Andrea Kremer and Jean-Jacques Taylor join PFT Live

PFT Live’s week starts in part with a discussion of the biggest story in football right now: The broken system that is the NCAA.

NBC’s Andrea Kremer joins the show to discuss her eye-opening piece on Auburn players for HBO’s Inside Sports last week.  She’ll talk about her reporting in the case and respond to accusations from coach Gene Gene that the players had an axe to grind with the school.

Jean Jacques-Taylor of the Dallas Morning News will also join the program to talk all things Dez Bryant and other Cowboys issues.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

6 responses to “Andrea Kremer and Jean-Jacques Taylor join PFT Live

  1. I’m a diehard Bama girl and hate Auburn with a passion. But that was a hatchet job they did on the Tigers. Why didn’t they air any of the former Auburn players who insisted they were never paid? I think Auburn’s dirty, too, but ethical reporters don’t choreograph stories to come out the way they want. The rest of that piece was excellent. The bit on Auburn was shameful.

  2. reminds me of that old tune… gene, gene…

    yer team is so mean…

    ok back to lucidity…

  3. Now we have turds like Newton and Fairly floating up out of that Alabama cesspool to spread the stink to the NFL.

  4. That was probably one of the most shameful pieces HBO Sports has ever done.

    They went fishing, interviewed hundreds of players, and then came back with 4 guys who claimed they received cash. Untraceable and impossible to prove, cash.

    They really went fishing for Cam Newton and tried to jump on the bandwagon to take him down, so they went for the next best thing.

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