Brandon Marshall says he’s in his best shape since college

Though Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall may be preparing himself for a football season that never comes, he’s already happy with the results of his offseason preparations.

In large part because he hasn’t been able to do much in the way of offseason preparing lately.

“For the past three years I haven’t had a chance to get better in the offseason,” Marshall said Thursday on WQAM radio in Miami, via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.  “I’ve had two hip surgeries back-to-back, an arm surgery before that, that took away my whole offseason.  I’ve just been focusing on getting healthy, and that conditioning, that burst hasn’t been there, and I’ve just been going off my natural ability.”

Marshall is working out with a personal trainer, since no players may work out at team facilities during the lockout.

“Where I’m at today, it doesn’t even compare to where I was during any time during the season last year or the season before that,” Marshall said.  “This two months we’ve been working, I’m back to that guy that was training to the Combine.  My body fat is down to like 7 percent – when I was in college I was at 6 percent.  My hips are feeling great, knees are feeling great.  Just, man, it’s beautiful.”

And Marshall believes that, whenever the lockout ends, he and the rest of the team will be successful.

“My motto this year, going into this season and approaching this offseason is we . . . will . . . win.  I promise you that.  If we get eight games, if we get six, we will win.  The Dolphins will win.  I have all the faith in coach [Tony] Sparano and Jeff Ireland.  They’ve done an amazing job and that’s why I say we will win, because of those two.”

Some would disagree that Sparano has done an amazing job.  Including the guy who tried to hire Jim Harbaugh to replace Sparano.

But optimism is part of the offseason.  Everyone is 0-0.

Unfortunately, we’ve got a feeling they’ll all be 0-0 even longer than they usually are.

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  1. Yea yea yea.
    Saying all the right things now, but it won’t last long. He will start throwing fits and tamtrums as soon as he feels he is not getting the ball enough(which is basically every play)

  2. Last year was their big chance to get ahead of the Patriots – how did that work out?

  3. Who’s going to throw him the ball? Jeff Ireland should have been shown the door right behind Bill Parcells after deciding that Chad Henne and Pat White can play in this league.

  4. “… I have all the faith in coach [Tony] Sparano and Jeff Ireland. They’ve done an amazing job and that’s why I say we will win, because of those two.”

    April Fools?

  5. As long as Jeff Ireland can get Henne some help across the offensive line, a solid RB, and a stretch the field receiver and TE I think Henne will have a breakout year this year.

    Let’s not forget the Marshall had the hip surgery last offseason during spring training and him & Henne never really got the chance to gel together and build chemistry.

    They have a young team with lots of solid players & without being biased I honestly think that the Dolphins are not that far off from competing with every team in the division.

  6. “Unfortunately, we’ve got a feeling they’ll all be 0-0 even longer than they usually are.”

    All these one-liner lockout jokes are starting to grow old. We get it, and for the most part we all expect a full 16-game season.

  7. That’s sad. As a pro(you know, getting paid for it “officialy”) you haven’t been in as good as shape as you were in college? That’s pathetic. A true pro would have been in better shape…since, you know they are getting paid for it and the competition is 10x as tough. This guy is a nightmare.

  8. Three reasons why the Dolphins will not win:

    1. New England Patriots
    2. New York Jets
    3.Brandon Marshall

  9. i have to admire his confidence in himself ,his coaches & his team and i hope i’m not being premature when i say good job to b marsh for staying off the turd watch list

  10. With Parcells out of the decision making picture the Dolphins have a chance of a winning season. Parcells influenced his regime in going big and slow and Henne was a horrible choice at QB. I spoke to a former Washington Redskins scout almost four years ago. He told me that Parcells was not regarded as a great personnel guy by insiders, that he chose big slow players and leaves the teams he is with prematurely…some things never change.

  11. Marshall is a great talent in the NFL. At the wide receiver position being a diva isn’t necessarily bad. Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Chad OchoCinco, Braylon Edwards, and Brandon Marshall, are all divas, but all good WRs (or were at one point – in my opinion anyway). Good for Marshall, and bad for the rest of the AFC East. He’ll make Henne better, but they really do need a QB to make it work. Palmer to the Dolphins for a third would elevate them (IMO as well) but overall the longer the lockout lasts the better off teams that have their core players returning will be. Any other teams that make big changes at their QB and OL/DL positions will be set back even more than usual due to the time available for preparation.

    Good to see some players motivated to get back on the field, and making something positive out of the lockout.

  12. Hawkeye:

    I would like to point out to you that EACH and EVERY receiver you pointed out were as you stated good WR’s at one time. And it’s true that EACH and EVERY one of them are divas.

    The problem is that EACH and EVERY one of them were good early in their career, then they got big heads and turned into drama divas and their production was never the same again (except for 1 Moss season) and they all turned into cancers on their respective teams.

  13. Someone needs to tell Brandon ,good for you …but it doesnt matter…1st there may be no games and 2nd whos gonna throw it to you?

  14. iknowfootballandyoudont:

    You’re right up to a point, I think. The problem with most of them is that the bigger name on the field has to be the QB. Owens was the biggest cancer on his teams, IMO, and most of the other players are just annoying. I never thought OchoCinco was destructive until recently, and he’s not so bad now. He’s just a “diva”.

    Regardless, my point was that the receivers have to have chips on their shoulder, and that “diva” status isn’t always a bad thing. You’re right about being destructive, but that’s also on the coaches and owners for letting it get out of control.

  15. The real question: Why did you spend your NFL career not being in the shape you were in as a college student?

    Are we supposed to cheer for you now, after you cheated your fans, team, and self for several years?

    You are a turd. I can never get the images of you tanking drills at Denver out of my head because you were childishly unhappy. That is who you are, and nothing will change that, except the desperartion of getting old. Welcome to adulthood if this is the new you.

  16. @mhs8031

    I don’t know if you can’t read, or if your comprehension of words just sucks… He has been recovering from injuries the past 3 off seasons. 2 hip surgeries and an arm surgery. He is saying that he is finally healthy in the off season to fully utilize his personal trainer and get into the shape he has wanted to be in.
    Seriously, do you people read, or just skim lines?

  17. mhs8031,

    It’s a wonder you know how to use a computer when you can’t even read.

    He clearly says that he had to rehab from injuries the past 3 offseasons. This year he is injury free and can concentrate on training all offseason. Geez.

  18. i don’t understand the criticism of Brandon Marshall. yes, in denver he went a little nuts because he wanted OUT OF DENVER. for the dolphins last year, Henne wasn’t allowed to audible at the LOS. Marshall was double teamed on every single snap. The dolphins non-coaches called NO plays over 15 yards, meaning Marshall never even really got a CHANCE to stretch the field, or to get into a groove of his own. Our O-Line could not run block to save their lives, and even if they were, we only ran the ball about 10 times a game, while throwing it about 40. Marshall STILL ended up with 86 catches for over 1,000 yards. yeah he dropped some passes, but he also made at least 10 highlight reel catches that were unbelievable.
    i like marshall, i like his fire. i LIKE that he knows he’ sone of the best WRs in the game and wants to go out and prove it. he shouldn’t be criticized or faulted for that.

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