Lions ditch secrecy when it comes to pre-draft visits

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The Detroit Lions have become more secretive under coach Jim Schwartz, a Belichick-style coach who strives to keep his vest close to his cards, or something.

When it comes to the incoming rookies who’ll be visiting the Lions before the draft, the Schwartz regime suddenly has embraced Glasnost.

Per Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the team announced on its website the names of three players who visited the team last week:  Aldon Smith of Missouri, Mikel Leshoure of Illinois, and DeMarco Murray of Oklahoma.

“The fact is, everybody in the league knows,” Schwartz recently said, per Birkett.  “So if everybody in the league knows, it really doesn’t matter.  And if it’s interesting for the fans, . . . then I’m all for it.”

The pre-draft chess match extends to the process of player visits and workouts, with teams engaged in various levels of mind games when it comes to whether they are or aren’t interested in the guys they’ve brought to town.  Plenty of visits are smokescreens — and plenty aren’t.  It’s impossible to know, which makes the parade of reports regarding who is going where largely irrelevant.

Some teams only draft from the pool of players they’ve brought to town or worked out.  Other teams draft none of the guys whose tires they’ve kicked.  The smart move would be to change it up on a year-in and year-out basis.

Still, homework needs to be done on the players in which a franchise truly is interested.  And it could be that teams like the Lions will announce some of the guys they’re bringing to town, pretend that they’re announcing all of them, and try their damnedest to keep a small group of guys in which they’re truly interested quiet.

That’s easier said than done, and only a few coaches and G.M.’s have the juice to pull it off.  Usually, a Super Bowl ring or two is effective in this regard.

13 responses to “Lions ditch secrecy when it comes to pre-draft visits

  1. I like Schwartz…but he’s not much like BB (other than the fact that Mangini accused HIM of cheating also). I can’t picture BB saying that watching some RB’s highlights was his preference rather than watching porn. Nor can I picture BB…tweeting. 😀
    I did love that comment of Schwartz’s though…funny!

  2. “Lions ditch secrecy when it comes to pre-draft visits”

    What? You do know that Schwartz and co. had NO contact with Jahvid Best and still drafted him in the 1st round right? I think Best’s quote was “I had no idea they were even interested in me.”

  3. I’m sorry. All this is well and good but the reality is we may have nothng much to talk about real soon. I know you have to keep this site going. I used to love to come here. Now it is just getting sad. Lord help us Buccaneer football? Oh well gotta get ready for the Rays game . Where’s that popcorn bowel again?

  4. Many coaches people would’ve been hesitant to take over an 0-16 franchise. But really he just had to win 1 game his first year and its improvement then a few games the next year. Not that bad of a situation to be in as a rookie head coach

  5. I love this guy and Martin Mayhey too. These two guys have more moxy than people realize or even understand. The media can act like they haven’t proven themselves yet, but I’ve seen all I need to. Watch out for this new brand of lions because their claws and teeth are back in tact.

  6. It doesn’t matter who they have in for a visit. It’s Detroit! Good grief, they’ll never be relevant. They haven’t been a decent team since Barry Sanders walked away from the game. Schwartz should of stayed an assistant at Tennessee. Have they actually won a road game in the last ten years?

  7. Sorry, spartyfi. I must have missed that since I usually switch to another game if they are playing.they may actually start winning a few games with Suh there if they can keep Stafford healthy.

    But secrecy for visits? Totally unnecessary.

  8. People really need to realize what the Lions have down over the last few years. You can rag all you want about the past 10 years or whatever but the Lions have the best young offense in football, and a defense that took huge leaps last year. Stafford, Johnson, Best, Delmas, Suh, Levy, Avril, Pettigrew. The list goes on and on of young players that the Lions have that seem to be developing into what is a very good football team. They had 6 wins (should have been 7) in the toughest division in football. So cry all you want about them not ever being relevant but you will be in for a big surprise. If they have another good draft and sign a couple free agents, if whenever it starts, don’t be surprised if you see a 10 win Lions team that is one of the youngest in the league.

  9. actually they went 9-7 without sanders the year before millen started drafting. ross quit at 5-4, moeller finished 4-3 . they should have kept moeller.

    the lions missed the playoffs due to a last second bear paul edinger fg. otherwise if they win, the warner-led rams wouldnt have returned to the playoffs.

    i dont blame all the bad draft pix on millen over his term. after all he werked for wcf and some of this were “owner picks”. but firing moeller and blowing it up like he did, yes that’s on millen.

    from north of daytwa…

  10. WCF never had any “owner picks” people that think that are just dumb. Have you seen the old man? Can he even speak anymore? The guy has nothing to do with the Lions except signing the pay checks. If he even does that.

  11. danetow says:
    Apr 2, 2011 9:59 PM
    WCF never had any “owner picks” people that think that are just dumb. Have you seen the old man? Can he even speak anymore? The guy has nothing to do with the Lions except signing the pay checks. If he even does that.

    I can guarantee WCF can beat the hell out of old man Davis

    Jack ass

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