Decision on Michael Floyd could come soon

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We should know fairly soon whether Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd will be allowed to continue playing at the school.

Our buddy John Taylor has all the details at CFT, but here’s the key quote:

“What I heard was that he would be meeting with Residential Life this week,” coach Brian Kelly said Friday. “And that some kind of decision relative to that meeting would be very soon after.”

If Floyd isn’t allowed to continue at the school, he’ll make for one of the more compelling supplemental draft picks in a long time.

Floyd is undoubtedly talented.   If he was in the 2011 draft, he might have been the third receiver taken.   With two arrests on his record, though, perhaps he’ll fit as a second round pick in a supplemental draft.

We’ll have plenty of time to discuss his prospects if Notre Dame doesn’t take him back.   It’s not like there is much else going on.

13 responses to “Decision on Michael Floyd could come soon

  1. I’m a huge Notre Dame fan but getting a DUI and blowing a .19 after previously getting arrested for underage drinking…Floyd had a lot to lose with this arrest but did it anyway. If he’s allowed back he should be suspended for at least half the season.

    Getting kicked off the team may be the best thing for him, though. Supplemental Draft or not, I’m sure the Lions would take him in the 1st round of the real draft, anyway.

  2. tombradyswig says: Apr 1, 2011 3:02 PM



    Too low for him. Bengals aren’t as bad a they were 5 years ago.

    Now, the Bucs………………………………..

  3. Here you go, Bengals. Get another receiver with a record. He fits in with the other cons on the team. That’s just what they need without a QB. Mike Brown deserves what he gets.

  4. “We’ll have plenty of time to discuss his prospects if Notre Dame doesn’t take him back. It’s not like there is much else going on.”

    truer words have never been spoken.

  5. Love to see this kid in a Patriots jersey, doubtful though I wish Bill Belichick could look past a persons troubled past for once.

  6. Do you know how easy it is to NOT get arrested?

    I have spent my life stretching and/or breaking whatever laws were inconvenient for me, and I have never once been arrested.

    Forget the criminal part of it- you have to be borderline mentally disabled to get arrested in this country.

    It is almost impossible to calculate the stupidity of a kid who has basically been handed everything and still can’t avoid being arrested.


    I mean, really.

  7. It is the best year for the teams to use the supplemental draft. Especially if there is no draft next year because of the Brady case. The teams would end up not loosing their round pick from next year if they choose anyone in the supplemental draft.

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