No one said the players aren’t working hard

While most of the world slept this morning, a large contingent of NFL players was up working out to get ready for a season they aren’t exactly sure will come.

Perhaps the biggest contingent of players was at BPS in Miami — Bommarito Performance Systems.  Chad Ochocinco and Jon Beason are in the 6 a.m. ET workout group, but Ocho stuck around to lovingly take pictures with the 8 a.m. group once they were done.

Among those in attendance: Patriots receiver Wes Welker, free agent running back Fred Taylor, Bears running back Matt Forte, Titans linebacker Stephen Tulloch, Giants safety Kenny Phillips,  Ravens cornerback LarDarius Webb, Bears tight end Greg Olsen, Panthers defensive linemen Everett Brown and Charles Johnson, Ravens wideout Donte Stallworth, Browns receiver Mohommad Massaquoi, and probably many more we’re missing.

At a time when fan anger is pretty high, it’s worth remembering the majority of players are preparing for the season like they always would anyway.

Expect, well, they are doing it on their own.

17 responses to “No one said the players aren’t working hard

  1. And they had better because you don’t wanna come back to work and not be able to do your job/

  2. even if there were 50 there today….

    there are 1650 of them sitting on their asses with their arms crossed whining because they aren’t getting everything they are asking for… without talking about it

  3. We know for a fact numerous players get DUIs during the season, sometimes the day before a game. We all know about the hard-working tub-of-goo that went to Washington from Tennessee and how “in shape” he was working out on his own for a $50 million dollar contract.

    You really expect us to believe that a majority of the players are working their collective asses off during the lockout with no end in sight? Lol…that’s funny.

  4. “even if there were 50 there today….

    there are 1650 of them sitting on their asses with their arms crossed whining because they aren’t getting everything they are asking for… without talking about it”

    because they weren’t all at this one facility working out the rest of the league is “sitting on their asses with their arms crossed”?

    I understand the resentment but let’s not be foolish. Think before you speak, or in this case type.

  5. They need to work their asses off by getting back to the table. Many players need the contract and you can see them trying to stay in shape but as time goes on and more finger pointing takes place, when does the appathy set in?

  6. I love when guys goofing off at work on an NFL blog, accuse NFL players of being lazy.

    One day in the life, there cubicle kings. Spend one day training with an NFL player and then run your mouth.

  7. Yeah. It blows my mind that any of these commenters that run their mouth think they have any clue. You people are as idiotic as the players/owners who can’t even take the time to work things out. Get a life.

  8. @nfl25

    Fans do love the players that’s why we buy team shirts with their names on the back.

    That’s why we queue for their autographs.

    That’s why we watch them on TV.

    That’s why they get invited to the draft.

    That’s why the majority of Americans support the players in this battle.

    Call me when you see a Jurry Jone’s Cowboys shirt.

    Or see a line of folks wanting his autograph.

    Or find someone that feels sorry that Jurry isn’t making enough money and feels he needs to make more.

  9. realfann

    where me and u differ is i support my team. i dont have autographs of players, when i was younger i did. i support my team, the players can come and go. you talk about jerry jones quite a bit, why? thats like me mentioning dez bryant in every one of my posts.

    the bottom line is i have nothing against the players. its seems like that to you because you hate the owners and love the players. i support the owners in this battle but i like the players. but i dont get emotional about how i love the owners. they dont care about me so why should i care about them.

    the one problem i do have is the articles on PFT always have a little thing in there talking about the players being good and the owners being bad. its very subtle, but its there. i think they do it cuz the players make them money by coming on the show

  10. It’s tough all over when you HAVE to work on your FREE time instead of sitting around on you butt collecting their union wages. Thanks De Smith.

  11. I love the players because some of them are ones I know and love personally. So, that give me a tender spot for all of them. I wish there were a way to make everyone happy… okay that is a fantasy I know. There are a lot of players working out in different cities because they love the sport, because they know it is a career, because they want to be able compete against each other later. Hey, one day out of shape and the next guy in line is ready to take your starting position.

  12. I went to the gym and pumped iron really hard today, and then went outside and tossed the ball around. Does that mean I am also training for the NFL?

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