Warren Moon: “Unless you have been a black QB, you have no idea!”


It’s no surprise that Warren Moon’s claim of racial bias against Cam Newton got a lot of attention.

There is a news vacuum in the NFL right now, and race is always going to be a hot button topic.   (When race isn’t a controversial topic, then we’ll know serious progress has been made.)

Moon has taken his share of criticism for the comments, but didn’t back down when addressing the issue Friday morning on Twitter.

“4 those of u that don’t like my opinions, it’s 2 bad u feel that way,” Moon wrote.  “I answered the questions asked and know what I said. Unless u have been a black QB, u have no idea! #CamNewton”

Are we past race when discussing athletes or, well, anything?  Of course not.   The amount of disturbing comments we have deleted on PFT over the years is a good reminder.

(Sometimes I think that the word “thug” has replaced other pejoratives for folks with deap-seated emotions that want to come out.)

On the other hand, I agree with Florio’s take on Newton.  Could race be a part of the Newton criticism?  Sure.  In this case, however, the majority of professional criticism leveled at Newton does not seem abnormal for a high profile quarterback with a pair of famous scandals in his past.  We’ve seen very similar criticism at quarterbacks leveled over the last few years.

You can argue we dissect the personality traits of quarterbacks too much publicly in general.

In Newton’s case, the discussion seems to say more about a culture obsessed with football than it does race.

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  1. What is Warren griping about? How many years was he a starter? Nothing to see here….move along.

  2. Warren Moon should shut his mouth defending a guy with all that scandal attached to his name. It never ends well. Newton will only make him regret it in the end when he melts down at the NFL level.

  3. He’s still bitter he was passed over when he wasn’t drafted 33 fricken years ago

    Come on Warren it’s 2011 – how about making Cam accountable instead of blaming the world for his numerous dubious missteps

  4. Most of the assessments of Cam’s potential have been made by sprts journalists. I don’t think a journalist would last very long if he or she made racist comments. Moon is the one who has no idea.

  5. Problem w/ Moon’s comments
    Tebow, Ryan Mallet etc
    Both have been or are questioned about off field concerns. Tebow for religion, Mallet for rumored drug use.
    To me it has nothing to do w/ race and everything to do w/ a highly paid position and doing due diligence.
    Moon’s problem is having never been a white man he does not realize how trite he is being.

  6. “Are we past race when discussing athletes or, well, anything? ”

    I would say the majority of America is past it. However when people like Warren Moon say things like this it pisses off people who aren’t racist and gets race talked about again. If people like Moon would shut up, then sooner or later racism would just die out. Or we would at least be able to focus on the real racist scum in this country who are hidden by these frivolous and false claims.

  7. And unless you have been a white middle class laborer then you have no idea either. As one I am tired of the excuses and crutches that people use. I DO NOT judge on the color of one’s skin, but the color of their soul. I have serious FOOTBALL questions about Cam Newton. I would not want my team to use a high pick on him. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME RACIST. Hell the fact of the matter is that he would probably be a fun dude to hang out with. HE JUST HASNT DONE ENOUGH TO BE A SHOE IN TOP 5 PICK WITHOUT BEING QUESTIONED!!!!

  8. “In Newton’s case, the discussion seems to say more about a culture obsessed with football than it does race.”

    That’s all the comments a good journalist would have to say about this non-story. You should give a lesson to Freeman.

  9. Warren Moon is an idiot. Didn’t people nitpick Tim Tebow to death last year even more? Hey dumbass, it’s not because he’s black…it’s because he’s a one year wonder that played for a powerhouse SEC team and might be a better “athlete” than QB. Get over yourself.

  10. “Warren Moon passed the ball a lot…I mean, A LOT. So he had gaudy yardage numbers.

    But his 80.9 QB rating, 58.4 completion percentage and the fact that his touchdown numbers only matched his passing attempts a few times in his career, show that Warren Moon was vastly overrated.

    His postseason performances, above all, were atrocious, and he even admitted when getting inducted into the Hall of Fame he wasn’t deserving of first-ballot recognition.

    Warren Moon had one more win than loss in his career, and that’s not enough for nine Pro Bowls and the Hall of Fame.”
    The 50 Most Overrated QBs in NFL History
    By Ryan Rudnansky (Featured Columnist) on November 22, 201o

  11. I am a bi-racial man (half black) and all I can say is that Newton’s criticism does not stem from the color of his skin, but rather the color of his past which is checkered at best. Regardless of his age, when he made some of the mistakes he made, the point is he made them. He’s a polarizing figure because of the huge potential he has, Cam Newton could become a superstar. He could win 2-3 Super Bowls. He could win an MVP. But…because of all the ill-advised decisions and comments he’s made, and the fact he has not played in a pro-style offense…Cam Newton could also be the next JaMarcus Russell. THATS what has teams scared.

  12. Moon set all kind of records at a PAC10 school and then didn’t get drafted because he was black. He would have every NFL passing record had he not played in Canada until he was 30.

  13. Warren – you are correct on one point and wrong on the other.

    You are correct in observing we unfortunately, are not past considering race.

    You are wrong in saying we should be past considering the character traits of Newton as a top prospect for NFL QB – just as we do for redneck Rynan Mallett.

  14. Get a grip Warren, cam is already a multi-millionaire from endorsement contracts having not taken a snap in the NFL… it may have applied to you 30 years ago.. but it clearly doesn’t now.

  15. It’s sad Moon still feels this way. There were surely issues regarding race when he was coming up, but that was 30 years ago. There were race issues in just about every industry, finance included. But it’s a different world than it was then. It’s much more a results based world and as far as I can see almost every industry now is all about winning and no one cares what color you are. I wonder if Moon thinks all the critisism of Cutler was race based? Come on man!

  16. I’m black. And with all due respect to Moon, I think he has lost touch. When Moon played he certainly faced racism and wasn’t even allowed to play QB in the NFL for many years because he was black. But, in large part because of him, being a black QB today is hardly the same experience he had. Let’s face it in Moon’s era Newton would have never even been considered to play QB at a school like Auburn yet alone worshiped as he was there this past season. Is racism still alive in the country? Sure. Might even be a little in the NFL, but it certainly can’t be anything significant – blacks are overwhelming majority on the field and on the sidelines. Even at the QB position blacks are now a common – lets face it I think Vick deserved his second chance but if there where any racial undertones about blacks playing QB in the NFL he would not have gotten that second chance to play QB! I know racism still exists, I even know some racists personally – I just wish we would reserve that term for when it actually applies. In Cam Newton’s case it appears that he and his father have justifiably created all the criticism they are receiving. Cam’s character issues are numerous and date back over two college programs – nobody forced him to steal computers or associate with individuals that would solicit money on his behalf (whether or not he actually received any), those are facts and racism has nothing to do with it and when other stories come out about his character I’m personally not surprised because it fits.

  17. madtolive5 says:
    Apr 1, 2011 10:40 AM
    Hard to blame a HOF who was seriously exiled to the CFL for 6 years because he was a black qb.

    That was THIRTY years ago. Sadly that same attitude went on in many industries.

  18. Actually (and I have no idea if Newton is going to be a franchise QB or not) Moon does have a point. Why do black QBs get compared to other black QBs? Part of it is all the dunderheads that think they know more than every GM in football and feel the need to comment on guys no matter what. Even if theyve never seen the guy play.

  19. No sale!

    I don’t dislike Newton any more than I dislike Brett Favre, Peyton/Eli Manning, or Tony Romo…

    It has everything to do with the “I’m a QB, I’m worth more than everybody else, and I’m special” attitude and nothing to do with race.

    In Cam Newton’s case, he already has that attitude and hasn’t even taken a snap in the big league… it’s pathetic!

  20. Not sure what Moon is really bringing to the table with Cam Newton. There must be some kind of a “deal” with Newton and Moon as “his advisor” Do we really need to bring up the race issue all the Effing time?
    Last I checked Newton’s dad started all the issues with his son and barganing to take cash to play.
    By the way if Cam wasn’t such an arrogant individual then the negative comments coming his way whether he is black or white would not matter.
    Please don’t turn this into a black/white issue, either way he is about to be a very rich kid. Moon is probably still bitter that he missed the big pay days and longs for the spotlight again.

  21. I have no idea why my last comment got deleted. Completely indefensible unless there was some sort of technical problem.

    I’ll try to make my point again.

    The same football related questions being asked about Newton were asked last year about Tim Tebow.

    The same character questions being asked about Newton were asked last year about Jimmy Clausen.

    Newton will no doubt be drafted long before those two players were.

    So what, exactly, is Warren Moon talking about?

  22. Warren Moon used to say things like “I don’t want to be known as a great black quarterback. I just want to be known as a great quarterback.” It’s sad to see him regress to the other side now, where EVERYTHING is about race.

    Using Warren’s logic, do you have to be aborted to have an opinion on abortion?

  23. That’s the last grasp at an argument when you have no other real arguments to make – “You don’t know because you have never been a black QB”. Very bad form, especially from such a respected veteran of the game.

    With 60% of the NFL being black and considering that only 12% of the U.S. population is black, I’d say that race doesn’t really matter. The only color that matters is green and the way to get green is to win. If you can help your team win, it doesn’t matter the color.

  24. No question there is bigotry still ni the NFL. And I’ll also take Moon at his word as a lot of it is true.

    Having said that, I just don’t see it in this instance. Maybe it’s there, but I sure don’t see it. Cam Newton is a disaster waiting to happen I don’t care if he’s blue.

  25. If you haven’t been an angry black QB you wouldn’t understand. Thanks Warren. Racism didn’t throw those stolen computers out of the window when the authorities arrived at his dormatory door.

    Mallet has taken a worse beating than Newton in this circus, do you hear him whining or having his mentor whine for him? Ummm no.

  26. Most of the assessments of Cam’s potential have been made by sprts journalists. I don’t think a journalist would last very long if he or she made racist comments. Moon is the one who has no idea.

    You have obviously not read much of Jason Whitlocks garbage reporting.

  27. Moon was a star in college and was rejected by the NFL (he wasn’t even drafted). He had to go to Canada to play pro-ball as a QB and won four champtionships in five years. Only after that, he was a true free agent and even then their were only 2 or 3 teams interested. This guy faced it and I will doubt his judgement on this topic.

  28. So if it was racism that prevented Moon from being drafted, was it also racism that prevented Kurt Warner from being drafted? Did teams pass on him because he was a white grocery bagger?

    It’s pretty simple. Much like how teams miss the mark with a high draft pick who becomes a bust, teams also miss the other way, seeing future HOF’ers, white and black, slide down, and even off, the draft board.

  29. The only color that matters is green….and Warren is old enough and experienced enough to understand that……silly comment from someone who should know better

  30. I have a hard time listening to anything Moon says. That whole throwing his wife down the stairs thing makes me question anything he might say. A wife beater criticizing the media for attempting to bring character issues to light about a player is absurd.

  31. jerruhjones says:
    Apr 1, 2011 10:33 AM
    What is Warren griping about? How many years was he a starter? Nothing to see here….move along.
    Yeah a starting QB for many years after many years of being too stubborn to change positions from the racist coaches that he had to deal with when he was younger. When he was coming out of high school, many of the major colleges wanted him to become a TE so he had to attend a small school in West Los Angeles college. After an amazing year, he was able to transfer to Washington. After college, NFL teams again tried to coax him into moving to TE. He said no and went undrafted and was forced to play in the CFL. After spending 6 years in the CFL and winning 5 championships, he finally proved that he had the talent to play in the NFL.
    So to say what he’s griping about is ridiculous. Warren dealt with real bigotry and playing so many years at QB is a testament to his ability and perseverance and not that of the tolerance of the NFL at the time.
    That being said, the NFL environment has changed and you have to take Warren’s comments with a grain of salt because his opinion is biased based on the REAL racism that he had to endure.

  32. My father is black and my mother is a very light skinned mexican, she looks white. I have been bullied by lots of black people my whole life (as I was raised in an all black neighborhood), I have been bullied by lots of white people my whole life. For black people I am not black enough and for white people I am not white enough. I am like a giant watermelon on a picket fence. I have never used any of this as an excuse. Whoever uses color as an excuse is a poor excuse as a man or a woman, you have to work your way through it. Like it or not that’s simply the way it is, but to use color as an excuse is by, of and for “losers”-believe it! By the way, there is no such thing as an excuse, business, music, sports, life that’s for losers, you either get it done or you don’t!!!

  33. How many white QBs only started one year of major college ball before becoming top 5 overall draft prospects?

    Newton has some comparables to Mark Sanchez, some to Big Ben, some to Akili Smith, some to Tim Tebow, and some to Mike Vick.

    Heck, he even has some Reggie Bush comparables, too!

    Newton is a unique player with a unique background.

    As a Redskins fan, I’m more concerned by his one year of major college starting experience and the fact that he didn’t play under center a lot in college than his race.

    And as far as intangibles go, did people questioning JaMarcus Russell’s work ethic coming out of LSU get called racist?

    Warren Moon shouldn’t expect any potential 1st Round QB to be exempt from having their game and their entire life from being put under a microscope because of the color of their skin. That is just part of the process.

    Jake Locker is getting his pro day called a HS workout.

    Ryan Mallett is being called a drug addict and a cancer.

    Cam Newton isn’t the only QB getting slammed in the run up to the draft.

  34. I don’t think all the criticisms are racial biased. But it would be naive to assume everyone has great character and doesn’t have some sort of racial bias. Whether conscious or unconscious, it’s exists. I don’t think it’s the main factor in this instance but if anyone thinks no has an racial bias ESPECIALLY when talking about black QBs then you are certainly being naive.

  35. all the qb’s in this draft have issues,it just seems like all the hate(from the commenters not the draft gurus) comes at cam on all the post. nobody calls ryan mallett names for his drug use or dogs out gabbert 4 his pedestrian #’s he put up while runnin the same offense cam ran 2 perfection. just scroll down and read all the comments on all the cam stories and maybe u will get a clue

  36. Mr. Moon,

    Forty years ago what you said was true. But that was then, this is now. You have black QBs starting all over the NFL. You have black QBs being the first QB off the board.

    In the old days, Kordell Stewart would have been converted to a WR or safety instead of getting a fair chance to succeed at QB. Same goes with Michael Vick, Seneca Wallace, Charlie Ward, Charlie Batch, Jason Campbell, David Garrad, Cleo Lemon, Vince Young…

    So, get over it. Move on. The NFL and rest of us have…

  37. Unless Warren Moon has been a white man then he has no idea what it is like being blamed for millions of other people’s dumb decisions and poor parenting.

    Sorry but white players have to make it or fail in the NFL, and in every day life, without having a convenient crutch to place the blame on.
    If and when Tim Tebow officially becomes a bust what will he do besides moving on with the rest of his life?

    Ask Ryan Leaf if things always go as you planed in high school.

  38. So when Matt Jones and Eric Crouch were moved to WR and a lot of analysts wanted Tebow to move to TE, were they racist? No, of course not. They just saw potential at another position. The only way to TRULY get rid of racism is to TRULY treat everybody as equals. That doesn’t mean if there’s a disproportionate amount of one race to legislate change or complain publicly. The NFL draft is equal. If you’re a good player, you will be taken whether you’re black, white, Spanish, Samoan, Turkish, whatever, it doesn’t matter. You’re an athlete. When I was growing up, I rooted for guys like Rodney Peete, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, etc. It never crossed my mind that they’re black, they were good players. When I’m watching a Packer game, I don’t care if AJ Hawk or Desmond Bishop makes a tackle, they’re both great athletes and the color of their skin truly doesn’t matter.

  39. Being a black QB did not seem to stop JaMarcus Russell from being drafted too high and stealing millions of dollars.
    How has Vince Young handled his golden opportunity?
    Maybe we should ask Michael Vick about not being given a chance, make that two chances to play because he is black.

  40. Warren Moon says “Unless you have been a black quarterback, u have no idea!”

    What about …

    – unless u have been President of the United
    States, u have no idea. Think George W. Bush.

    – unless u are white, u have no idea?

    – unless you own a business, u have no idea?

    Warren Moon has an opinion, but no idea!

  41. Ryan Mallet got blasted this year because of the way he reacted at the Combine when asked about his alledged drug use.

    Tim Tebow got a lot of flak last year because he operated out of the spread and his mechanics were awful. Many labeled him a bust.

    Jimmy Clausen was said to be suffering from an acute case of self-entitlement.

    These guys are all WHITE! Warren, get over yourself. I know you’re part of Team Cam, but can’t you come up with a better sales pitch that racism? C’mon man!

  42. How is 60% of the NFL black?

    You mean the players.

    So, that’s like saying, 100% of a plantation was black.

    Unfortunately, just like on the plantation, 100% of the owners are white.

    81% of the coaches are white.

    I believe there are 4 (Ozzie Newsome, Jerry Reese, Martin Mayhew, and Rick Smith) black general managers.

    So what you’re essentially saying is that, despite playing on a level field, blacks are only qualified to run 12.5% of the league…

    If you don’t believe that to be a clear sign of the old boy network, then you’re lying to yourself to reconcile your inner guilt over being a baseline racist.

  43. I am with Warren Moon on this one. The criticism of Cam is way off the charts, as if many bloggers want him to be an abysmal failure. His achievements this past year count for nothing in the eyes of most non-Auburn fans. I recommend we all lighten up a bit and let the draft and his career play out.

  44. It was disappointing to hear the race card played by Warren Moon. Come on, Warren, let the Newton kid be judged for his actions like everyone else.
    If he’s good enough, he will be a success, if not he’ll blow up. The athletic field is unbiased and color blind. If you suck it shows.

  45. @ George Brundage:

    You mean like how Jake Locker is being pushed to try safety?

    While guys like Colin Kaepernick and Tyrod Taylor (and black QBs before them like Antwan Randle El, Josh Cribbs, Armanti Edwards, etc) are being asked to take reps at other positions?

    You’re right – the NFL is totally past that underlying racism…

    Just because a black QB is the first off the board, that doesnt mean racism is dead.

    And if you believe it does mean that, you’re contributing to the ongoing issue.

  46. chapnastier says:
    Apr 1, 2011 10:45 AM
    “Are we past race when discussing athletes or, well, anything? ”

    I would say the majority of America is past it. However when people like Warren Moon say things like this it pisses off people who aren’t racist and gets race talked about again. If people like Moon would shut up, then sooner or later racism would just die out. Or we would at least be able to focus on the real racist scum in this country who are hidden by these frivolous and false claims.

    thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Apr 1, 2011 10:59 AM
    It’s sad Moon still feels this way. There were surely issues regarding race when he was coming up, but that was 30 years ago. There were race issues in just about every industry, finance included. But it’s a different world than it was then. It’s much more a results based world and as far as I can see almost every industry now is all about winning and no one cares what color you are. I wonder if Moon thinks all the critisism of Cutler was race based? Come on man!

    Race may or may not be an issue with the Cam Newton situation. However, the above comments show just why this country DOES STILL have racial issues. When many people think of racism today, they think of “No Blacks Allowed” signs, lynchings, and thousands of incidents of burning crosses. While legalized segregation and slavery were finally abolished, that didn’t mean racism ended and suddenly ALL white people automatically started liking blacks. If that were the case, you wouldn’t still have white supremacist groups operating today. You wouldn’t still have reports of racist graffiti scrawled on black churches. And there wouldn’t be the wide racial disparaties that exist today in such categories as employment, housing, education, and criminal justice. If anything, racism today is more covert than overt.

    Instead of ignoring it as some people have suggested, we really need to study the legacy of race relations in this country with an open mind, and how it impacts us all today. Things are better and yes, thereisalwaysnextyear, things have changed over the last 30 years. But, what I’ve mentioned above demonstrates that we’re definitely NOT a non-racial society.

  47. jerruhjones says:
    Apr 1, 2011 10:33 AM
    What is Warren griping about? How many years was he a starter? Nothing to see here….move along.

    That is a seriously uneducated comment.

  48. It seems only arguments supporting PFT’s viewpoint are allowed to be posted, so I’ll be heading to another blogsite to post my opinion.

  49. @ henry

    Obviously you are only reading the Cam Newton posts because if you look at the comments on the other guys you mentioned you would realize that they are getting just as much crap from the comments as Newton.

  50. Warren Moon has plenty to gripe about, but the story is very old. There is no way he should have had to take the path he took to the NFL. He should have been drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft and had an even more stellar career. But Cam Newton is not facing the racism he faced. He doesn’t have any barriers to break down. Cam’s problems have been caused by himself and his family. He will be drafted in the top ten, what is wrong with that. He is no lock to be great. We won’t even know if he is good for a couple of years. Warren is way off, maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed… two days in a row.

  51. You can’t even question Newton’s work ethic and viability as a NFL qb without being placed under suspicion of racism.

    Mallett never failed 1 (ONE) drug test at the U of A, yet PFT had no problem publishing rumors of his drug use. Can you imagine the backlash from the Warren Moons of the world if you fired off completely unsubstantiated allegations of drug use by a black athlete?

  52. galatians62 says:
    Apr 1, 2011 10:51 AM
    Moon set all kind of records at a PAC10 school and then didn’t get drafted because he was black. He would have every NFL passing record had he not played in Canada until he was 30.
    No doubt, Warren Moon was a great quarterback, but if he had gone directly to the NFL in 1979, he would not have landed on a team running the run and shoot like he did when he finally got there, because the run and shoot hadn’t been invented yet. So it’s wrong to think you can just add 5 more years of 4,500 yards each to his totals.

  53. Matt Jones–WR
    Eric Crouch–WR
    Brett Favre–Recruited to play S at Southern Miss
    Tim Tebow–Lots of talk of putting him at TE

    It’s about how a person translates to the position. All of those guys had horrible mechanics and spent more time running around on circles than dropping back in a traditional manner. It’s not about race, it’s about how you can help best.

  54. backinblack67 says:
    Apr 1, 2011 12:04 PM
    kinda like a white DB i guess…..

    No. The difference is there was never a belief that whites weren’t “smart enough” to be defensive backs, whereas, as mentioned above, many black quarterbacks drafted out of college were asked to switch positions because of that mentality. While that doesn’t happen as often, if at all, there’s always going to be a racial undertone because of the NFL’s historical attitude towards blacks at the quarterback position.

  55. @ dansnydersux

    I stated that there are real racist scum in this country in my original comment. That is the point! When people make comments like Warren Moon is making here it takes away from the REAL examples of racism today. The New Black Panthers, The KKK, all of them. I agree 100% that racism does still exist and instead of focusing on this nonsense where racism has absolutely nothing to do with it, we should focus on those instances.

    When Adrian Peterson compares being an NFL athlete to being a slave it does more harm than good. When Warren Moon talks about a guy with severe character issues only being criticized because he is black it does more harm than good. I could tie it to politics with our current president but that is too obvious. Stop preaching all of this nonsense and teach our kids to respect one another. Maybe we can join and get rid of organizations like the KKK and The New Black Panthers. In order to do so we need to recognize what is real and what is an excuse.

  56. Warren has a lot of old pain, and it is understandable considering his path to the NFL. He is reliving that through Cam, but he should consider that for the most part there are differences today than 30 years ago. Doug Williams said similar things about Josh Freeman being the second choice for the Bucs and not getting fair treatment. I know both Warren and Doug had a lot to deal with, but it is also time to move past all of this. Why relive the past over and over again?

  57. straitalk says:
    Apr 1, 2011 12:06 PM
    It seems only arguments supporting PFT’s viewpoint are allowed to be posted, so I’ll be heading to another blogsite to post my opinion.


    I hear ya… god forbid people be allowed to freely express their opinions, god forbid we be given the same right as Mr. Warren Moon. You cant just publish a story like this, leave a comment section, and then pick and choose what you think is suitable for us as an audience…. its not like we have the freedom of speech or anything like that…

  58. No. The difference is there was never a belief that whites weren’t “smart enough” to be defensive backs,

    Just not athletic enough.

  59. @chapnastier

    Okay, I went back and saw that. I admit that there are instances of people “crying racism” where there is none, and that we need to focus on the blatant racists of today. My point is, though, we need to keep in mind where people like Warren Moon is coming from and take his experiences in the context of what he faced.

    While I don’t believe the Cam Newton criticism is a racial issue, I can understand how some people could link the two, given the history and position.

  60. Anybody else remember the scene in “Rudy” where Chales Dutton, the aging ground keeper, tells Rudy that he rode the bench because he thought it was because of race but realized later that it was because of his attitude? I see the same thing in Warren Moon.

    Maybe the reason he didn’t get drafted by the NFL was because everyone thought of him with a bad attitude and a chip on his shoulder. That is a character issue, not a race issue.

    You’re a HOF’er, Warren. Time to start acting like one.

  61. I love it. Your website allows silly, inane references to the KKK and Black Panthers, but any criticism against Nawrocki’s comments are disallowed. Is there any wonder some folks see your writer as biased and prejudice. On second thought, why bother, this blog will never see the light of day.

  62. “Unless you have been a black QB, you have no idea!”

    So does the same go for the limited number of white guys that play every other position in the NFL??

  63. nhater says:
    Apr 1, 2011 11:59 AM
    @ George Brundage:

    You mean like how Jake Locker is being pushed to try safety?

    While guys like Colin Kaepernick and Tyrod Taylor (and black QBs before them like Antwan Randle El, Josh Cribbs, Armanti Edwards, etc) are being asked to take reps at other positions?

    Tim Tebow was asked to take reps at TE.

    Julian Edelman was a college QB, now a WR.

    Matt Jones was a college QB, now a WR.

    Scott Frost was a college QB, safety in the NFL.

    No one asked Jamarcus Russell to consider a position change.

    No one asked Vince Young to consider a position change.

    And no one is asking Cam Newton to.

    Taylor and Kaepernick are marginal NFL QB prospects. Their games just don’t translate that well to a pro style. If they are being asked to try other positions, I believe it is because people don’t want to see their raw talent go to waste chasing a position they will never win.

    Cribbs, Edwards, and Randall El were not NFL QB prospects, and it had nothing to do with race.
    Their position changes are the only reason they are in the NFL.

    I am not trying to tell you there is no racism in this country. Are there people in this country hoping Cam Newton fails because he is black? Certainly there are.

    I just have a very hard time believing that NFL GMs and coaches, who have the shortest leashes of any executive in all of sports, would pass on a player that could help them because of their race.

    The facts really don’t support that position.

  64. Warren Moon just wanting to be in the spotlight, where was he with Jamarcuss Russell? Josh Freeman? Or any black QB for that matter before this? He sees the media attention Newton has and will have and wants in.

    Plus as far as the race issue goes, I don’t see it here. Newton compares QB wise to Tebow in most things except character, Tebow has outstanding character, Newton apparently doesn’t. Yet Tebow was drafted 25th, Newton will go top 5, one could make the case that because Newton is black teams think he will be more athletic then Tebow, so in a sense being black is helping him.

  65. i loved warren moon, its a shame he never got a ring.
    but almost every player is black. If ur a white RB in high school and put up good numbers u probley wont be looked at all by scouts.
    Black people think everything is racism thats how they get away with stuff. Lets be real they were not slaves their parents werent slaves, they play the race card everytime they get in trouble.
    Why cant al these black people act like a pro like Jason Campbell.. He is well spoken,polite and a future SUPERBOWL MVP

  66. docredskin says:
    Apr 1, 2011 12:53 PM
    Doug Flutie was exiled to Canada, too. Where is his pity party?

    Doug Flutie was considered too short. That’s different.

  67. @ straitalk

    They censor a lot of my stuff too. I mean it can’t be dominated by the same people. My “inane” references to the two terrorist groups you listed were to make a point relevant to the story. I am sure your points are/were relevant to right?

  68. If any one is qualified to recognize racism from the NFL regarding the QB position its Warren Moon. He endured it and had to fight to overcome it. Its easy to criticize and point fingers at Moon but unless you’ve been victimized by racism you will never understand. Warren Moon in on the inside watching everything that’s going on. I agree that everything is not always about racism but when it comes to being a black QB in the NFL I stand with Moon because he’s been there. Plus you’ve never heard him play the race card before, which to me is an indication that there is more going on than we know. I repeat if you’ve never experienced it you are not qualified to judge.

  69. I think context is important here. Not to say that Warren is wrong. But, he played in a different era and I’m sure that the barriers he faced were more stiff than Newton playing today. Warren was a pioneer being a black QB at a time when there were very few black athletes playing that position. Its unfortunate that anyone faces barriers based on race at any time. But, this is the world in which we live. And, while Newton may have fewer hurdles than Warren, that’s not to say that he won’t face any. Our society hasn’t reached that point yet. But, hopefully Cam has the grace and fortitude to make it a little bit easier for those who come after him. That’s how we all get “there”, to the point that an athlete’s (or anyone’s) race simply doesn’t matter.

  70. Warren Moon make a lot of sense. So many of the comments leveled at Cam Newton have been totally uncalled for.

    For all of those that say that racism is dead, I’m wondering if they really believe it or do they lack that ability recognize what is going on around them.

    Thanks Warren for addressing an issue that most people in this country are too cowardly to address.

  71. Hey Mr. Moon-

    Unless you have been a white man falsely accused of racism, then YOU sir, have no idea.

    Its naive to say that race isn’t still an issue in a lot of situations.. But this isn’t one of them.

  72. Race is still an issue in the US which is a sad reality but what’s even more sad is how it’s used as a weapon.

    When people have nothing else to say (on both sides of the coin) they resort to the race card. It’s embarrassing. I dont think anything Nawrocki had to say was out of line and it was simply an opinion. Moon can disagree but really should think twice about stooping to using race as his only defense. “Never been a black QB”? Come on. Moon has never been a black QB in a recruiting scandal so HE can’t comment.

    Newton said he’s “an entertainer first” which would put a huge red flag for me if I am GM. Now it’s not because he black, its because that’s not what a team wants to hear when they’re about to drop millions of dollars on you. When I hear “I’m an entertainer” I don’t think of someone who has the team’s interest in mind, WHICH IS FINE, but don’t expect it have zero effect on people’s perception of you.

    What it sounds like to me is that Moon stands to make some money off of Newton and doesn’t want to see his draft stock fall.

    Only time will tell what Newton really is.

  73. Why isn’t Moon coming to the rescue of Ryan Mallett?Mallett has been trashed by multiple sources.

  74. Does he really believe that his career with Oilers and others was slave labor? Don’t sully your career with the race card. It makes you look stupid.

  75. Sounds like Moon is the driving force making this about race. Isn’t that reverse racism or something?

    I dunno. I just know I don’t care what color my teams QB is as long as he’s #Winning.

    Otherwise it’s, sizzle-losing-GOODBYE!

  76. These blogs sound like the same things that were said in Warren’s first year as a Husky, even though his passes were right on target and the receivers were often dropping them. Yes, we have come a long way, but there still is some unconscious racism around. Cam still has a way to go before he is the perfect person also, but he is just a young kid that is being looked at under a miscroscope.

  77. Warren thanks for standing up and speaking the truth . Many fans are very sensitive to the emergence of black coaches and q b .s . They feel as though what was once a stronghold position for whites is being challenged . It is simply amazing when consider the success of black q b s with limited opportunities . Do the math , white qbs are drafted at a high rate and out of the hundreds of so called tough smart pro style qbs we get Brady , Breeze , Manning , and now Rogers .

  78. What is funny that most of you guys who questiones Cam Newtons character are the same people who voted for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

    When it came to character, those two weren’t saints, but they were able to lead the United States.

    The problem I have with the Nawrocki’s article is when he went from being professional to unprofessional by calling attacking him as a person without even meeting the guy.

    From the comments I have read, most of you still have some racial sterotypes in you.

    When a lot of you think about Cam Newton, you guys think of what JaMarcus Russell did.

    When you guys think about a Muslim, you guys quick to assume they are terrorist.

    When you guys think about people of a Spanish decent, you guys automatically assume that they are illegal.

    Lets let Cam playing do the talking.

  79. mightybison says:
    Apr 1, 2011 1:20 PM
    Warren Moon make a lot of sense. So many of the comments leveled at Cam Newton have been totally uncalled for.

    Which ones?

  80. Ignorant. If only a black QB can understand his opinion, than I guess only a white fan can understand a white fan’s opinion. That, in itself, would mean that he doesn’t know if a white fan understands him or not.

  81. Disturbing comments? You mean all of the ones that insinuate or directly state that any white criticism of a black person for any honestly justifiable reason is still racism regardless of the facts involved in the case (ie Cam Newton’s past actions and comments).

    The overwhelming American population is NOT racist. Most whites & blacks do not hate simply on the grounds of race. However, those that do can be found on BOTH sides. And the REAL racism often exists on the side of the one dropping the race-card, rather than the intentionally misunderstood white person being accused. The was obviously not always the case, but 2011, most Americans are smart enough to smell the politics behind all of the accusations of “race”.

  82. Warren Moon needs to learn to shut his mouth. What is the difference between a white QB and a black QB? NOTHING, thats right NOTHING. Do you ever hear any white RB’s complaining, or white WR’s? Mexican, Hawaiian, Polish, Jewish….



  83. Some of these responses make Warren’s point for him . For example , notice how freely he has been called an idiot and ignorant for making his opinion known . Anyone who has heard Moon speak knows he is no dummy .

  84. Warren doesn’t know what it is like to be a white Qb either. So what is he comparing being a black QB too? He knows as much about what it is like for white qb’s through observations as white qb’s know what it is like about being a black qb.

  85. Too often black people point the finger and act like there own race doesn’t have plenty of their own racists

  86. I for one am so sick of the Race card being played at every turn. You never hear the white guy complaining about how he is stereo typed as cant run, cant jump etc etc. Have you seen the press Mallet has gotten? I wonder why no one has thrown the race card saying its because he is WHITE, or unless your a WHITE QB you have no idea. I look at racism kind of like a fart. The Flamer is Usually the Blamer, do you understand what I am saying, the racist is usually the one throwing the race card. There have been many other QB’s /people that have come before Cam Newton that have had far worse rides in the press, Black and White. The race card is an easy way to take the lime light off of the individual in question and to put on the so called racist media, coach’s, front office personnel, scout’s, college personnel, and all the other people that have been around the player. Warren Moon is just trying to shift the attention off Cam Newton and his alleged questionable character.

  87. Not the race card , the truth card . That term was developed to discourage victims from reporting impropriety . To muddy the waters sort of speak . Allowing others to use it as a smoke screen to complete deeds . I’m tired of people using the race card ……… card

  88. Face it folks, back in Moons day, he’s right. It was a different world. Black head coaches, black QB’s weren’t happening much at all.

    Today – Warren, you’re dead wrong.

    It’s too bad Moon has let his past frustrations and most likely resulting reverse prejudice… taint modern day reality.

  89. Rod are you saying you agree with Warren? If so, I am curious to hear your thoughts on Mallet?

  90. I absolutely agree with Moon . Mallet is a good pro prospect , he just doesn’t appear to offer any unique talent we have yet to see in the NFL .

  91. Cam does? He is Ben Turdburglar reincarnated, maybe? We really don’t know what he will be for another couple of years. Warren wasn’t referring to Cam’s talent level though he was referring to the color of his skin, and that the story written about him was racially motivated, and that Cam is being discriminated against because of the color of his skin. I would argue that Mallet has take a much harsher beating in the media than Cam has. Mallet was regarded as a high first rounder a few months ago, now all of these rumors and stories have come out which may or may not be true, and his stock has fallen down into the second round. Cam has been pretty bulletproof even with the one story that was written. He is still viewed by many as a top 3 pick. I dont see how Cam is being discriminated against, he iss now a public figure and is fair game for the media and the rumor mill, as is Ryan Mallet. Now if Cam’s gets drafted in the 2nd round maybe there is a little something to Warren’s story, but to claim it’s racially motivated because a guy got some bad press (which by the way most of the story was written based on opinions by players, coaches and scouts) is just B.S.

  92. People should give Moon a bit of a break. He personally really did have the race issue to deal with when he was coming out of college. Maybe we dont agree with him here so much, but he is probably a bit more sensitive to the issue based upon his ACTUAL experiences.

    You know, I would love to see a comparison of black v. white first round QB’s and how they did post draft – for fun. There have been plenty of busts on both sides, but I am surprised those numbers aren’t looked at. It is whatever it is.

  93. <<>>

    You need to understand THAT’s true hate speech. You’re it. You really just did that.

    It’s people like you who are the problem; people who have an insistence about others as guilty until they show otherwise, all as nothing but a way to feel above others.

    You reject through hatred, even if you have to lie an invent things to do so, to feel above. It’s people like you who believe 6 out of 10 people in a crowded mall are actually closet racists. You have no problem at all believing or inventing lies. Hate does that to a person. And it does include you, as you’ve just demonstrated.

    You need to understand, you just engaged in despicable hate speech. I don’t think you and people like you are intelligent enough to understand this.

    You shouldn’t opine on such things because you’re not equipped to do so. And it’s people like you, things like this, that tear everything down.

    What you just did there? That’s what hateful idealogues of society do. You just did it. You’re it, yet probably have the same problem most hateful idealogues do; you don’t possess an ability to see it.

  94. @chapnastier …

    The majority of America is past it? Are you kidding? Not to be rude, but anyone who doesn’t believe that birther nonsense is race-based has an IQ of 12. I can’t remember ever experiencing more racism than I’m seeing now at the national level. It’s … disheartening.

  95. Vince Young, Akili Smith, JeMarcus Russell, Kordell Stewart, Andre Ware, Byron Leftwich, Pat White and Quincy Carter all agree with Warren Moon.

    Or course, so do Tim Couch, Eric Crouch, Ryan Leaf, Tommy Maddox, Joey Harrington, Rex Grossman, Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, David Carr and Cade McNown.

    All of which were highly regarded in college and produced jack squat in the NFL because they had flaws that they refused to work on. Regardless of being black or white, a flawed QB is a flawed QB. There is no racism behind saying a guy has issues, when he does have issues.

    Stop holding a grudge because you were cast to the CFL at first. You know why you were cast-off Warren, because you HAD FLAWS. Fortunately for you, they were worked out and you had a successful career. So just shut up!

  96. Only an indictable TRUTH can cause this many angry white dudes to attack you with such intensity. Moon obviously hit a raging raw nerve.

    None of you…NOT ONE of you sociology experts have ever faced the kind of institutional Overt Racism that Mr Moon has faced. Being told despite being a classic pocket qb coming out of UWashington with the best throwing arm in his class by miles. Having to leave your country to play the game that you were the Best at. Gathering yourself like a Man and forcefully breaking down the doors of the NFL and becoming a HOF!

    Thanks for all of your emotional, maintain the status quo, Warren Moon is just a communist agitator type rantings. Bit I’ll trust him on this subject.

  97. Warren Moon is right, there is racism in the NFL look how they let black QB`s like Akili Smith slide and Jamarcus Russell yeah he went 1rst overall but don`t you think the Raiders could`ve got the pick in sooner. But Moon is only pointing out the Racism against blacks and not the other less popular ones…like racism against grocery baggers…yes that`s right Kurt Warner bagged groceries and was practically exiled from the NFL, he went undrafted and had to play arena ball just to get a shot at being 3rd string and all because he knew not to put loaf bread in with the carton of milk, also take Mallet being downgraded for being a coke head, I ask you is this not biased?Coke heads around the world speak up and protest this stereotyping.

  98. I’m curious – people are saying that comparing Cam to J. Russel, V. Young and other black failure QB’s is proof that this is all racial.

    Ok then, when we continue to compare him to Ryan Leaf, Leinart or any other bust white QB’s – what will you say then?

    The reasons people list for Cam being a bust never included him being black, they DID include his actions which aren’t exclusive to any race. They did include how he plays the game and how he carries himself with the press. Again, nothing to do with race.

    As to those talking about the report that started all of this. Heard a great explanation on it.

    Was by one of ESPN’s draft guys – basically said that there’s nothing in the report that he hasn’t heard from NFL scouts already. He WAS surprised with the delivery of the information but the report was accurate as to how many teams’ draft rooms see Cam. He also explained that the only way you get the TRUTH from these player/personnel types is to not attach names to it.

    All the teams do work ups on all the players but if your team is drafting in the bottom 10 teams, chances are the don’t need a QB and would have little reason to sandbag an opinion of a guy predicted to go top 5 in a hope to get him. 1. It’s not going to happen and 2. if it did, you have no use for him – why do it?

  99. helinhater says:

    How is 60% of the NFL black?

    You mean the players.

    So, that’s like saying, 100% of a plantation was black.

    Excuse me sir, but your racist is showing.

  100. Maybe the word that we really need to examine is not RACISM but PREJUDICE. When Cam is spoken of he is generally compared to not just Qbs, not just bad Qbs but usually to bad black qbs. That may not sound like prejudice to white people because in your mind you are just comparing things that compare . When a black person hears it, it sounds completely different

    Cam has been called Jermarcus 2.0….that is prejudice!

  101. “I remember back in 1990, I threw for over 500 yards in a game, the second-most ever, and I came out of the game because we had the game won,” Moon said. “Well, I got criticized by our African-American newspaper in Houston and called an Uncle Tom by a writer here because I didn’t break that record, because it would have been so important for African-Americans that I break that record just for the self-esteem of African-Americans.” – Warren Moon

  102. What’s funny all you “middle class” White guys in here calling Moon an idiot, for voicing his opinion. Whether or not you agree with it is beside the point. However he said it plain and simple, from his foxhole it’s racism. Why? Because he being a black QB has experienced it once or twice in his life. 90% of African Americans have experienced it at least once in their lifetime. I remember the days of being called a “reggin” in college. Which was in 2003. (Read it backwards)

    The point is, why call Moon an idiot for something who have NO knowledge on. You can’t say RACISM doesn’t exist if…

    1) You’re on the outside looking in
    2) You can only speak for yourself, so everyone else out there trying to speak for a group of people honestly needs to stop.
    3) Like Moon said, unless you’ve been there you have no room to say anything, negative or not.


    129+ comments on here 95% of them are racist why? For the simple fact of writing on here to defend how much they are not!!!!

  103. @gamustangdude-anybody with 2 grains of sense can spot racism when they hear it or see it and for you or anybody else who defends warren moons comments are supporting racism whitch means your probly a racist yourself.so instead of giving you all kinds of examples of how wrong you are i’d like to ask you a queston instead and that is-why is it that we never hear of white people complaining of racism?it’s not like it don’t happen infact it has happened to me where i grew up very close to a black neighborhood,i got beat up more than once just because i was white and in the wrong place but do i live my life acting as if all blacks are like that? no i don’t but you & warren moon are trying to make me start thinking that way, because if it’s ok for warren moon to hang on to his past then why can’t i? why can’t everyone?why don’t we just have a big race war and be done with it?i’ll tell you why, because to many people feel different.to many people have moved on and to many people don’t want to hear stupid unfounded racial crap like warren moons or yours

  104. Warren Moon has to stop babysitting Cam Newton, what’s Cam gonna do when he has a rough game and has to do a press conference?
    Is he gonna have Warren Moon up on the podium calling the statistics and opposing defense racist?
    Warren Has to let Cam develope thick skin, cause NFL QBs have to endure a ton of scrutiny (right/or wrong)…
    Donovan McNabb’s reaction to Rush Limbaugh is a perfect example of how to handle a controversial situation like a pro.
    Aaron Rodgers heard kids and old people calling him names and keying his truck when he took over for Favre, he handled that professionally.

    Point is, Cam has to be on his own and handle criticism like a MAN.

  105. Well you obviously missed a very important sentence in my comment I’ll re-post it hear for you to read again.


    95% of the comments here are centered on the fact that Race had nothing to do or very little to do with the criticism Cam’s receiving. My argument is simple, unless you are one of the sports writes / experts that have criticized Cam, you can’t say if it was or was not going throw their minds.

    Racism still exists, it existed in Moons’ era, when you were a kid getting beat up, and when I was in college. Just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That’s my argument sorry you missed it.

    If me simply stating the racism exists is in your words “unfounded racial crap” than there are some things in life you need to re-evaluate.

  106. Its ok, warren moon is just upset and fragile because the high profile black qbs have taken the biggest high profile dumps on their teams in the last couple years.

  107. When does it become apparent to the african american community, that NOBODY who has a real job,a life, cares about the color of your skin.
    Hate is to much work…..which explains a lot in the african american community.
    If you put it to a vote, I am pretty sure that the free handouts would be eliminated by a super majority in this country…
    this is why we have election. God I love quoting obama right now.

  108. @airraid77

    Whatch yourself you’d be surprised of the number’s of people affected by “handouts” hint: more whites and hispancis than african Americans.

    Also when are people like you going to realize that just because YOU feel a certain way doesn’t mean the next person does. Or can you read minds?

  109. Warren Moon’s comments seem to be more about Warren Moon than Cam Newton. I don’t need to be a black quarterback to understand that.

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