Broncos may have no choice but to go with Tebow

From Mark Kislza of the Denver Post comes an intriguing look at the immediate future of the Broncos’ quarterback position.  With fans smitten by quarterback Tim Tebow, will the team be able to give the ball to anyone else when the 2011 season begins?

And will the team resist that for which the fans will be clamoring?

“Everybody knows [V.P. of football operations John] Elway ranks as the greatest sports superhero ever to don a cape in a local locker room, but right now the Broncos executive seems to be straining awfully hard not to get bullied by the public’s insatiable appetite for all things Tebow,” Kiszla writes.  “Interviewing every quarterback with a pulse as part of draft preparation seems like a hollow exercise in showing who’s the boss.”

Though Kiszla seems to ping-pong regarding the question of whether Tebow deserves the job, Kiszla believes that the fact so many fans want Tebow to have the job could be a problem — regardless of how it all turns out.

And so, in the end, a tug-o-war could be brewing between the man who ultimately delivered Denver its greatest ever two-year run and the man whom many think has the ability to duplicate, and perhaps surpass, that accomplishment.

54 responses to “Broncos may have no choice but to go with Tebow

  1. Like I’ve said before, Bronco fans want wins and we simply can’t afford to draft a 3rd quarterback in the first round in a 5 year span.

  2. Tebow pretty clearly was better as a rookie in the NFL than Elway was. If there was someone around to make a final judgement on John after his first year in the league he would have been playing baseball from then on.

  3. Damn right he should play

    Would the final three games of the season tell you anything else?

    orton has garbage stats from garbage time and has consistently shown he will be nothing better then mediocre

    roll the dice and quit being nieve

  4. Orton will be a 49er/Cardinal/Dolphin/Seahawk…. Tebow starts in Denver. The Broncos are fooling absolutely NO ONE.

  5. Don’t listen to fans. It is the surest way to fail in the NFL. They don’t have the information to make such a decision and no front office person should listen to what they have to say.

  6. “So this is the key football and business question for the Broncos in 2011: Is the team more interested in winning games or pushing a Tebow product?” -Kiszla

    Typical Kiszla ridiculous supposition. It’s even given it’s own space on the page as if it’s some profound conclusion. He crafts an “either or” situation when in fact there are so many other scenarios.

    The Broncos can in fact be interested in winning and pushing a Tebow product at the same time. Why else would they have kept last year’s OC, the only significant staffer that survived the Joshie purge?

    This team needs defense. If Luck was in this draft you have a story. But he’s not. Dareus, Fairley, and Von Miller are.

    Mike, quit killing your credibility by dubbing anything this guy writes as “intriguing.”This dude does more than “ping pongs” when he writes, he pulls stuff from out of nowhere as well.

    You two have a lot in common actually.

  7. Wait, Tebow’s going to have to start at his own 20 instead of the opponent’s 5 where Orton switches out? No offense to Denver fans, but if you love Oakland, Kansas City or San Diego, things are looking up…

  8. While I think TeBow will ultimately just prove to be a journeyman quarterback, I think this is a good move by the Broncos. Wasting a top pick on this fairly lame QB crop would be a huge mistake. Get the best athlete you can, plug another hole, go with Tebow and wait and see what arises.

  9. Kyle Orton must have an odor about him or something. The guy plays well and gets 0 respect anywhere. Go figure.

  10. So, a Horse, Elway, and Tebow, walk into the bar, bartender says to Elway, Why the long face? Tebow orders a Gin and Tonic, hold the gin. Brady Quinn exits the bathroom stall glory hole and rides off on the horse into the sunset to lead the Broncos to the super bowl in 2012. Go Browns

  11. i thought they cut tebow after they found him in a bath house doing lines of blow off of bobby humphrey.

  12. Who was it a few comments ago said never listen to the fans, they don’t have access to the information you have? I have a little something I’d like to share with you…..
    WE KNEW DONOVAN F***MCNABB WAS NO GOOD AND SHANAHAN DIDN”T LISTEN…….so maybe giving Tebow a shot isn’t the worst idea in the world…

  13. 154.6 rushing yards allowed – 31st in NFL.
    26 rushing TD’s – worst in NFL.

    How good of a tackler is Cam Newton…? lol

  14. As a Broncos fan, I wouldn’t have a problem with the team looking to take a QB in the first round in any other year, but this year’s QB class is filled with more questions than answers.

    With that said, I think people are drawing the wrong conclusion that Denver will take a QB in the FIRST round. Denver is looking at all these guys in case they drop to the SECOND round.

  15. Denver needs a QB, not an evangelist. They should take Kapernick in round 2 because Tebow is not the answer. He should go to some underdeveloped country and what he’s best at.

  16. i feel sorry for elway. one way or another his name is going to be tied to tbitch and he didn’t even pick him. personally, i don’t know if i could stand NFL football if tebow became a winner…oh it would be so terrible. imagine all the idiot broadcasters kissing his ass. makes me want to puke. on the bright side, tebow is not an NFL QB so hopefully that won’t happen but boy can he fire some people up.

  17. In the words of the great (Ok, good) Buddy Ryan- any coach who listens to the fans will be sitting with them soon enough.

  18. I don’t understand why they are so quick to drop the young man. He started in 3 games and that is enough time to determine he is useless? I feel sorry for the guy, all he does is work hard and is constantly rediculed and disrespected. He deserves a chance with another team.

  19. As a Panther fan I can tell you that Fox WILL NOT play a young QB unless ordered to by the GM/Pres. Last year Richardson was forced to release Delhomme and eat his 13million salary so that Fox had no crutch to fall back on. The only way Tebow plays is if Orton is gone.

  20. well if they dont deal orton, play them both. tebow is raw, but has good points. orton deserves better, but it still productive.

  21. Considering how bad their defense was (LAST) they should draft all defense.

    Let Tebow play. If he’s great then awesome, and if he’s not then then you go back to Orton and look at a QB when the draft has better QB’s and the defense can stop someone.

  22. I don’t pity Elway’s job. It’s got to be hard to sit down and rebuild this team knowing that you have 1st round picks that haven’t affirmatively proven their worth as starting material at QB, RB, WR and 3-4 OLB, and all of them are going to be 2nd or 3rd year players this year so they’re too early to render a final judgment. It’s a lot to evaluate. Equally hard knowing that in the past two years they’ve let go Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Ryan Torain and Peyton Hillis, all under 27 years of age at 3 of the 4 positions McDaniels drafted. Regardless of your opinions of them, all four of them make solid contributors to any starting lineup, and based on past production are better bets to be solid long term contributors than the crop of young guys in Denver.

    Best thing Denver can do is treat this #2 pick like a luxury, like they’re lucky to have it, and draft a guy without even a thought to what guys they already have at that position. If they treat the #2 pick as something they must get right, or they must prioritize this position or that, it has the makings of a botched pick.

  23. bensstinkyfingers says:
    Apr 3, 2011 9:20 PM
    So, a Horse, Elway, and Tebow, walk into the bar


    So Tebow and 2 horses walk into a bar….

  24. A predicament indeed:

    The fans are in a collective stupor after McDaniels’ Krakatoa and are “true believers” in the SAVIOR. Reminds one of the superstitions arising after the Middle Ages……

    Elway knows Tebow is a PLACEBO who will blow-up in their faces and fans will quickly turn against Elway. But, if he challenges the “illusion” he will also be demonized.

    Elway in a “lose-lose” box. But, at the same time, has some political capital in not drafting any of the very mediocre quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

    Draft defense. Let Tebow the PLACEBO implode and maybe, next year Elway can get a “franchise” quarterback!

  25. That card you used sucks. I just pulled a John Elway auto from 2011 Topps Finest. Anyone interested?

  26. I’m sorry … what?!?

    Diehard Steelers fan here. Diehard. Bleed black and gold. But Elway in his prime was breathtaking. Incomparable. The best I’ve ever watched. A freaking joy to behold.

    And you Denver fans think Tebow will be better than Elway? Despite his odd passing windup?

    Better … than John Elway?

    Seriously?????? Based on what?

  27. has tebow proven anything yet? no. has he been given a fair shot to prove himself? again if you answer honestly no he has not. I do not understand all the hate for a guy who happens to be a good guy as well a qb. he did everything you can do in collage except get arrested and yet is crucified for living his beliefs and not being a phony. just because you do not share his beliefs is no reason to condemn the guy. the broncos are in a rebuilding mode so why not let the kid play while they put some of the rest of the pieces together?they are not going to win many more games than they did last year so let him play and get experiance the next year or 2 so he can be judged fairly. I am a bears fan so I don’t care about the broncos but hope he does well just because of what he stands for and all the heat he gets for being a great guy. you may want your kids to look up to the guys who beat thier wives/girfriends and get popped for dwi’s or drugs but not me.

  28. A bit off topic but looking at that picture, WTH is a “player worn jersey” compared to “game worn” for Elway??? LOL. And why would a Topps card care to point this out?

    I can see players putting on dozens of jerseys one day and a company labelling them “player worn” to sucker in buyers.

    Can anyone shed light on this potential stupidity?

  29. Deb says:
    Apr 3, 2011 10:53 PM
    I’m sorry … what?!?

    Diehard Steelers fan here. Diehard. Bleed black and gold. But Elway in his prime was breathtaking. Incomparable. The best I’ve ever watched. A freaking joy to behold.
    Ok, so a horse, Tebow and Elway walk into a bar. Brady Quinn rides off into the sunset on the horse, Deb rides off on Elway apparently.

  30. Deb,

    Forgive the “believers” when they dare to compare a guy with a bad haircut who runs around in underwear….I believe he is called Tebow the PLACEBO…….with the GOAT (the greatest of all time!)…’s a generational thing… is also history repeating itself: After a period of misery and untold suffering (McHoodie) the wretched masses become involved in magical thinking and create many superstitions in order to relieve their miserable existence (Broncos circa 2010)……

    Sheen is getting people to buy tickets for his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour… is not surprising if some idiots pay to see Tebow’s torpedo……

  31. I heard Elway is MMA training and planning a comeback. He plans to unseat orton, tebow and Quinn.
    But did anybody’s red zone ball handling skills help Elway’s career more than mine?

  32. Die hard Browns fan here.

    Pls, do not get into the revolving door with QB’s! No one, especially on offense, wins with that. While every draft pick is a gamble, don’t waste a pick on this year’s lot. Go with what you have, but give the kid a legitimate chance.

    Go with defense this year. There are plenty of good linemen defensive backs to rebuild.

    Hey, if the kid doesn’t work out, then look at a QB next year.

    Hiring Elway was just a PR move to offset the recent coaching changes. I hope he’s getting PAID to take this heat.

  33. Orton is a decent Qb just not the long term Qb in denver. McDaniels sold the farm for Tebow and after his three starts last year you could just feel like there was something about him. I can’t explain it. I’m not gona says he’s the next elway but there is something there. he is a good kid and I hope he dose well I’m rooting for him. And I hope orton gets a fair shot with another team he is a stand up guy.

  34. “Tebow pretty clearly was better as a rookie in the NFL than Elway was. If there was someone around to make a final judgement on John after his first year in the league he would have been playing baseball from then on.”


    Dude, really?? Tebow started 3 games and ended 1-2. Elway started almost his entire rookie season and took the Broncos to the playoffs. I am willing to guarantee, has Tebow played his entire rookie season, he would have ended up as a sub-70 passer rating.

    Also, remember that Elway played in a different era for QBs. They weren’t obsessed with TD passes and throwing INTs. They cared about winning and that was it.

    Any intelligent Broncos fan knows that Tebow is not the answer, he never will be… He is Brady Quinn Jr.

  35. The fans can’t be wrong all the time.I don’t know what would be so wrong with giving him a season to play at starter.If he wasn’t going to be a starter why did you daft him then.

  36. “Diehard Steelers fan here. Diehard. Bleed black and gold. But Elway in his prime was breathtaking. Incomparable. The best I’ve ever watched. A freaking joy to behold.”

    Jeez, sounds like you have a horse-crush.

  37. As a Raiders fan, I welcome any plan that involves Orton leaving Denver and Tebow getting the starter’s role. That sounds like a great idea to me!

  38. Tebow = Great human being
    Tebow = Great athlete
    Tebow = Great COLLEGE qb


    Tebow also = slow release, slower on foot then most people think, not bigger or stronger then NFL linebackers, on top of the slow release squat for arm strength and accuracy.

    I guess we’ll have to see if being a winner is going to be enough to carry him to wins in the NFL. I hate Denver, as I’m a Packers fan, but I have to admit I’m rooting for this kid to succeed. I hope he does, but I just don’t see it happening.

  39. Before this year, Kyle Orton had 0 losing seasons as a starting QB. His rookie year with the Bears, he literally had NO OFFENSE. He had no superstar WR to throw to. He didn’t have a run game. Bears go to the playoffs.

    Fast forward to 2008. He had a rookie RB in Forte with nobody to throw to, except for a rookie TE who has all the promise in the world. They had an average, at best, defense and still were a playoff team if if weren’t for Lovie Smith’s horrible play calling against ATL.

    2009, Denver goes 6-0 before finishing 2-8. Orton actually has a superstar WR to throw to but a questionable run game. Denver’s d was great early on, the fell apart.

    2010, Orton was actually on pace to have better overall stats than the previous year with NO RUN GAME and NO DEFENSE!!! In other words, teams knew what they were going to do and he still put up the stats.

    The Tebow lovers say that Tebow has won at every level and that’s why he’ll succeed in the NFL. There are two flaws in that statement:

    No.1- He’s 1-2 as a starter against teams that virtually had nothing to play for towards the end of a long, grueling season.

    No.2- College success doesn’t, and never has, translated to NFL success. There are countless players who fall into this category.

    So with that said, as an Orton fan, I hope he gets traded to a team that is ready to compete, because Denver sure isn’t.

  40. To give Tebow a shot, you have got to build the offense specifically around him. That is the only way you can give a guy with specialized talent a shot. To put him in a standard pro offense is a recipe for failure. If you want to give him a shot, that’s the only way to see what he can do. He was fabulously successful in college, but let’s see if it transfers to the pros.

  41. The Jaguars have two 4th round picks this year. Trade Tebow to the Jaguars for 1 of those 4th round picks. The 4th round is where he should have been drafted anyway.

  42. Well if John Fox comes in and tries to make Tebow fit his offensive scheme, than yes, he will probably fail. If he wants to win bad enough that they taylor the offense around Tebow’s abilities, then he will play well and they can win the game.

  43. The Broncos need to trade down a position or two to one of the teams high on Newton or Gabbert. Then use the additional second rounder they get to draft Kaepernick. If they want to keep Tebow around. Use him as the Wild Cat QB he most likely is. Draft Miller or Dareus with that first round pick. Maybe Austin with one of the second rounders. Denver needs a defense line. To stop the run and to provide a pass rush.

    Dumervil, Dareus and Austin would go a long way toward improving that defense. And Kaepernick is a guy with first round talent that should drop to the second or third just because he didn’t go to a major school.

  44. @ursushorribilis …

    You hit the nail on the head with “generational thing.” No one who actually watched Elway play could be so stupid. I like Tebow–he has everything you could want in a great QB … except the arm.

    @bensstinkyfingers …

    I’m an adult football fan. That means I appreciate great football play. It doesn’t mean I want to “ride” the players.

    @thevalsalvamanouvre …

    Reading comments like yours makes me wonder if I’m the only one here who’s actually in love with the game. Cheered against the guy his whole career. But he was a thrill to watch. Sad you don’t get it.

  45. The Broncos are going to make a move at quarterback if they get the chance. If no one offers them a package good enough to get the #2 pick from them then the team will pick either Newton or Gabbert, whichever one is available. If they do trade down then I agree with many other posters that C.K. could be the choice in the second round.

    TEBOW is not the future at quaterback for the Broncos. And until Elway’s ability to judge talent is either confirmed or exposed his two SB rings and his HOF jacket have earned him the benefit of the doubt over the fans, internet bloggers and beat writers.

  46. Tebow leading a club to something better
    than Elway did,

    is like expecting Rebecca Black to make
    people forget about the Beatles…

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