Rick Smith gives us draft wisdom to remember

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You are going to hear a lot about players “rising” and “falling” over the next few weeks.

And it’s mostly a load of hot garbage.  Texans G.M. Rick Smith told the team’s website that their evaluations are basically set already.

“Our board is set. We’ve got the preliminary board set, but now for the next month, we’ll spend the next month really, really studying our board and these players and assessing the value and making sure that we’ve got them pegged the right way,” Smith said.

There will be a bit of tweaking going on, but for the most part draft evaluations are getting close to done.

“(That’s) because the bulk of our evaluation, and we believe that this is the right approach, is based on football, the resume that he’s put on the field,” he said. “And so that is the major portion of it: What kind of football player is he? And that evaluation has already obviously been done.”

The main thing left for a lot of teams besides crossing t’s and dotting i’s: Sending out misinformation.

Hence, all the reports of rising and falling we’re bound to hear.

4 responses to “Rick Smith gives us draft wisdom to remember

  1. So MISINFORMATION is the word for the next month, interesting….and here all this time I thought Mel was coming up with this stuff on his own….

  2. The last good draft for the Texans was in 2006, a few months before Smith was hired by his head coach.

  3. Rick Smith is useless as a general manager, and wouldn’t know talent if it bit him on the ass. How someone as unskilled at evaluating talent got a job as a GM in the NFL is a question for the ages….

  4. This SHOULDN’T be news, but for some reason, it is every season. Here is how this works:

    EVERY GM bases their board off of the product on the field. Then, the E/W Shrine Game, Senior Bowl Practices, & Senior Bowl happens. Thats when all the draftniks begin yapping their gums to the same tune, talking about how this & that guy has “raised their stock”. Then, the Combine happens. More spewing of the mouth comes out from the usual suspects, that being every internet draft outlet, Mayock & the group of fired folks on NFLN. But, it is more just that….. Mouth spewing.

    Lets look at a few guys whose “stock was rising”, where they were slated before the offseason workouts & where they are slated now.

    Cameron Jordan – Before Offseason = Rd 2 early. Now, Jordan is a backend Rd 1 or even still a early Rd 2 prospect. Nothing changed, though he was at one time spoke of to be a potential Top 10 selection.

    Kendric Burney – Before Offseason = Rd 3. Now, Burney is still looking like a Rd 3 draft pick, though at one time it was mentioned that he may have worked his way into the back end of Rd 1.

    Titus Young – Before Offseason = Early Rd 3 – Late Rd 2. Now, Young is looking like late Rd 2 early Rd 3. Though he was a guy listed in the back of Rd 1 up until a few weeks back, he is right back in his original projection.

    Now, a few guys have moved up drastically…. Jernell Jernigan, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, but more because of the positional value on QB for the formers. For Jernigan, he is drawing a ton of comparisons to Desean Jackson, thus a mid 2nd grade now. None of this should really come as a shock. It is pretty status quo if you have the common sense to not put stock into the mock draters.

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