Michael Huff talks about possible return to Texas

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The Cowboys and likely free agent Michael Huff look like a perfect match.

Jerry Jones loves to overpay inconsistent safeties, and Huff grew up in Irving before playing at University of Texas.

“That’s home, but you never know what’s going to happen,” Huff told Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram at Texas’ Pro Day.  “I’ve got to want to go there, but they’ve got to want me. There are a bunch of things that go into the process.”

Huff is a talented player, but his performance in Oakland has been up and down throughout his career.  He’s coming off his best season at the right time and wants to play for a winner again.

“That’s the only thing,” Huff said. “Being here [at Texas], you get spoiled. You win all the time here and then you go there and have some tough years. Getting that Super Bowl ring is something they can never take away from you, like they can’t take away the national championship ring. That’s the next step, and I look forward to it.”

The Raiders already spent big money on Stanford Routt, and we expect them to make an effort to bring Huff back.

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  1. I could see that happening just due to the fact that Jones is willing to overpay and Huff might actually be an upgrade in Dallas.

  2. Perfect match for Jerry, he has never lived up to his billings as a # 9 pick. He also wants to win a Super Bowl and play for a consistent winner, well Jerry will sell him that the Cowboys are just that. He played well in his contract year, Al Davis maybe a lot of things but he’s not falling for that. Jerry Jones will make him the highest paid safety in football, when he needs cornerbacks. 1 playoff win in 14 years, par for the course for the cowboys and GM Jurry Jones.

  3. True Huff is inconsistent, but I think he’s finally maturing and is a good safety. Add to that the single deep safety that the RAIDERS run is pretty difficult to play.

    Hopefully we can get him resigned.

  4. I’m down with huff leaving, putting Branch at FS and Mitchell at SS.

    or we could bring back the greatest player in franchise history… STUART SCHWEIGERT!!!!

  5. alpod says: Apr 3, 2011 6:05 PM

    I’m down with huff leaving, putting Branch at FS and Mitchell at SS.

    Branch can’t cover. Huff played fairly well last season, but if you want to play for a winner you have to play like one, and he hasn’t done that over his career with any consistency. And he apparently hasn’t been keeping tabs on the Cowboys lately.

    Stuart Schweigert? I miss that guy. Remember how he used to jump on a runner’s back and just ride him into the end zone? Those were good times.

  6. Alpod

    You really want Branch at FS? Have you seen him in pass coverage? He’s good good at run support, but awful against the pass. I think MM34 is better against the pass (at least he did good against Gates).

  7. No Michael. You don’t want to play for Dallas. If your set on moving back to Texas, Houston could use a good DB and I can’t blame you wanting out of Oakland.

  8. lmao!!! dallas hasn’t won anything in a long time, although they have the makings on a good team they seem to be heading in the right direction. but oakland can cause a lot of players to play badly really a storied franchise that won’t do anything until the old man is gone!

  9. Huff is very overrated. be is truly a boom or must kind of player. his tackling is below average at best. maybe he improves, maybe he doesnt. but if im Al Davis i let him walk unless he can get him at a discount (which he probably cant)

  10. Sounds like the typical NFL free agent talk. Its not the money I just want a Super Bowl ring BS. Then they sign for big bucks with a losing team or small bucks with a losing team because the good teams know better and aren’t interested.

  11. Raiders went 8-8 and are on the rise in a weak division cowboys are on the decline and in a descent division. Don’t fall for the Jerry Jones star on the helmet bull crap that was 20 years ago

  12. “Wants to play for a winner again”?, give me a break. The Cowboys a winner lol. What Planet are you living on, they are nothing but over hyped every year by guys like you that look to have just got off their Mama’s Tit. The Cowboys are the Paris Hilton of the NFL and nothing more.

  13. Anybody else find it really funny that a viking fan would troll this considering the fact the guy makes funny of the Cowboys for not having “won anything in a long time…”

    Oh, and who pray tell set up Jerry Jones with that dynasty? I forget… Eh, maybe I’ll call my old NFL buddy Herschel Walker up and see if he remembers?

  14. Huff is definitely worth keeping.

    He’s a natural CB learning to play safety and has improved allot since his rookie season.

    Not only is it nice to have a safety that can be bumped to CB when needed, but the guy can cover big time TE’s while playing safety too.

  15. “He’s coming off his best season at the right time and wants to play for a winner again.”

    Then why on earth would you wanna play for the Cowboys.. Ain’t nothing winning about that team..

    But hey.. If he joins the Cowboys he will go from playing for one senil old bastard.. To another old senil bastard..

  16. Then why on earth would you wanna play for the Cowboys.. Ain’t nothing winning about that team..


    Sure, just the second most winningest team in NFL history with a .576 winning %. Over a third of NFL teams have overall losing records. Would not be surprised to find out that your team is one of them.

  17. I am notso sure about that, but does look like the raiders are trying to keep the guys who want to be “raiders”

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