sure hope so. I personally think he may be the best pure passer to come out of this years draft (ponder a close 2nd), but his leadership abilities and questions about drug addiction are definitely huge red flags. Knowing my bengals, they will draft him anyhow, mike brown has a knack for drafting bad QB’s (personality wise this time around) Although cocaine was not my drug of choice, it seems to be mallet’s. I pray and hope this is not true.

  6. He can skip Carolina for all I care. I’d rather keep Clausen cause it’s not like he’s going to be any better.

  7. I disagree about Mallett being a bust. Someone taken in the second round, as he likely will be, can’t be considered a “bust.” That term is generally referred to only for first rounders. And the effect on a franchise definitely won’t be to the magnitude of someone taking Cam in the top ten and watching him bust. There really is no comparison here.

  8. Let’s see, he’s got character issues, a low football IQ and anyone drafting him before the third round is taking a big chance….

    he’s got “Viking” written all over him in the first round.

  9. Google: “Draft Winds: Lies, Damn Lies and Ryan Mallet”. That is a LENGTHY piece on him and seems well researched. It breaks down his pros/cons on/off the field and it may change your attitudes on this kid. I want the Dolphins to draft him regardless of wh else may be available when they pick.

    As for the “…and there’s another team that I can’t really talk about,” comment, I would guess it is either the Patriots of the Colts.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if NE is the team that can’t be mentioned. I think if he falls to them, the Pats might grab him considering they have the luxury with so many picks.

  11. Noticeably missing in those teams are the Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars. I could definitely see him going to the Jags at 16, or the Skins if they trade down even though Shanahan prefers a more mobile QB so it’s less likely.

  12. Come on Vikings dont wait take him 12 and build around this kid…

    He has the ability to throw a ball into a small window from anywhere on the field… If your worried about character dont draft newton if you want more experience dont draft gabbert if your worried about size dont draft Fitz if your worried about your qb having a beer on friday and maybe being drunk on saturday your a moron worry about 3rd and 5 and you got a qb that can stretch the field..

    Mallet Vikings make my season better…

  13. I still think its a crap shoot as far as who out of the Qb’s that are projected going in the 1st 2nd, and some of the 3rd. I would say you are just as likely to get burned Newton, Gabbert, that guy from Nevada, Locker, and Mallet. So I wouldn’t be wasting an early 1st round on any of them. There are too many good OTs, DTs, DEs, and LBs in this draft and every team out there could use an upgrade at one of those positions. I will say this, though, whoever gives Kolb a big time long term contract is going to be just as screwed as the team that picks a QB in the 1st round that ends up being a bust.

  14. I’m just glad the Dolphins DON’T have a 2nd round pick this year, as it is just as well, because we muck it up every year. If we HAD a 2nd round pick and he was available, well, you just know we’d have to take him.

  15. Jt osullivans not A bengal anymore since before last season we got dan lefevour as the number 3 qb know your players before you post

  16. Does anyone else think “Brett Favre” when they read this kid’s scouting report? Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is up to each individual to determine, but I think if you were to cut-and-paste Favre’s scouting report from his draft and stuck mallet’s name on the top, people wouldn’t know the difference.

  17. Love it, people crown the Missouri kid as a top qb.. I am sorry but I cant rememer a throw Mallet couldnt physically make.. He has made some bad ones but who has not.. ?

    This kid is gonna be good.. Phillip Rivers only taller… I would have a beer with him.. NP..
    Come on Vikes take him 12th overal…

  18. IMO this guy is the best QB in this draft. Reminds me of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady with that accuracy and poise in the pocket.

    Oh, and yeah we get it… the boys at PFT don’t like Mallet. Fine. Just stop using that lame picture of him. It’s very lame that of the thousands of pics out there that PFT, and most of the rest of the media, are using the worst one available.

  19. I think this is the first PFT ‘story” on Mallet that didn’t have some negative (and unsubstantiated) comment about Mallett’s character or ability,,,,,quick somebody go get Tony Soflti and quote him again…Mallett will go in the top 15 of the first round,,,

  20. I like mallet. i think a lot of the critisizms of him are completely overblown. the kid has the tools to be a very good QB and he is obviously a lot smarter then people regularly give him credit for as shown by his 26 wonderlic, a completely respectable score. is it just because he’s from rural south and talks slow that everyone thinks he is such an idiot? guess what people, where he’s from thats just how people talk!

  21. I like Mallett, Cam, and Jake. Iguess I like real people with real issues, cause as long as they entertain me on Sunday’s I don’t give a hoot about darn character issue.

    QB Erik Aignes just admited this week to be a stone cold drug-addict since before high-school. Did his “character issues” come up during when he was being drafted…heck no. I guess since he was a rich kid who didn’t pay for a hot lap-top and got caught , or obehave like a typical 18 yr old in not liking to do term papers, or have someone plant a story of him having drug issues, he was quickly put into the “safe” guy catagory. All this attack on these QB character issues is so over-rated.

    Good luck Mallett, Cam and Jake.

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