Nolan Nawrocki responds to Warren Moon’s claim of racial bias

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When Hall of Famer Warren Moon vented to Mike Freeman of regarding the perception of racial bias in criticisms of quarterback Cam Newton, it seemed like Moon was talking specific about the damning assessment of Newton from Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly.

Nawrocki responded to Moon’s argument on Thursday’s PFT Live.

“I think it’s absurd,” Nawrocki said.  “I mean, anybody that is familiar with the publication, you can go back and look at what was said about [Notre Dame quarterback] Jimmy Clausen.  It was some of the same things.  He came across as very scripted and disingenuous in interviews. . . .  We treat every player the same.  We’re just trying to get to the end result. . . .  Evaluate the character and get the evaluation right.  I think the best evaluators in the NFL are colorblind in their assessments, and we treat it the same way.  We’re not trying to take shots at anybody.  It’s all about getting the evaluations right.”

The full interview with Nawrocki appears at the PFT Live home page.

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67 responses to “Nolan Nawrocki responds to Warren Moon’s claim of racial bias

  1. Is Ryan Mallet black too? Because he’s gotten some pretty harsh criticisms too. He’s not? OK, carry on. Race is not involved in evaluations.

  2. As long as people keep playing the race card for every little thing, racism will never go away.

  3. If Nawrocki had said, “And Newton’s probably going to be a wife-choker like Warren Moon, too.”, *THEN* I might agree with Warren Moon’s argument.

  4. Nothing new here….you can never criticize a black player…if so you are obviously a racist.

    It is interesting that football can have a black coaches association…Congress has a Congressional Black Caucus…and there is a Miss Black America Beauty Pageant.

    Funny how that goes.

    Oh…and if you fire a black coach or manager…its oviously racially motivated.

  5. Michael Scott: …some burritos or some colored greens or some pad thai.
    Stanley: It’s collard greens.
    Michael Scott: What?
    Stanley: It’s collard greens.
    Michael Scott: That doesn’t make sense. You don’t call them ‘collard people’… that’s offensive.

  6. Kind of hard to be racial bias for white when evaluating a sport that’s dominated by blacks. If Moon’s logic were true Nawrocki would have given 90% of the prospects bad evaluations. You know because 90% of the prospects are black.

  7. Warren Moon faced absurd racism, so of course he is going to be paranoid for other black athletes. It is pretty basic psychology. Also Cam Newton is going to face some real racism, because some people in this country are viciously racist. Moon is just looking out for the kid, he is wrong but it is understandable. I just hope Moon can eventually appreciate that not all criticism is racially based. I hope everyone who is denying it can appreciate that racism is definitely still pervasive in this culture.

  8. Warren Moon? Warren Moon?, Since when is Warren Moon an authority on anything?. I’m just saying. Old Warren looking for some pub.

  9. The NFL is about the most race-free area in our society. It’s all about winning. Color plays no role in that. For a draft evaluator, it’s all about predicting these guys’ future success or failure. Nawrocki isn’t going to screw up his evaluation by clouding his eyes with racism. How could you when you are evaluating for a league that’s predominantly black? Moon’s claim is ridiculous.

  10. I wish Carolina had listened to the assessments about Jimmy Clausen and I’m not the only Panther fan who feels that way. I’d bet a dime to a donut that Richardson and Ron Rivera aren’t about to draft Newton. The Panthers would really be something with two prima donna quarterbacks.

  11. Until black players take responsibily for all their actions Warren Moon needs to put the race card back in the deck. Cam Newton bias is based on the trouble he’s had with his crimes and his fathers money dealings. Being black has little to do with the criticisms that will come his way. The NFL teams will play anyone if it will help them win games. By the way Warren i am black. Our black players need to stand for being good role models,parents,husbands, give back to the people that fought for equal rights that have allowed them to make millions of dollars. Take the milk bottle out of these big babies mouths and tell them to grow up,”man up”

  12. I heard the sole reason Jake Locker only completed 55.4% of his passes last season was because his grandmother was 1/3 Chippewa.

    If race wasn’t involved in evaluations…how else would we be expected to explain Locker’s senior year shortcomings!? Huh?

  13. nagswan:”because some people in this country are viciously racist.” Yes they are ,but the funny thing is, only about half of them are white.

  14. For christ’s sake, 70% of the NFL is black! The president is black! When are black folks going to stop blaming racism for everything!? I’m sick of seeing race used as a crutch anytime minorities face adversity.

  15. The angry, bitter masses have a new messiah. Shout his name with me pilgrims….Nawrocki!

  16. Using Ryan Mallet and comparing him to Newton is just plain silly, Mallet is not rated as a potential top 10 pick or the first QB taken in the draft. Newton is.

  17. Get with it people! Don’t you know, from most media sources, and most minorities, there can be no minority douchbags. They are all perfect, wonderful, and the best at everything. Apparently, there is a group of racist white guys who go around doing things and then blame that stuff on minorities.

  18. One reason racism never dies is cause if you evaluate someone that is black and some things are bad in the evaluation someone needs to throw out the race card.

    Tebow the white religious great college football player was written up a million times as someone who won’t be able to be a good NFL QB. But if he were black and the same things said their would be Moon claiming its cause hes black.

    Moon compared the criticism to Sam Bradford and said he didn’t get the same criticism as Newton cause hes white even though he also ran a spread offense in college. But did Moon take into account that Bradford started 3 years and had a wonderlic score of 38. Where is Newton played 1 year in a D1 school and has been surrounded by controversy from pay to play to having been arrested for stealing a laptop? It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the person. As said Clausen was given a near identical reading but he must be black also.

    Moon the great role model. Maybe he has himself caught flack because he was a wife beater who used drugs himself he thought it was racism. Just unable to accept the fact it was just his actions. And this only proves he is just someone who is a perfect man in life and if you think he did anything wrong its cause hes black. Sad.

  19. The only racial bias is from those who believe a black QB can’t be criticized.

  20. Why is it Warren Moon’s picture is in a Viking uniform. He played for many other teams. Between this and Peterson’s slavery slam, my favorite team really looks stupid. Well, maybe they really are and I didn’t believe it all these years.

  21. Hey Cam — get drafted — become a star (and an icon) — say “I told you so.”

  22. Nawrocki sure is getting a lot of mileage and attention out of his “controversial” scouting report. funny how that works. the internet has killed objective journalism. screw objective, factual reporting. just post whatever it takes to generate web traffic. everybody wants to be the next TMZ.

  23. I dont know, did Mallet win a heisman or a national championship??? Cant compare him.. the bias is there and its sad.. look at Donovan McNabb, with a resume like that, he got benched for Rex Grossman.. Would that happen to Brady or Manning.. Or ok, i know those guys won a super bowl so they are better.. ok, would they bench Palmer or Jay Cutler for Rex Grossman?? Doubt it, but I wonder whats the major difference.. Everytime a black quaterback is evaluated they say hes athletic, or has a big arm.. But lacks the accuracy or smarts to play the position.. if im lying pull up a report from an scout that says other wise about a black quaterback.. nuff said..

  24. I really like Warren Moon, but I don’t know why he’d defend Cam Newton with as much bad history as he has…

    It’s kind of funny how in many ways he’s very much the same style quaterback Tim Teebow was in college and everybody totally ripped his mechanics much the same way Cam was, but there were no racial claims from anybody. Why? BECAUSE TEEBOW DIDNT CHEAT AND BREAK THE LAW MULTIPLE TIMES.

    Nobody is putting you down because you’re black Cam, they’re putting you down because you lie, you steal, and you cheat and still carry the perception you were made for greatness.

  25. White people, let me help you out:

    I know we (black people) play the race card a lot, and often (especially as we evolve, intermingle, and talk/relate), race has nothing to do with whatever the issue is at hand. However, we are very sensitive to the subject, and anything that remotely smells like racism, we will jump all over it, in attempts to squash the misconceptions, stereotypes, and hate as well as defend our hurt feelings.

    The quick jump to “RACISM!!!” is not always right, but it is almost always justified. Allow me this analogy: A recently single woman starts dating a very loud and expressive man, that can’t stand still when he talks and talks with his hands. This same woman used to be married to an Ike Turner/Mel Gibson/Prince’s dad in Purple Rain kind of abuser. She flinches, hard, every time her new man starts talking. Even if he’s talking about the weather, his mannerisms make her flinch.

    Catch my drift? Or will you be too ignorant or in denial to understand. We have made tremendous strides as Americans when it comes to race relations, but we still have a reallllly long way to go. Sorry White Folks! Had our previous husband not been so violent, maybe you wouldn’t have to deal with us screaming RACISM around every corner!

  26. @ 44kyle says:
    The NFL is about the most race-free area in our society

    If the NFL is about the most race-free area in our society why do have to be force into interviewing minority candidates ?

  27. This has nothing to do with race whatsoever, its about character and past issues that raise questions about his leadership skill. Cam could be white, yellow, green, blue, purple and people would still evaluate him the same way.

  28. What is a race card?

    Is that played in pocker?

    Why do white people use that term when an African American calls them out?

    You are what you are.

  29. Racism isn’t racism if the evaluation negatively reflects on a white player, or if the stereotype depicts a white man poorly. Don’t believe me? Catch the Magic and Bird HBO documentary where Cedric Maxwell makes reference to how black people (at least those around him) thought no white guy could play as well as they could. Bird obviously proved them wrong and Newton will have the same opportunity. How about how Toby Gerhart had to go to Stanford because no one else wanted him to play tailback? Danny Woodhead would have been drafted had he been black.

    Boo freaking hoo for the black man who comprises 90% of the NBA and 70% of the NFL. One guy in one magazine doesn’t think that he’s got the mind to play the most mentally challenging position in sports and we need to conjure up the ghost of MLK, Jr?

  30. I understand black folks have gone through a lot, especially in the early days of this country.
    But I feel the need to speak to african americans directly when I say not all white people are racists, not all issues or criticisms are racially motivated, AND Not all white people’s ancestors owned slaves! My grandparents came over to america from Sweden in the early 1900’s and they were beyond dirt poor. My ancestors did not own slaves, hell they could barely afford to feed themselves.

    Also, you need to be aware of the fact that you are NOT the only people that have ever faced adversity! The jewish population has had an extremely difficult history. Guess who the black plague was blamed on? The jews. They were killed to the point of extinction in many parts of europe. Same goes with world war II. If you have ever been to a concentration camp, then you would know the horrors those people had to endure.

    Now that is not to say african americans didn’t suffer tremendously through slavery, and through racism. I don’t mean in any way to discount the tremendous suffering that has been endured. But just know you aren’t the only people to have suffered. This can be a very cruel world, and certainly has been throughout history. But it doesn’t help to move forward when the race card is thrown about for every single issue that ever occurs. Not all issues are racially motivated.

  31. Why did Warren Moon have to go to Canada for his 1st 8 seasons, before he eventually became an NFL Hall of Famer?

    I think Warren knows a thing or two about racism.

  32. deeowens11

    “A recently single woman starts dating a very loud and expressive man, that can’t stand still when he talks and talks with his hands. ”

    Sorry, it’s more like dating a calm guy who goes to reach for the remote control and sends her diving for cover.

    You see, you can use any analogy you want to make your point seem more valid. But, given that they assess, positively and negatively, hundreds of players each year for the past 20 years, this is not an example of an “expressive” talker, this is simply business as usual.

    The real problem here is that black people have recently got to watch two very high profile black quarterbacks, Jamarcus Russell and Vince Young, wash out of the league for the same behavior that Cam newton is being accused of. At a time when Donovan McNabb is aging and on the decline, the highest profile black QB is a former felon, and Tavaris Jackson and Troy Smith managed to secure their backup roles last season……there is a silent clamoring for a fresh young high profile black QB. So any insinuation that Cam Newton can’t be that player is met with hostility.

    Personally, I think Josh Freeman is spectacular. But he’s a pocket passer…….the same as every other highly effective QB in the league. I guess Jalen Rose might call him an Uncle Tom Brady.

    At any rate, I don’t think you get this reaction during a typical year.

  33. This has nothing to do with race.
    Ethnicity, well, perhaps, but I doubt it.
    Warren, Cam and everyone here responding are all members of the same race.
    The human race.

    Except… according to my wife…


  34. There is racism in evaluations, you’d be a fool to think there wasn’t. But the amount of people who are actually racist is so small it really doesn’t have an affect on how the rest of the NFL looks at potential QBs. Even if the GMs, QB coaches and head coaches are racist, that isn’t going to stop them from drafting the best possible player that can help their team, regardless of skin colour.

  35. who really cares if this guy is a camera hound, or if he is disengenuis. what I find ridiculous is this guy claiming that he is not trust worthy, lets remember this columist is just giving his opinion he is not stating fact, so I take what he says with a grain of salt. obviously the people who know what they are doing think he can be an NFL caliber quarterback anfd that is all that matters. as for the race card anyone who doesnt think that race plays a small part in anyhting in life has their heads upo their ass it is part of society and will continue to be so, people have just learned not to be so obvious nowdays.

  36. steelhammer92 says: Mar 31, 2011 4:57 PM

    “As long as people keep playing the race card for every little thing, racism will never go away.”

    The very people who cry about it the most (Rev’s Jackson, Sharpton, et al) are the same ones who make a living out of keeping it alive.

    They don’t want it to end – that would mean the end of their gravy trains, and then they’d have to go out and actually find jobs.

  37. deeowens11, the people who are playing the race card today never lived in the days of slavery or oppression so your comparison to someone who actually HAS been a victim of spousal abuse is not accurate.

    Secondly, my family imigrated to the US a few decades ago and there is still some biased against me and my family. I do not care what people’s perception of me are. I simply do my job, work hard, and the rest will take care of itself. I am NOT A VICTIM! I have been given a great opportunity in this country and I will do EVERYTHING I can to succeed at whatever it is I am doing, even if that means overcoming some negative stereotypes. I’ve found that having this attitude has had a much more positive impact on my life than simply crying out foul anytime I feel I have been disrespected or discriminated against. I’m just tired hearing about how everyone is a victim…

    Everytime I hear these false accusations of the racism, it reminds me of the parable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf… whenever it actually does happen for real, no one will believe it.

  38. its all about the fans and there hatred toward black athletete. yeah white qb’s get dogged out by the scouts,but u never see the fans jumpin on the bandwagon with all the thumbs down buttons or all the name calling. just check it 4 yourself if u think im lying haha

  39. Dear Nolan, your an idiot..Even worst is, your cowardly one. Your beligerant attack on Cam was done simply to have your media buddies pat you on the back.

    The fact that anyone should take you serious or even anything printed on this site as serious journalism is laughable. You sit so arrogantly and admitting that you simply regurgitate the same ish with different player is troubling. Yet you make your accusations against Cam sound like it was a well investigated and researched one. When all you did was pull out your last extreme attack and inserted Cam’s name. I guess Cam’s coach was right, you did meet Cam with an agenda.

    This is what has become of Sports Journalism. Your arrogance is simply unbelievable. What happen to the days of Howard Cosell and sports writers and reports who knew their place and weren’t intentionally trying to do and say anything to get their name in the papers? Sadly, they are replaced by attention loving, TMZ style thinking morons, who now will say and do anything to get a knee jerk reaction from their audience.

    Take a bow Mr. Nolan. Your attack on Cam is exactly what those in the media wanted and will run with. While their sheeplings regurgitate your comments all over various other sites as if it’s a fact. All this attack, ridculing and maligning of this kid is done for no other reason than to give teams more reason to choose Blain over Cam. Warren Moon is right..It seems you sports writers have taken the liberty to cross any boundaries you please if it helps with your agenda, including malicious and deceitful character assassination. Not surprising that you and your elite media friends are way to blind to see that your wrong. It took a long time for this society to realize segregation, bigotry, and racism was wrong cause they had their own telling them that it was OKAY. I hope Blaine Gabbert sends you that “THANK YOU” Card. You and Tom Condon’s other elite media friends are doing a great job on keeping the negative spotlight on Cam while Blaine gets a free ride to the top of the draft board. BTY, I’ll be patiently waiting for your draft review on Blaine and the other QBs.

  40. I’ll tell you what the most prevalent feeling is amoung average Americans. It’s not racism; it’s resentment. The public has been educated on the sin and horror of slavery and the treatment of African Americans from this nations founding through Jim Crow.

    But as the son of Irish and eastern European parents show me the same effort towards telling their treatment when settling in America. One set of great grandparents came to escape famine in Ireland. The other from persecution of Catholics. Both spent generations in the coal mines in Pennsylvania and treated like dirt. Show me their story in any school history book or an upcoming mini-series from Hollywood.

  41. Only an indictable TRUTH can cause this many angry white dudes to attack you with such intensity. Moon obviously hit a raging raw nerve.

    None of you…NOT ONE of you sociology experts have ever faced the kind of institutional Overt Racism that Mr Moon has faced. Being told despite being a classic pocket qb coming out of UWashington with the best throwing arm in his class by miles. Having to leave your country to play the game that you were the Best at. Gathering yourself like a Man and forcefully breaking down the doors of the NFL and becoming a HOF!

    Thanks for all of your emotional, maintain the status quo, Warren Moon is just a communist agitator type rantings. Bit I’ll trust him on this subject.

  42. So now he’s calling Moon stupid? Looks like Nawrocki will be losing his job soon. This should be a lesson to all of us about telling the truth.

  43. “Catch my drift? Or will you be too ignorant or in denial to understand. We have made tremendous strides as Americans when it comes to race relations, but we still have a reallllly long way to go. Sorry White Folks! Had our previous husband not been so violent, maybe you wouldn’t have to deal with us screaming RACISM around every corner!”

    I understand the analogy. And, as in the case of the battered wife, it is the WIFE that needs to get the counseling, not the new husband.

  44. First Racism is not dead….its alive and well in America. Dont believe me? at the time of my post there were 58 responses to this blog, most are sarcastic replies from what I suspect are non black people. This evaluation from Naworcki may not have been anything to do with race, but without even meeting him he made some pretty scathing evaluation of him. This happens every year but mostly the black QB’s intelligent and character is always questioned. This is why Mr. Moon has spoken so passionately about this subject. Cam Newton has made mistakes that have been widely publicized. He is a talented YOUNG MAN who has worked to make himself the best PROSPECT in this years draft. How he pans out is still to be seen. But most of you would rather he nevers receives a chance. I pray he gets his chance and makes all of the ones that dont want him to succeed because of his race eat their words. But that will never happen, they will just find another reason not to like him.

  45. Cam Newton will fail miserably. And, unfortunately, it will probably be for my pathetic hometown team. Thanks Mike Brown. Race is not an issue in this article. Like most, I am sick and tired of the excuses and the playing of the race card. Grow up and see it for what it is: the man is dumber than a brick, has stolen in the past, and has an acute sense of entitlement.
    He will amount to nothing. So, I must hate blacks, right? Whatever. Josh Freeman is one of my favorite players, and I would love it if he played for Cincy. You can have Palmer…oh, wait he’s white. How could I want to get rid of him…?

  46. This is what has become of Sports Journalism. Your arrogance is simply unbelievable. What happen to the days of Howard Cosell and sports writers and reports who knew their place and weren’t intentionally trying to do and say anything to get their name in the papers?

    You just used Cosell to support your arguement? The same Cosell that said “look at the monkey go on MNF”

    Come on Man!!!!

  47. Because everything is about race. White people want everybody who is not white to forgive and forget how they came to control everything. All of that stuff happened a hundred years ago. Just accept that we own everything and that is the way it is always going to be.

    No. You are not invincible and you are no that smart. This stuff is going to end , and it is going to end in my lifetime.

  48. Warren Moon after winning the Rose Bowl with the amazing throwing arm he always had was drafted in the 5th Rd and given little opportunity to play in the NFL. He was a superstar in the Canadian league many years before the Houston Oilers gave him a chance. The excuse the NFL made was his height 5’11 but everyone knew the truth. No QB was ever excluded more flagrantly for his skin color so it is a sensitive topic with him and he deserves great respect. Cam Newton, is a 1 year wonder, who is probably lying about his recruiting, speaks so arrogantly that ?? about his team accepting him as leader are very legitimate. I would not want him.

  49. Warren Moon was the victim of racism and discrimination when he was young so it is understandable that he would be very sensitive to this – some would say OVER sensitive.

    We white folks lost the monopoly on racism long ago.

    Please just consider this – in less than 50 years we have gone from Bull Connor to Barack Obama.

  50. puregreed says:
    Apr 1, 2011 12:52 AM
    This is what has become of Sports Journalism. Your arrogance is simply unbelievable. What happen to the days of Howard Cosell and sports writers and reports who knew their place and weren’t intentionally trying to do and say anything to get their name in the papers?

    You just used Cosell to support your arguement? The same Cosell that said “look at the monkey go on MNF”

    Come on Man!!!!


    Cosell did not say that in a racial context, he meant nothing by it. Cosell referred to white athletes before as the same, he would even say it to his son. Cosell was one of Muhammed Ali’s biggest supporters, even when whites looked down on him, he was known for being a big supporter of black athletes. He didnt mean anything racial by what he said on that MNF game.

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