Laurence Maroney faces marijuana charge

In January, free agent running back Laurence Maroney was arrested on weapons charges in St. Louis. Now prosecutors say Maroney has a conceal carry permit, and no Missouri gun laws were violated. But that doesn’t mean Maroney is off the hook.

Instead, KMOX reports, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office has charged Maroney and four other men with one count each of possessing under 35 grams of marijuana in connection with the January incident.

The five men were arrested on January 17, after officers smelled marijuana coming from the two cars they were driving around Chaifetz Arena before a concert.

Maroney’s attorney, Scott Rosenblum, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Maroney plans to plead not guilty and that it was “unfortunate he was charged under the circumstances.”

The Patriots’ 2006 first-round draft pick, Maroney played the 2010 season for the Broncos and totaled just 36 carries for 74 yards. The Broncos aren’t expected to bring him back in 2011, and given his combination of poor on-field performance and off-field trouble, it’s hard to see why any other team would want to sign him either.

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  1. Bill B. knows when to let them go. The Patriots are about character not characters. Good luck Maroney, I sincerely hope you get your act together and restart a great future in the NFL or any other career you may choose. BUT STAY AWAY FROM BAD ELEMENTS.

  2. The Pats were smart to get rid of this guy and they got a draft choice for him if I recall.
    Many of you out there hate Belichik but you can’t deny the guy is smart (aka ruthless as they come) when it comes to stuff like this.

  3. “Under 35 grams”, seriously?

    Isn’t there better ways to spend taxpayer money on than bullcrap like this?

  4. So sad to see a guy like this with legitimate talent and a huge opportunity just blow it all. You just hope he’s listening to somebody smart enough to tell him he needs to prove himself again in a place like the CFL instead of waiting, waiting, waiting for that big money contract from an NFL team that’s never going to come.

    Cue the jokes about the Mile High city not being quite high enough for Maroney…

  5. Ricky williams part deux – where’s the “gange mahn”

    only difference – Ricky could actually play football and had some semblance of intelligence

    I watched a lot of Maroneys carries and he is by far the dumbest back I have ever seen. He consistently danced in the backfield and then decided to run into the backside of his O-Lineman so he wouldnt get hit head on.

  6. commoncents says:
    Apr 1, 2011 8:54 AM
    Thanks for the third round pick Josh.

    Not sure which trade was worse:

    3rd Round Pick for Maroney or,

    Peyton Hillis and a 7th Rounder for Brady Quinn

  7. Does a four game suspension count if there is no football next season? Who does he think he is, Rickey Williams?

  8. @ boblavoie; “Bill B knows when to let them go. The Patriots are about character not characters”.

    WOW!…so the cheating was ok?…Whats up with Merriweather?…stop the pompous crap.

  9. Now, there’s a big effin surprise!

    @ robsterny

    Don’t be surprised if Meriweather is released this offseason because of his contract and knuckleheadedness.

    Despite your opinion of Belichick, he does seem to know the right time to let a player go (see Milloy, Law, McGinest, Maroney, Moss). He’ll take on a knucklehead, but he’ll have him on a shorter leash. If that guy acts up? He gets him out before he becomes a problem (Maroney, Moss). He also dumps guys whose salary demands outweigh their value so as not to handcuff them salary cap-wise (Milloy, Law, McGinest, Seymour).

  10. In this state MA possession of less than ounce is a misdemeanor. As much as I liked this guy he has shot himself in the foot too many times. I think the drug charge is a way of the police not to look too foolish for the gun charge. Then again the gun laws really need work. The right to carry arms in public is nothing short of crap. Why the hell did this guy need a weapon to being with? And please no, “if you lived where I do or he did because it just makes no sense to give anyone the where with all to kill and innocent as too o9ften is the case. Case in Point L Maroney. If he shoots like he plays these days “God” help us all.

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