Jaguars unlikely to trade up to get quarterback

The Jaguars infamously haven’t drafted a quarterback since Byron Leftwich.  Really.

We expect that trend to change this year, and a lot of Jaguars fans hope it changes in round one or round two.  The tricky part: Will the right guy fall to them?

Choosing at No. 16, Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert figure to be off the board.  Most analysts would argue that Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, and Christian Ponder might be a stretch at that point.

The next Jaguars pick is at No. 49.  There is a chance the best of the second crop of quarterback prospects (Ponder, Colin Kaepernick, Andy Dalton) could be gone by then and it’s fair to wonder if the Jaguars will trade up.   They have an extra fourth-round pick.

Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union believes it’s unlikely to happen and G.M. Gene Smith doesn’t like trading up.

“Would I [trade up]? Yes, but it’d have to be a special situation,” Smith said.

Smith has done a great job the last two years by thinking originally.  He’s successfully taken guys well before draftniks thought they would go off the board.  (Tyson Alualu, Derrick Cox, and Terrance Knighton among them).

The Jaguars are among the toughest teams to predict; their fans just hope Smith surprises them with a quarterback early this year.

17 responses to “Jaguars unlikely to trade up to get quarterback

  1. This is why they will not finish ahead of the Colts until Peyton Manning retires. The Jags will reach for another defensive player they could have drafted 10- 15 spots later, or a WR that would go in the 2nd round.

  2. The Jaguars should trade out of their current spot to a new city ASAP.
    L.A. anyone?

  3. As a Brown’s fan…I think his draft expertise sucks….Com’on, give us a Saints style ransom for our number 6!

  4. @mashoaf Yes, the Jags traded up in ’08 to take Harvey. That was the last draft of the Shack Harris era that sucked the life out of the fanbase in Jax and produced such notorious busts as Reggie Williams, Matt Jones, Reggie Nelson, and the aforementioned Derrick Harvey. 4 whiffs on 1st rounders and a mediocre QB who got run out of town, not to mention all the mid to late round picks who never produced. Harris’ only significant positive contributions were MJD, Marcedes Lewis, Daryl Smith, Vince Manuwai, Rashean Mathis. 5 solid players drafted between 2003-2008. Fail.

    @ari888 I’m not sure I’d characterize Terrance Knighton, Tyson Alualu, and Derek Cox as reaches. Unless you are privy to the draft boards of every NFL team, you have no way of knowing what grade ACTUAL NFL personnel had assigned to those players. If anything, the Jaguars have stuck to the “BAP” model more than ever, you just disagree with the assessments of Gene Smith and other real NFL personnel (ie not the talking heads like McShay and Kiper). Bill Polian himself has praised the personnel moves of the Jaguars of the past 2 offseasons.

    The Jags are clearly still building and have holes/needs for upgrades in the secondary, the linebacker corps, the interior o-line, defensive end, and a QB to begin developing. However, I wouldn’t be dismissive given the teams ability to overachieve the past two seasons when there were glaring weaknesses. Gene Smith is quietly building a contender the way small market and cost conscious teams need to.

    As for this years draft, I would not be shocked at all if Christian Ponder is the pick in the 1st round. It makes sense just fits like the Eugene Monroe pick did. At the same time, Gene Smith has the confidence to pick someone off the radar that hasn’t gotten a lot of publicity (Tyson Alualu). Either way, I doubt Smith will “whiff” completely on the pick, at the very least he’ll get a moderately productive starter out of the 1st round pick.

  5. “Would I [trade up]? Yes, but it’d have to be a special situation,” Smith said.

    Translates to:

    “If there were any quarterbacks in this draft that would not be total busts, we would trade up for one.”

  6. Oh yea, having a rockstar, badass QB is great…. It’s only good for 8 or 9 wins (if you’re lucky) if you have a dumb ass coach and ego maniac GM who does more harm than good and to top it all off, an owner who just really doesn’t give that much of a crap about the whole dysfunction!

    Signed, Charger fan

  7. It’s all smokescreen and strategy. I predict Gabbert to Tennessee at 8, then Jacksonville trades with Dallas at 9 to nab Newton ahead of Washington. The real shocker will be Shanahan taking… no not Locker, but Mallett at 10. Mallett can start day one, has a cannon (like Cutler) and rumors are a personality to match. Shanahan will take the risk.

    I’ll further go out on a limb and say Mallett has the best rookie season of the bunch, by far.

  8. @diehard82

    Trading up to take Cam Newton is about the last thing Gene Smith is contemplating. His drafts have been characterized by “character” guys and Cam Newton’s track record of stolen laptops, three “alleged” instances of cheating in the classroom, and “alleged” pay for play antics might actually have him completely off of the Jags draft board.

  9. Trade with the Broncos. They need a 4th round pick. Give first and 4th for Tebow. Broncs take Gabertt at 2 and good D player in Jax spot. Orton starts at least one more year.

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