Randy Moss promises he’ll play 2011 at a high level


After a 2010 season that saw Randy Moss play for three different teams and not play particularly well for any of them, it’s easy to forget that he’ll be one of the big-name (though probably not big-money) free agents available whenever free agency starts.

Moss is hoping NFL teams haven’t forgetten about him.

In an entertaining interview revolving mostly around Moss’s NASCAR Truck Series team, Moss told ESPN’s Ryan McGee that he firmly believes he’ll be a great player in 2011, and he’s willing to play for any team that will give him a chance.

“I want to play wherever they want me to play,” Moss said. “I’m a free agent. I know I’m 34. I know I didn’t have a great season last year. But I also know that these still work [holds up his hands] and I know I can still play at a high level. We just need to get this season back on track so I can start working on finding that team that wants Randy Moss on their roster.”

The interview started with a stipulation that there would be no football talk because, Moss said, “When I come out here to the racetrack, it’s all about getting away from football.” But Moss was willing to break his own rule long enough to confirm that he’s looking forward to being able to sign with whatever team will take him for the 2011 season, just as soon as the lockout ends.

“I’m a wanted man, so we just need to see who wants me,” Moss said. “Right now, nobody wants anybody, so we have to get all that worked out.”

Moss seems to be in good spirits, and he gushed about his love of racing.

“I’m from West Virginia,” Moss said. “If you didn’t know what was happening in NASCAR, you were on the outside. NASCAR is a big league sport, but it’s still also country and redneck. Like here at Darlington or at Martinsville, where we’re about to go. These are my people, man. Call me a redneck, blackneck, whatever. I’m as comfortable here as I am on the football field.”

But Moss isn’t ready to give up football for NASCAR just yet.

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  1. PLEASE bring him in Cardinals. We need another guy so Fitz can have a monster year.*

    *Providing we get a QB

  2. Moss got paid millions last year to watch alot of football. The only high priced player with less production was Albert Haynesworth. He couldn’t even get on the field for half the season he was playing so poorly.

    It’s to bad the owners can’t ask for their money back for a season where Moss clearly didn’t care as long as the paychecks kept coming in.

  3. He’d better hope someone believes him or he’ll be making a visit to federal bankruptcy court in the near future.

    Straight cash, homey!

  4. What a pathetic excuse for a person and a football player.

    The sad thing in all of this? He’ll get into the Hall of Fame and that is a tragedy.

  5. I could see one coach motivating him enough to get him to play hard: Rex Ryan. I think he’ll be a Jet in 2011…. he’d definitely be a cheaper alternative to Braylon Edwards, which would also allow them to re-sign Santonio Holmes.

    Last year Randy just didn’t have it. But I think Rex Ryan realizes Moss’ potential, and I think he’d really help out Sanchez with the deep ball.

    I’m a Giants fan, not a Jets fan. But I just think it’d make sense on many levels.

  6. I could of swore that Moss had two chances given to him by teams after he was let go by New England? This is like that kid in school who keeps asking for redo’s on his free throws in gym class’ basketball..

  7. His Quaterbacks for most of the season were Brett Favre and Rusty Smith not what you would call elite. The Moss situation is the same as Fitzgerald’s just because he didn’t have a season up to expectation doesn’t mean he can’t rebound in 2011.

  8. Moss is still a difference maker at WR. Just because he didn’t catch TD’s doesn’t measure anything, look at how many targets he had…shoot after that stupid press debacle in NE when he wore out his welcome after that, QB’s rarely if ever threw to him. When they did, guess what…he made a play. Randy is one of the best deep ball WR’s in the game, no he’s not Hines Ward blocking or an Anquan Boldin in physical play but he runs the hell outta that deep route and will still “takethetopoffya Defense”…I’m rootin for Randy and hopes he gets to a team with a QB who will feed him the ball, maybe HotLanta would be a good spot for him…of course with his Love for the Hoodie, he’d still fit right in with the Patsies also.

  9. His time of being any good was when he left the Vikings. Times up Moss, bye, bye.

  10. Let’s put this into NASCAR ease for Randy:

    1. Quit taking so many pit stops..
    2. Stop taking your foot off the accelerator when you’re approaching the checkered flag.
    3. Never tell people “You’ll drive when you want to.”
    4. Eat whatever free food is in glove box and quit bitching about it’s quality.
    5. If you can’t get by another driver, don’t get mopey and put on the cruise control.

    Get rid of any 3 of these and you could drive for any team you want.

  11. He’s promising this time he’ll play at a high level … as opposed to the other times when he made millions and just phoned it in? Gee, that’s swell, Randy 🙄

  12. 2 to 1 says he lands back in New England with a contract full of incentives, and a different perspective on things.

  13. “…so I can start working on finding that team that wants Randy Moss on their roster.”

    This is and always will be your biggest problems, Randy. Learn how to be a team player and maybe someone will want you and win with you. Get over yourself. This is a TEAM sport.

    Love the blackneck comment though! lolol

  14. “scytherius says:
    Apr 1, 2011 3:33 PM
    What a pathetic excuse for a person and a football player.

    The sad thing in all of this? He’ll get into the Hall of Fame and that is a tragedy.”

    Do you even know anything about Football? Have you checked his stats? C’mon man!

    He’s in the top 5/10 in most categories for the All Time Receiving List/TD’s per game. Men lie, Women lie, numbers don’t lie. Just because he has a rotten attitude doesn’t change the fact that he’s an exceptional player on the field.

    People always want to take away something from anything….

  15. “Moss is hoping NFL teams haven’t forgetten about him.”

    um – no he’s not. He’s very much hoping they DO forget about his 2010 season.

    Someone will let him in camp for the veteran minimum though.

  16. One of the most talented receivers ever, but I don’t want him on my team. “I play when I want to” doesn’t make it. I’d rather have less talent that gave effort on every play.

  17. Going to the Jets (if they are interested) would make a lot of sense cause Sexy Rexy would LOVE to use Randy to whoop on some Pats.Randy would be pretty motivated to show Belicheat that he made a mistake lettin him go. Then again, Mr. Bunchin’s boys could probably re-sign him for a “dang cheap straight cash” incentive-laden contract if they wanted.

  18. @ doowix:

    “He’d better hope someone believes him or he’ll be making a visit to federal bankruptcy court in the near future.”

    Are you serious? The man owns a NASCAR team apparently. I’d say he puts his “straight cash” to decent use.


    “What a pathetic excuse for a person and a football player.

    The sad thing in all of this? He’ll get into the Hall of Fame and that is a tragedy.”

    Are you serious? Every time somebody says Moss doesn’t deserve to be in Canton I wonder if they know ANYTHING about football. The man holds THREE spots in the top 10 record for most receiving TD’s in a season.

    There are only 10 spots available to ALL players in history, and he has 3 of them, including the top spot.

    Some people are so biased it borders on stupidity.

  19. Randy must have gotten himself confused with Aqib Talib in the “wanted man” department.

  20. Moss should resign with the Vikings, they already blew a third round draft pick for him so resigning him comes with a built in excuse. Plus, he already knows where to score some mean weed so he can quickly make himself feel at home. Meter maids are already forwarned to stay off the sidewalks, teammates already know that he should be left alone and the Viking fans are used to washed up players past their prime suiting up in purple. Plus, turds are Moss aren’t suppose to play in Superbowls and that’s not going to happen for the Vikings for the next decade or so. Its perfect when you really think about it.

  21. He won’t be on the Pats next year, Belichick doesn’t make the same mistake twice. He’ll end up on the Jets and will probably blow that team up by December.

  22. Why all the hate for Moss. I know he has slacked off over the years, but he is a human. How long have you been at your current job? Have you ever taken a “play” off? Pft posters can be harsh when evaluating a person they have no direct connection with. I’d take moss 9 out of 10 on my team.

  23. I would like to see him in NE -humbled and quiet. No postgame press conferences, etc.

    Show up on time. Shut up. Do your job. Shut up. Go home. Repeat next day.

  24. I know Randy. Maybe you can hook up with a decent franchise with a great quarterback, a great head coach and owner, and a great stadium…..oh wait on second thought.

  25. favorite player of all time. come back to the purple randy, third time is the charm! jamba juice bi84hes!

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