Lions didn’t disclose their future pre-draft visits


When we posted last night an item regarding the second e-mail snafu by the Lions in recent months, we didn’t intend to suggest that the Lions have revealed to all other teams the full extent of the franchise’s 30 pre-draft visits, especially since not all of them have occurred.

Tom Kowalski of “inferred” from our post otherwise, and he reports that the Lions have not disclosed inadvertently to the league at large — yet — the incoming rookies who have not yet visited the team.

Apparently, that makes it OK.

Kowalski also points out that, when coach Jim Schwartz said last month that “everybody in the league knows” who’ll be visiting the Lions, he wasn’t speaking literally, because the blunder had yet to occur.

Apparently, that makes it OK, too.

No matter how hard Kowalski wrings out the mop for the home team, the fact remains that they have twice sent e-mails meant only for the league office to every team.  The first came when quarterback Matthew Stafford was placed on injured reserve.  The second came when they recently notified the entire league of the players who had visited the team.

Though, if the Lions plan to disclose all of the players who come to town for a visit via their website, it’s a no-harm/no-foul situation, it’s the kind of thing that makes other front offices regard the Lions as a bumbling operation, even though the organization otherwise seems to be moving on the right track.

Still, the fact that one flaw has surfaced in a public way two different times makes us wonder how many other less obvious flaws still exist within the franchise, arising either from the Matt Millen regime or from the dynamic that allowed Millen to last in his job for so damn long.

17 responses to “Lions didn’t disclose their future pre-draft visits

  1. I wonder how he “inferred” that?

    Since it was in the post: “Multiple sources have advised PFT that the Lions, intending to send a list of their pre-draft visits to the league as required by rule, sent the list to every team.”

    I “inferred” that too.

  2. Nice reporting Mike. I don’t know who’s interests are served by NOT reading between the lines unless Tom Kowalski thinks his job description includes shilling for the Lions.

    Credit where credit is due: Analysis like this is what made PFT a giant among blogs.

  3. Give them time. It’s Sunday, for cryin’ out loud. As soon as they’re all back in the office working tomorrow, I’m sure one of their pencil pushers will get the memo out to all the 31 other teams.

  4. Dont worry all future Lions draft pick visits will be accidently leaked in a 3rd all NFL email.

  5. Wouldn’t it have been obvious to everyone that Stafford was going on IR? Doesnt the team notify the league and then the public? Or am I way off? It’s not like you can keep it a secret from the other 31 teams.

    And who care’s which incoming rookies are visiting them. The one way this can hurt the Lions is if it’s 100% true and it hurts their chances of trading the pick. Last year the Lions got J. Best by trading up to grab him and Best said in an interview that he had no idea the Lions were interested because he hadnt talked to them.

    Once again another non-story. Nice try though.

  6. Come draft day, all of this will have zero impact on who falls, and who the Lions select…. but it might influence what teams and the media think about what the Lions are up to…well done Martin.

  7. In the long run, this isn’t going to matter much. Come draft day, they can still select a player from the list of whoever’s available. The only way they could screw that up is if they select a player who was previously drafted by another team … or, if they select the same guy – two rounds in a row.

    Even if they accidentally publish their wish list to Santa (rough draft, of course) … I don’t think I’m really going to care.

  8. Lions are doing this to rebel against the tampering charges. Just wait till they email you coupons to Sears.

  9. No matter how hard you root for the Lions, you can’t deny that there is a perception that the organization is a joke and this doesn’t help.

    And it may go beyond Millen; three years have passed and this team is still tripping over itself.

    Thumbs up

  10. The Lions have bumbled anything.

    The bumbling seems to be coming from everyone writing on this story.

    The story has been written and rewritten 3 times.

  11. Definitely it’s the same dynamic that hired Millen and kept him for so long. The one Barry Sanders walked out on. You could probably swap the Lions for a UFL franchise and improve the NFL.

    Ditto for my Panthers, I have to add before I get hate mail from the Motor City. And we’ll throw in Cleveland and Arizona in case I don’t get enough hate mail.

    Who’s the fifth team, PFT planet? Put it to a vote. Since the UFL has five teams the NFL can absorb.

  12. UFL maybe a couple years ago for the Lions but now they are even winning with backup QB’s in the toughest division in the league. Every division has one or in some cases two teams drafting before a NFC North team does.

  13. If the Lions are posting the interviews/names of players who visited on the Lions website, then what difference does it make? Besides, you can get the entire list of draftee visits right here on PFT. In other words, it’s not that hard to find the information.

    Much ado about nothing.

  14. Mike, you keep trying to salvage this story by changing it around. But you are working headlong against several problems:

    1) You will not convince many people that the Lions making a mistake is news. The perception among most fans is already very negative about the Lions, despite their recent improvement.

    2) The main body of fans that you will attract with your story are Lions fans. Most other fans do not pay much attention to the Lions or anything about them. That means you will have an unsympathetic audience.

    3) If you are going to have a spat with Tom “Killer” Kowalski you will find most of the readers of this article siding with Killer. He is very well read by Lions fans so refer back to point #2.

    You would be well advised to just drop this line if inquiry Mike. It is not going to be fruitful for you, unless you like negative comments and upset readers.

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