Barry Cofield might ask to be traded


If the NFL goes another year under last season’s free agency agency rules, Giants defensive tackle Barry Cofield wants out.

“Just playing under the tender, it would be hard for me,” said Cofield at an event Thursday, via Bob Glauber of Newsday.  “It’s starting to weigh on me. Just having that bad taste in your mouth is a bad way to start. They traded me last year so maybe they’ll do it again.”

Well, they tried to trade Cofield.  An agreement was worked out with the Saints, but the Cofield and New Orleans couldn’t agree on a new contract so he wound up staying with the Giants.   Cofield is coming off a torn biceps tendon.

If the players and league negotiate a new CBA, Cofield should be an unrestricted free agent.  He has five years of service in the league and says his first choice would be a long-term deal.

There is still a chance, however, that the 2011 season could be played under the 2010 free agency rules.  That would likely only happen if the players won in court and a judge ordered the league to go back to work under last year’s rules.

Even though that would be considered a “win” for the players, it would create a lot of unhappy players just like Cofield.

10 responses to “Barry Cofield might ask to be traded

  1. Ummmm no… we didn’t trade you last year. Perhaps you might recall playing for the Giants in 2010. It wasn’t all that long ago.

    We TRIED to trade you. But your attitude and contract demands were so outrageous that the Saints dropped the idea and ran away screaming.

    That should give you an idea of where the problem lies.

    You’re going to be a problem. And we’ll happily take a #2 for you, which is your tender. Have fun in Oakland.

  2. we have so much d-line depth and DT depth, that this guy is useless now.

    he is a solid player, but im excited for Linvall Joseph

    get a 2nd or 3rd round pick and move forward

  3. Wait the same Giants fans who don’t think Kolb is worthy of a 1st round pick think a rotation guy like Cofield is worth a 2 or a 3 ??? Are you nuts ?? This guy is at best worth a 5 maybe a 4 if a team is desperate enough. Don’t get me wrong I like the guys skills and wouldn’t mind if he played for my team but hes not a star in this league and if guys like Palmer are only gonna go for 2 or 3 then Cofield for a 5 is a good deal for little giants.

  4. With the depth in the 2011 draft at DT & DE, NOBODY in the league is even going to consider giving up a 2nd for Cofield, so go ahead & take that one out of your mind Giants fans. Moreover, you have guys like Jarvis Jenkins, Terrell McClain, Drake Nevis, as well as some others slated as solid 3rd rounders, I doubt anyone will give a 3rd unless its low & they have more than 1. Especially with him coming off that torn biceps tendon doesn’t increase his value, for sure.

    As a Browns fan, Cofield being from Cleveland, needing a 3 tech to move in next to Rubin, I would make a move on him…. But nothing more than a 4th & 6th in this years draft. 2nd or 3rd rounder is just too risky in my opinion.

  5. Some thinks a little too highly of himself. I wouldn’t be making demands coming out of a nasty labor deal, you could be cut loose fast. Reality could come crashing down once Cofield hits the market.

  6. The Rams should be the home for Cofield! Spags, and the Giant Alumni with Cofield & Freddie Robbins at DT would keep the center & guards occupied and JL55 can roam at will on runs and push the pocket on passes.

  7. andy… it’s his tender. Worth has nothing to do with it. And Kolb isn’t worth a #1. If you can get it… great… but he’s not worth it.

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