Chiefs players plan Monday meeting


Most NFL teams have a group of players that have been meeting up informally to train and work out.

The Chiefs will take it one step further on Monday.  The team’s leadership called a meeting of players, presumably for guys who have remained in Kansas City for the offseason.

“We’re supposed to be having a meeting on the fourth. We’re just trying to get some things ironed out and get a little schedule together I guess,” safety Eric Berry told Kevin Kietzmann on 810 in Kansas City, via

Berry said that guard Brian Waters and special teamer Jon McGraw were among those organizing the get together.

“We’re supposed to be setting up some things and getting some things situated as far as scheduling or when we were going to meet and try to get together as a team if the lockout was still going on,” Berry said.

As the lockout drags on, perhaps there will be a more organized attempt by more teams to get together.  It figures to be difficult as most teams have players spread throughout the country.