Jean-Jacques Taylor explains that it’s not easy to get through to Dez Bryant

Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News joined PFT Live on Monday to discuss various issues relating to the Cowboys.

The first topic?  The troubles of receiver Dez Bryant.

Taylor has a friendship with David Wells, who serves as Bryant’s adviser.  And Taylor suggested that Bryant isn’t listening to Wells.  And Taylor said that Wells is reluctant to quit his position because Bryant has legitimate concerns regarding abandonment.

So what will Wells do?  We asked Taylor, and he answered.  Click the box below for more.

Among other things, Taylor explained that, in 2010, Wells arranged for someone to pick Bryant up and get him to work on time.

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42 responses to “Jean-Jacques Taylor explains that it’s not easy to get through to Dez Bryant

  1. What about David Wells the adviser co-signing on the jewelry? What about David Wells introducing him to these jewelers? If I was Dez I wouldn’t listen a guy who helped me get 800K in debt. Jean-Jacques needs to answer those questions and quit trying to protect his friend David Wells.

  2. all this dez bryant drama really makes it clear that Stephen Ross’ prostitution inquiry was actually WELL PLAYED.

  3. Miami got a lot of heat by trying to find out if he was going to be a problem, now he is Jerry problem, good read by Jeff. Bill

  4. Among other things, Taylor explained that, in 2010, Wells arranged for someone to pick Bryant up and get him to work on time.
    Is it any wonder that some of these guys are self-centered, egotistical, no morals b@st@rds? (Deb, I said SOME) How about just letting these degenerates actually deal with the consequences caused by their actions (or lack of actions) instead of surrounding them with some kind of mystical safety bubble that they don’t seem to appreciate in the first place?

  5. “in 2010, Wells arranged for someone to pick Bryant up and get him to work on time.”

    Ah, yes, fine way to cut off any sense of entitlement and let a grown man act and face consequences like he’s a grown man.

  6. Many more defects coming out of College in young players today. Many with talent but the Heart or the Mind the size of a Pea.

    You need the talent but they must also have the Heart and Mind to go with it, if not you end up with just another Punk that is all Show and no Go.

    At the Combine the Heart and Mind would be the 1st things I looked for and then pick the talent from that group, the rest?, nothing but Punks and a Train Wreak waiting to happen.

    You know the old story, you can give a pocket full of money and put him in a 5,000 suit but he is still just a .

  7. Know what would cure this kind of crap? A regular job where nobody but Mr. Bryant would be in charge of “Dez”. Granted, he’d be fired after one week but he’d learn that a “regular job” is a different kind of hard, seemingly one he’s never experienced YET but will relatively soon if he doesn’t grow up.

  8. Someone needs to cuff Bryant in the back of the head…
    Either that or we can all just wait until his life implodes on its own.

  9. Excellent interview that brought up some valid points. When athletes with a background like Bryant’s have issues, people commenting here are quick to throw it off on “entitlement” or race. Entitlement? Kids growing up in an environment like that don’t have a sense of entitlement. Just the opposite. And race has nothing to do with it. I spent a few years living and working in ghetto projects overseas where the poor happened to be fair-skinned. Their issues were the same as his. If no one ever cared to give you boundaries or direction, you don’t magically understand how to be a productive member of society just because you sign with the NFL and make a lot of money.

  10. funny how everyone went berserk when the pats didn’t pick him at 20 or 24.

  11. Why does an advisor deem it appropriate to discuss his client’s shortcomings with a member of the media? And why does that reporter then see fit to share that information with the rest of the world?

    Wells wouldn’t be my first choice, or any other choice as an advisor.

  12. It is really easy to dis this kid and that’s what he is, a kid. Immature, yes. Bad? Who knows. But he needs help and it doesn’t matter if he is making a lot of money or not, that doesn’t mean that he should be shut out. I applaud those who are trying to stick with him when the easy solution would be to walk away.

  13. “Jean-Jacques Taylor explains that it’s not easy to get through to Dez Bryant”

    Didn’t pay the Telephone/Cell bill either huh? 🙂

  14. Really, peanutbutter&jelly?

    Taylor was explaining how some dude in his 40s or 50s impregnated Dez’s mom when she was about 14. Then this loving pedophile dad threw Dez out because his wife didn’t want the kid. So Dez wound up with his teen mom who wound up in jail.

    Yeah, this “arrogant, lazy, p.o.s,” as you call him, got a great start in life. The miracle in all this is that Dez found the discipline it takes to become a successful professional athlete and, as Taylor says, that he’s trying to be a real parent to his own children.

    How about you? What kind of home did you grow up in that God would think highly enough of you to grant you a crystal ball to see Dez’s future and a judge’s robe to pass sentence on his character? I mean, gee, your parents taught you such compassion and empathy for others 🙄

  15. dez: knock knock. mama when u goin to take me to football practice?

    mama: moan… dez go play in traffic, i’ll come get u when i am done…

  16. Its easy to point the finger at his childhood and say he had it rough so he gets a pass on all the stupid crap he does/did. But its another to use that as a crutch…Man up..take some damn responsability for your actions

  17. The Dez pick by Jerry Jones is a direct reflection of Jerry missing the Randy Moss pick.

    The funniest thing is, did the Cowboys really miss out on Moss? Moss could have had productive years in Dallas but we don’t know that for sure.
    He could have imploded earlier as opposed to New England/at the buffet.

    This story is just beginning. Dez is big trouble and it’s made worse by the size of is talent and the choice of his friends/advisors.

  18. What do you expect?

    Dez has the brainpower of a snail and the morals of a snake!

    An earlier comment called him a P.O.S.!

    Now the P.O.S. is going to sue for defamation of character.

    Go Cowboys!

  19. It’s a shame these kids don’t find good black male role models when they are young, cause at his age now he isn’t going to listen to anyone until he hits bottom!

  20. Isn’t this the same David Wells who advised Michael Crabtree? Bryant should lose him. JJ Taylor is a joker…

  21. Fine time to be worried about him now after helping him get a half mil in debt. Dez is a grown man but has never gotten the guidance to help with coping with real life issues, things that we take for granted like paying bills and going to work he has no idea about. Deb you hit the nail right on the head about this situation.

  22. @dkeyser …

    I’m not making excuses. I’m trying to explain to the terminally thick-headed that responsibility isn’t an inherent trait. You have to be taught how to take responsibility and no one bothered to teach Dez Bryant. Expecting him to suddenly manage his life like someone who grew up in a traditional home is like expecting a guy who’s never seen a computer to be able to punch out a fabulous PowerPoint presentation.

    From Taylor’s account, he’s trying to learn. But it’s not a simple thing to learn at 22 behaviors more fortunate people learned from birth to adulthood.

    Similarly, the parents of waaaay too many nice little middle-class kids taught them responsibility but wrongly assumed compassion and empathy were inherent traits. That’s why thick-headed people make such bone-headed posts. Ever hear the phrase “There but by the grace of God go I”? The blessings of your birth weren’t your doing so quit thinking you’re so special.

  23. Saggy pants at the mall. Didn’t pay his bills on time. You’d think he killed (Stallworth, Little), raped (Roethlisberger) or otherwise physically assaulted somebody (insert any NFL wife- or girlfriend-beater here).

  24. Thanks Deb. A human speaks.
    However, Dez is socially immature and his own parenting skills are extremely limited. His physical skills have gotten him this far. Not a lot the sports world is gonna do to help him as a person.
    Had Dez been compensated for his play at Okie State, he might possess a few practical skills for budgeting and maybe establishing trust funds, etc.
    Okie State is famous for not teaching anything but sports to their scholarship athletes. Seems I recall a former Cowboy head coach and a player discussing his time at Okie State to a Congressional committee. Surely you remember the case of the illiterate lineman Dexter Manley who played his way all the way to prison.

  25. @melonnhead …

    The medical exam in Georgia and text messages in Nevada showed Roethlisberger didn’t rape anyone. But the point is well-taken.

  26. Well, if David Wells is his advisor, that explains everything.

    He used to leave the bars and go straight to Yankee Stadium to make his starts.

    Pitched a perfect game with a hangover.

    What? Not the same David Wells?

    Never mind.

  27. Correct its not an inherent trait, BUT when people coddle others who have had a rough background, they fail to do anything on their own. Its fine to help somebody in the right direction, but too many times guys who didnt have it so good, are given a free ride because of it.

  28. @ deb- hon, you can sugar coat all you want. dez bryant’s upbringing does not give him any sort of right to steal,disrespect people or offend the general public.and as for my upbringing i was taught if it looks like a skunk & smells like a skunk & walks like a skunk then by god it must be a skunk and dez bryant fits that to a t and before you go commenting again give it a month and his sorry azz will be right back in the news for doing some more retarded crap

  29. @ Deb

    Ben is no saint. I don’t think he did anything in Nevada but the rumor in Georgia was that she was performing oral sex on him willingly. But then she got sick on him which pissed off Ben so he roughed her up a little. During that time, the bodyguards were blocking the doorway.

  30. @Deb
    I have no doubt you are a bleeding heart liberal with all of this empathy talk. You, and the rest of the liberals in this world are what is wrong with it. If a kid needs an excuse he goes to one of the thousand that has been laid out for him/her by people like yourself. Big deal that his mother got pregnant at 14. It happens all of the time. People over come things like that. It doesn’t mean he has a right to act like an immature idiot for the rest of his life because of a daddy complex. Give me a break.

    I am so tired of people like yourself who make excuses for any and every kid out there who is making terrible decisions. A big dose of maturity and reality is all they need.

    It is no wonder why you are a cowgirl fan…..

  31. melonnhead says:
    Apr 4, 2011 8:40 PM
    Saggy pants at the mall. Didn’t pay his bills on time. You’d think he killed (Stallworth, Little), raped (Roethlisberger) or otherwise physically assaulted somebody (insert any NFL wife- or girlfriend-beater here).
    Yeah, but racism is dead.

    It seems as if there are two tones these sports writers take with these athletes. The sympathetic and ‘no need to worry about it” tone for the white athletes and the scornful, “we told you so” tone for the black athletes.

    Judging by many of the postings on here, the reaction is very much the same.

  32. peanutbutter&jelly:

    How about a freakin’ comma or period once in awhile.

    Your posts look like they come from what the FBI profilers call a “bed sitter”.

    That’s someone who lives either in someone’s basement or a room at the Y, so they don’t have a desk. They just sit at the edge of the bed typing their meaningless rants.

    Hit a little close to home?

  33. Regardless of lack up upbringing by yet another bad single parent, Bryant is an adult and should be held accountable for his actions. He can’t blame others and the Cowgirls or his agent can’t hold his hand all the time. He needs to ditch his hanger ons and posses and get real advisors.

    If you never grow up, you end up like Terrell Owens, a laughingstock or in prison, which is more likely.

  34. @drgreenstreak …

    I’m a big advocate of compensating college athletes … which is fodder for another thread. Wish I could say those issues are unique to Okie State, but I think they’re also problems at schools with even better academic reputations.

    @dkeyser …

    You and I have been hanging out in different ghettos. The poor aren’t coddled. That’s an urban myth. Athletes are exploited. A lot of people make a lot of money on the Dez Bryants of the world. It’s easier just to hand them some cash and push them aside than to do the work necessary to teach them personal responsibility and how to take care of themselves when athletics no longer provides. Then one day they get injured or get old, their no use to the users anymore, and it doesn’t take long before the money is gone and they’re broke or in jail, etc.

    Colleges should be required to provide intensive life-skills training to guys like this. It’s more important than a degree.

    @peanutbutter&jelly …

    Yeah, well, I figured out a long time ago that it’s pointless to waste my breath on brick walls.

  35. @bukes111 …

    Oh, I’d never accuse Ben of sainthood. He’s brought a lot of his troubles on himself with idiot behavior. But I write/research for a living and know those case files like the back of my hand. Plus some of my family are criminal defense attorneys, and by pure coincidence, we have a close friend who worked on the Georgia case. So I’m not guessing.

    They were out of sight together in the bathroom less than 10 minutes. Only the two of them know exactly what happened during that time, but I’d guess consensual oral sex–which is a far cry from the vaginal rape she alleged. The doctors who examined her said she showed no sign of having been “roughed up.” And many witnesses refuted the story her girlfriends told about the bodyguard blocking the door. That story even conflicted with her own written statement.

    FYI, the girl who dragged her to police claiming she’d been raped when she said she hadn’t was the same one who made the bodyguard claim. Ben had personally thrown that girl out of the VIP party earlier in the evening for ragging him about the Nevada accusation. So she had an ax to grind. The medical exam showed no rape ever happened. If you ask the cops and prosecutors on the case, you’ll find they all believe the sorority sisters invented the whole thing.

  36. @ deb- hon, you can sugar coat all you want. dez bryant’s upbringing does not give him any sort of right to steal,disrespect people or offend the general public.


    1 – what did he steal? Not paying off a line of credit is not stealing. If it were, 90% of the US would be locked up right now.

    2 – Disrespecting people is not illegal either. Who did he disrespect anyway?

    3 – It’s a basic human right to offend the general public so long as you’re not breaking any laws in the process. See the US Constitution.

  37. The doctors who examined her said she showed no sign of having been “roughed up.”


    Except for the head laceration and the bleeding and bruising around her vagina which was documented by an ER doctor and two nurses. Of course injuries don’t have “i was caused by an assault” written on them but they are consistent with a report of being “roughed up”.

  38. @melonhead …

    The medical exam showed no sign whatsoever of a head laceration. Where did you get that? Did you read the report? Ben made a brief statement to the cops that he remembered the girl and thought she’d hit her head. So the doctors did a thorough examination of her face and skull searching for bumps, bruises, or any indication of a head injury. They found none.

    The report didn’t document bleeding and bruising around her vagina either. What they found was slight vaginal bruising that the report specifically said could not be attributed to sexual assault. It was also consistent with consensual sex and there was evidence she’d had sex with someone else earlier in the day. When asked about it at the press conference, the DA said he couldn’t comment because it would be a violation of her privacy. The exam also found a small bleeding scratch, which could have been caused by a fingernail–for instance, when she was wiping. Given the extent of her intoxication, she could have done that to herself.

    I know a lot of people want to believe what they want to believe. But the evidence doesn’t support it. Again, ask any cop or prosecutor who worked the case.

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