Trainer accused of shopping Patrick Peterson before he committed to LSU


A Texas-based football trainer reportedly told Texas A&M back in 2007 that they needed to pay more than $80,000 to get Patrick Peterson to attend the school.

CFT has the details, but essentially Willie Lyles is accused of trying to shop Peterson’s college choice between school.  It sounds rather similar to Cam Newton’s story at Auburn.   Lyles is currently under investigation for taking $25,000 from the University of Oregon.

A former A&M coach Van Malone describes the situation like so:

“A few days after the kid’s visit, Will calls and says, ‘If you want this kid, there are other schools that want this kid as well. They’re willing to pay a certain amount of money, around the $80,000 mark,'” Malone said. “He said that was something we were going to have to beat as a university to be able to obtain the services of this kid.”

Peterson’s father says this is the first that he’s heard about the story.

“This is a shocker,” Peterson Sr. told ESPN’s Kelly Naqi. “It could have happened. It could have come out of [Lyles’] mouth, that’s what happens. These guys try to make money on their own, they are kind of like escort services. That’s what I call them, escort services.”

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  1. Tressel gets murdered at the stake for not telling the proper people about potential NCAA violations, yet nothing will happen to this guy (Malone) or the school. I understand the difference because this guy was not actually on Texas A&M, but doesn’t this guy have a responsbility to let the NCAA know of what is going on with this recruit?

  2. They act like its some kind of disgusting crime. The school gets rich off of my hard work, the clothing companies get rich, EA gets rich making college football games. The coaches get rich, the School President gets rich, the tv networks get rich, the conferences get rich, etc. etc. but if I accept a single penny I’m a monster and suspended? It’s messed up. Lets not act like its for the integrity of the game. In order to pay players, the money would have to be taken from someone else, and no one wants to give up any portion of their paycheck. College Football is just a mad dash to make as much money off a player as possible before her graduates. If they paid him, there’d be less money for everyone else.

  3. LSU has their own version of the wonderlic test. No multiple choice, you have be able to spell LSU before you can play ball there.

  4. savacaboli, I think what makes Tressels a bit different is that his kids were involved in a federal drug trafiicing and he covered it up

  5. College Football is nothing but modern day Slavery with a potential Carrot at the end of the 4 or 5 year term.

    In the mean time the Masters get Rich and then they try to drag these kids through the mud should they become the minuscule number of ones to get a bite at the Carrot.

    The Agents and Kids Handlers for the most part are nothing but a bunch of Leeches as well.

  6. He didn’t cover up a drug trafficing ring. The tattoo owner that the players sold their stuff to was part of the drug ring. The emails specifically said that none of the players are tied to the drugs.

    Bottom line, Tressel didn’t report perceived NCAA violations. Malone (Texas A&M) didn’t either. Tressel gets murdered. Malone goes about his business.

  7. Yep, sure– it was all the trainer. Honestly, Peterson and his father knew nothing about it. Just like Cam Newton didn’t know his dad was trying to get paid. Just a bunch of pure, innocent guys sadly misled by the world around them. What a joke.

  8. Agree completely Rushbacker..

    As for those of you ridiculously comparing college football to slavery, maybe if you had an education, you would appreciate the value of a college scholarship.

  9. Savacboli, while I undestand that the players were only associating with a know drug trafficer and not specifically being investigated. Tressel was told about what was hapening and did nothing about it. He then was told by the same person 2 weeks later exactly what items were being sold by specific players and did nothing about it. When questioned he was questioned by the Justice Dept he said he had no specific knowlege of items or players. He is in one hell of a lot of trouble and I don’t believe it is even in the same ball park as malone from A+M

    His sweater vests are neat and all but he is screwed…and not for 5 games

  10. Shocking that Peterson Sr has heard of this story for the very FIRST time.

    Yet he already has a term for these types of guys, escort services. Gee, he just coincidentally is very familiar with those types of guys, just not this particular one that is involved with his son. How convenient, and transparent.

  11. @savocabol1

    How dare you compared to Tressel to this and try to make him look positive in any way. He’s a classless POS and has bastardized college football. The guy belongs in a jail cell and should pay MILLIONS in restitution to honest hard working Americans.

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