Carolina columnist: Panthers love Newton, Peterson, and Green


We don’t know that the Panthers prefer Cam Newton to Blaine Gabbert.   We do know that multiple national reporters and those closest to the team in Carolina believe that’s true.

Writing for the Charlotte Observer Sunday, Tom Sorensen says that Cam Newton, Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green, and LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson are the three players the Panthers love.

“If Carolina trades down, and Newton, Green and Peterson are gone, it could take Gabbert,” Sorensen writes.  “But I swear that’s the only way.”

Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald has made similar comments over the last few weeks, feeling that the Panthers prefer Newton to Gabbert.  Green and Peterson seem more likely to be targets if the Panthers traded down.

Still, Green-to-Carolina at No. 1 has picked up a little steam.  PFW’s Nolan Nawrocki and NFL Network’s Charley Casserly both had Green going first overall in their latest mock drafts.

They are betting on the underdog.  At this stage, Newton sure looks like the favorite to go first overall.

23 responses to “Carolina columnist: Panthers love Newton, Peterson, and Green

  1. Man, if history shows anything, you don’t take a WR in the 1st round, much less in the top 5. For every quality 1st rd WR out there, there are 25 1st rd WR busts.

  2. I can’t imagine anyone trading with Carolina, There isn’t a CLEAR 1st overall pick. There are 9 DLinemen I dont think anyone would move up that high if the team is going that route.

  3. The Panthers are in dire need of WR, but in more dire need of a franchise QB. No way Green goes #1 overall. They’ll take Gabbert or Newton.

  4. TV you can say that for every position. Picking or not picking a player should never be based on odds. Teams need to hire personnel guys that actually know what they’re doing. People claim the draft is a crap shoot. But a few teams seem to always fair far better than the rest each year. And those teams always seem to be in contention.

    Stop hiring from the same pool NFL owners. There have got to be people out there who aren’t given a chance that can actually do the job.

  5. What a terrible year to have the first pick….Out of those three, AJ Green is the best. Defenses in the NFL will be designing schemes to cover him for next decade. But drafting a WR #1?? It has to be Newton.

  6. Not a good year to have the first pick.. I do not see one guy on the board that is a “lock” to be a great pro..

  7. The more and more I think about this I arrive at the same conclusion. I’m pretty sure that everyone in the league knows that Newton’s upside is through the roof. And despite what many think there is a racial element to his scrutiny and it’s probably warranted from the perspective that the league needs for Cam Newton to be successful and reach his true potential just as it needed Leinart, Russel, Young to do the same. (All of the franchises that drafted these kids are in the market for QB now) No one wins if players squander their potential and opportunity. So to put Newton through this type of scrutiny now would hopefully make him cherish this opportunity to be the best NFL player he can be and not become the next Jamarcus. Who’s lack of work ethic robbed the fans of the NFL from watching an immensely talented kid from reaching his potential and making the league and game stronger. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goddell was pushing the media toward Gabbert knowing all along that ultimately teams simply don’t pass up on a Kid like Newton who dominated the best conference in College football while picking up 4 of the top player awards, and leading his team to an undefeated national championship season. If you look at all of Cam Newton’s “off the field issues” they deal with Money or taking tests none of which he will have to worry about in the NFL.

  8. None of those three (though I would say Peterson would be the best player of those 3)…DAREUS!!!!
    I simply cannot believe they would be dumb enough to take ANY of the QBs or a WR @ 1 when they simply MUST add a dominant DT.

    Rivera spoke of having a Rivers like franchise passer true, but he has been a coach on other teams that did not have a franchise QB but due to their D made do with an average to a bit above average one. Certainly those Bears teams won more than SD has with Rivers (at least the Bears went to the SB). This isn’t a knock on Rivers, I think he’s an excellent player. It’s more a knock on this mantra everywhere that a team HAS to build ONLY with some “franchise OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!1! QB” in order to be solid and competitive.

    NO ONE thinks maybe Matt Moore will re-sign there and could be a darkhorse candidate for starter???? Depending on his injury rehab and interest level of other teams of course…but I could see it happening. Chud’s offense will probably be similar enough to Davidson’s/Weis’ that it won’t be that tough for Moore to step in and be on par with Clausen playbook wise. And I believe the team likes Moore better. Moore has a nice personality and doesn’t rub guys the wrong way like Clausen seems to.

  9. “If Carolina trades down, and Newton, Green and Peterson are gone, it could take Gabbert,” Sorensen writes.

    And just who is going to trade up? Nobody for this draft class.

  10. “Still, Green-to-Carolina at No. 1 has picked up a little steam. PFW’s Nolan Nawrocki and NFL Network’s Charley Casserly both had Green going first overall in their latest mock drafts.”

    …and now we are officially quoting Nolan Nawrocki regularly. Sounds like his ripping of Cam Newtown has done EXACTLY what he intended it to do. Put him in the spotlight.

    I’m now rooting for Cam Newton to be an excellent pro, most likely in Carolina.

  11. And unless the lockout ends there can’t be any trades, correct? Which makes this even a worse draft to really get those needs filled.

  12. Chazz, you can’t trade players. But you can trade draft picks. Current and future draft picks. I hope they do draft a QB though. Because then they would have to release Tony Pike. He’s a guy I believe can go somewhere and succeed. He has too many people in front of him drafted at higher positions to get a shot. But if he went to Houston or Washington with a real QBs coach, he will develop into a big-time QB.

  13. I hope the Panthers pick AJ Green #1. Green is going to be a great pro and well worth a #1 pick. I also think Cam Newton will have a great career in the NFL but the Panthers haven’t even given Clausen a fair chance.

  14. Do these guys need to pick it up and hold it under their nose to realize what a complete turd Newton is?

  15. As a Saint fan, I hope Carolina takes Newton or Green. Newton has too many red flags and virtually no experience in a pro-style offense. He has a lot to work on and I don’t see him being a dominant QB now or in the future. He has a ton of talent, but you won’t run for 1400 yards in the NFL. Vick broke 1000 yards once (and barely). Vince Young hasn’t come close. Randall Cunningham came close (942) once. You have to be able to pass. Newton is a 1-, 2-read guy before he takes off. That just doesn’t work in the NFL.

    And Green has a rep of being a diva and somewhat of a slacker. And with nothing at QB, he would be a wasted pick, at least for this year.

    Peterson scared me the most because that would make their already-stout defense even better.

  16. Thanks debronco, I agree with you about Tony Pike I saw a lot of him at Cincy and he looked like the real deal and until you just brought up his name I haven’t heard squat about him.

  17. Green makes more since when you consider that Steve Smith probably will be traded when a new CBA is announced, if you read the tea leaves that way. There is good reason to suspect he is gone. Do you think that they are not trying to get Cincinnati (who also covets a QB and supposedly likes Newton) to trade so they can get a second rounder and still draft Green or Patterson?

  18. Also, Sorenson chose the Panthers to win 7 of their 16 games in his Weekly “matchup” column including one against Atlanta and one against New Orleans.

  19. In my opinion, the Panthers should trade back, because there is no surefire #1 pick this year. Obviously they need a franchise QB, but can Cam Newton come in and play in a pro-style offense right away? Newton ran 264 out of 544 plays. To me he’s just Vince Young without the rookie of the year.

    If they are looking at specifically those three (when they should be looking at Dareus) I think both Peterson and Green are going to be studs in the NFL, and probably are the safest picks in the whole draft. Peterson reminds me of Charles Woodson, and Green reminds me of a smaller version of Calvin Johnson.

    Out of those three, I would probably take Peterson, it’s not too often you can come by a shut down corner that’s being compared to Revis or Woodson, plus in the NFC South, they are going to need him to help stop Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and a good up and coming Josh Freeman.

  20. More smokescreens. Carolina is hoping someone will covet one of those 3 enough to trade up for them, even if it’s just a couple spots, and they are using the local media to get their message out. Nice try Panthers, but no cigar. You’re stuck with having to choose. They might take the flyer on Newton, because some people actually enjoy going to the dentist. They could go WR or CB even though those positions aren’t of the greatest need or the most valuable. In the end, I think they’re also beginning the negotiations with Dareus agent.

  21. Carolina needs to keep boots in the seats. Too many stories about them drooling over Newton. He is there choice period. They want flair.

  22. I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, but it could be a smart move for the future to draft Green now so that you could pair him with Andrew Luck in 2012.

    That gives you have a stellar QB-WR tandem for the next decade. That combo would be a massive step forward for the team IMO. Then maybe add in a playmaking TE in rounds 3-5 to have groomed and ready.

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