Mayock moves Cam Newton up on his quarterback rankings


NFL Network’s Mike Mayock held out for a while, but he now ranks Cam Newton on his No. 2 quarterback prospect.

Throughout the draft process, Mayock has ranked Newton below Jake Locker among quarterbacks and not among his top-15 players overall.  After more film work and positive feedback about the interview process, Mayock moved Newton ahead of Locker.

“[Newton] is dotting his Is & crossing Ts,” Mayock said on Monday’s Path to the Draft on NFL Network.   “He’s done a great job in team interviews. I’m starting to buy that the kid cares.”

While Mayock’s opinion matters a lot to us, the only people that Newton really cares about at this point reside in North Carolina.

And I think that anyone other than Newton going No. 1 overall would be an upset at this point.  (Note how I dropped the royal “we” for once.  I’m not sure Florio is with me on that one.)

12 responses to “Mayock moves Cam Newton up on his quarterback rankings

  1. As a Bills fan, man am I happy Newton’s stock is rising. Hopefully Carolina does take him.

    Give me Gabbert!

  2. Im a hardcore Bills fan as well, Id love to have newton on my team but Ill be totally fine with Gabbert as well, hell I just want the same starting qb and oc for two years in a row, maybe a couple of more W’s would be nice too but im trying to be realistic!

  3. Mayock is such a TOOL…He is holding out with Blaine cause he done got paid to keep Blaine ontop.

    FYI, I’ve been following Jake, Mallett, Cam, and Blaine, since this draft. Cam is clearly the whopping boy and Mallett is the stepchild of this Draft season. But I’ll be honest, Blaine is the first QB who the sports elite media having been pimping HARD yet u kinda get the feeling that the hype isn’t quite matching the reality.

    Out of the four QBs, it seems as if Mallett and Cam are making the rounds with the different teams…Go figure. This is why I take every thing I read about these QBs with a grain of salt.

  4. Anyone else feel that these draft “experts” are just moving players around on their board just to get publicity even though the pro days are LONG done?

  5. Well, it makes sense he’d move Newton ahead of Locker since Locker couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a football if his life depended on it.

  6. If I was a fan of any team looking for a star/franchise quarterback in this years draft, id probably jump off a bridge.

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