Von Miller will be at antitrust hearing and NFL Draft


Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller is pulling some unique double duty this month.

Next week, he’ll be in court as the only rookie plantiff in the NFLPA* antitrust hearing against the NFL.

Three weeks later, he’ll be in New York City to shake Roger Goodell’s hand at Radio City Music Hall, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

We love it.   Miller is standing up with NFL veterans without sacrificing the rookie experience he wants to enjoy.

At a time when pettiness dominates the discussion, the image of Miller and Goodell shaking hands will be a strong reminder for both sides that it’s acceptable to be civil.  It’s a reminder this business negotiation will end.

It’s a little odd that it takes an incoming rookie to show that you can choose sides in the labor battle without losing perspective, but we’ll take it.

15 responses to “Von Miller will be at antitrust hearing and NFL Draft

  1. Why is PFT so pro-union now? I don’t understand it.

    Anything the Union does is amazing to you guys now. Most people would call this EXTREMELY hipocritical.

    Get off the Union bandwagon and report evenly on both sides. This comment probably won’t even get posted.

  2. I was completely against the boycott, but if there is one rookie who has no business going to the draft it is Von Miller. How do you even justify that? Now if only the Owners have an agreement to let him go undrafted. Who sues a company they are currently applying for a job at anyway?

  3. I bet when his name is called at the darft. He tries to make a lame statement by not shaking Godell’s hand.

  4. He’ll be the only player at the hearing. Looks like the vets are playing a trick on the new guy…

    Brees: “Yeah, I told Miller that we would meet him in the courtroom, and that he needs to wear a nice suit. Haha!”

    Manning: “Haha, Yeah I wouldn’t go to that boring thing even if I wasn’t shooting another stupid commercial that day!”

    Brady: “My super-model wife and I are going shopping in Paris that day. She said I can get some sexytime if I carry her purse that day. She likes my new long hair!”

    All: “Stupid rookie!!! Hahaha!!!”

  5. I wouldn’t mind this so much except the only reason he is on the lawsuit is the very event he wants to attend? How can the only player whose name is on the lawsuit wanting to declare the draft illegal accept an invite to go to the draft?

  6. I hope Von Miller has an outstanding career. If he does anything mediocre, it could end with him getting bounced from the league. Its funny how people look the other way when you are a great player (or highly touted prospect in this case).

  7. Von. plz don’t make a fool out of youself by holding up your #1 finger when your name is called.. Now Miller is Going to this hearing? Why isn’t Drew Brees going?

  8. Why would you want to shake the hand of the man that will be locking you out the moment you step back down off the stage? Even if you attend the draft you’ll still have a huge “yeah, but…..” attached to it.

  9. Typical Aggie. I guess he attended the bonfire collapse when he was a little kid. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

  10. Thefeisty1…that was completely uncalled for. I am an Aggie and perfectly fine with people throwing out any Aggie joke they want. But to throw one out there referencing a day when 12 PEOPLE DIED just shows how low class you are….

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