Throw the Bengals into the Kevin Kolb mix

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We’ve done a lot of Kevin Kolb speculating this offseason.   Most of it has centered around the teams in the NFC West that could show interest.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter says not to forget about one in the AFC North.

Add Bengals to list of teams interested in Kevin Kolb,” Schefter wrote Monday.  “Connect dots: Bengals WR coach is James Urban, who was Eagles QB coach last year.”

That knowledge gives the Bengals some inside information on Kolb.  Schefter says the team has discussed Kolb internally, which we’d expect.

The team’s scheme change this offseason also makes Kolb a logical fit. New offensive coordinator Jay Gruden wants to bring a timing Wes Coast offense built on short throws to Cincinnati.   That plays to Kolb’s strengths.

At this point, it looks like the Bengals really are operating as if Carson Palmer isn’t returning.   Or they are at least trying to make plans to replace him.

Unfortunately, the draft will likely be the only place to add players for quite a while.   Which means we aren’t done with the Kolb speculating just yet.

39 responses to “Throw the Bengals into the Kevin Kolb mix

  1. Let’s get past the lockout before we talk about who goes where. It’s almost like talking about the 2012 model car that’s out in September, you can’t buy or trade for it until then.

  2. before bob that sits next to u in ur cubicle says kolb is the worst qb of all time. here are his stats in games he started and finished. except for the last game of the season last year when eagles sat all their starters and played against dallas cowboys starters

    61% 391yrds 2tds/3ints

    Win-Chiefs-nfc offensive player of the week
    71% 327yrds 2td/0ints

    67% 253yrds 1td/0ints

    Win-Falcons- nfc offensive player of the week
    79%-326yrds 3tds/1int

    54% 231yrds 1td/2int

    yeah when u take his overall stats they dont look good, but u r counting games when he came in in the third qaurter or he came into a blow out. but if u look at games he played the whole game, they aint bad for his first couple of games. this is why teams are willing to give up a 1st rounder. but hey bob from accounting knows he sux already

  3. I dont see the bengals pulling the trigger on this one. What would happen if they traded for KOLB and his big contract then palmer wanted to screw the bengals over and come back?

  4. Kolb to the Bengals makes a lot of sense. They have a very young talents TE, and a veteran WR with some young parts. They also have a decent/good line. Not to mention a good ground game. Out of all the 1st round picks trades for kolb, this might make the most sense.

  5. All this speculation about a second-string QB who’s started only six NFL games makes you think about how many teams are desperate for a playoff-caliber QB … and how few are available each year through the draft or free agency.

    Obviously there aren’t enough top-quality QBs to cover the existing 32 teams. But Goodell keeps talking about expanding the league in the U.S. and beyond. Is the plan for at least 30-50 percent of NFL teams to always languish in hopeless mediocrity without a competitive QB?

  6. “except for the last game of the season last year when eagles sat all their starters and played against dallas cowboys starters”

    Luckily we have the internet here to assist where you like to omit.

    50% 162yrds 1td/3int (and 1 lost fumble) = 4 turnovers

    It aint like the ‘pokes fielded a championship team either. Let me know if you ever see Stephen McGee named as a starter somewhere.

  7. Oh, btw, Kolb started 5 games, played in 7 and committed a total of 10 turnovers (6 fumbles, 3 lost). He also took 15 sacks. The guy is plenty mobile, but his CPU forgets to tell his legs to run when he’s supposed to.

  8. Kinda makes sense for both teams.

    Bengals get Kevin Kolb, Eagles 1st Round Pick, 7th Round pick

    Eagles get Bengals 1st Round Pick (4th Overall) and let’s say a 4th Round Pick

  9. The Bengals are one of the worst organizations in the NFL. If Kolb goes to Arizona, he has a chance to be successful. I see no possibility of him succeeding with such a bad organization and no supporting cast in Cincy. The Eagles would easily win this trade if it went down. Kolb will be an average starter for his career with the chance to be good if he has the right supporting cast. Larry Fitzgerald seems a lot more promising than Ocho Cinco and all 4 of the Bengals’ slot receivers

  10. Bob from accounting is correct. He does suck. If you watched him play you would see that. The Eagles know this as well. That is why they are willing to trade him. He threw 391 yards against the Saints in a game they were losing by 26. Bobby Hoying had just as impressive stats in his first 4 starts in 97.

    Tie Baltimore
    276 yards 0td/0int

    win Pitt
    246 yards 2td/0int

    win Cinc
    313 yards 4td/1int

    loss NYG
    209 1td/3int

  11. The interest in Kolb reminds me of the high demand for Scott Mitchell after he played well for a few games in relief after Marino’s injury. Detroit signed him to a big contract and he proceeded to suck. Good luck to whoever gives up want the Eagles want for this guy. I doubt he will be worth losing future picks and a big contract.

  12. Why bother with kolb when the eagles are insanely asking for a 1st rd pick and more when you could have Matt Flynn (identical player but with greater intelligence) for a 2nd?

  13. Deb,

    well we agree on something. i hate the idea of more teams. kolb looks like he could be good but i agree a 1st plus some is only available because there arent enough good qbs. why add more teams. then u have the nba. but i doubt they would add more teams

  14. mikecl13 says:

    “Bob from accounting is correct. He does suck. If you watched him play you would see that.”

    I have watched every snap. U a miserable eagles fan? I am an eagles fan but not a miserable one.

    angrycorgi says:
    Apr 4, 2011 6:13 PM
    Oh, btw, Kolb started 5 games, played in 7 and committed a total of 10 turnovers (6 fumbles, 3 lost). He also took 15 sacks. The guy is plenty mobile, but his CPU forgets to tell his legs to run when he’s supposed

    well for such a smart guy u make no sense. u are adding in all the games where he came in in the 4th qaurter of a blowourt. i have actual stats and dont leave stuff out.

    sanfran-4sacks/1fumble (all back to back when king dunlap came in and let the dend blow by him 4 times in a row)





  15. mikecl13 says:

    are u forgetting that boby hoying comp % went like this his first 5 games

    68-48-61-45-47 thats pretty bad

    Kolbs are


  16. This is just a smokescreen.

    The Bengals will never pursue Kolb at any price unless he manages to get arrested a couple times before labor negotiations are complete.

  17. They play a lot of “Corn Hole” in Cincinnati.
    “Corn Kolb” would be legendary.

  18. I like how people say that the bengals suck so bad when the steelers, browns, and Ravens lost to us two years ago! Managemaent sucks the players don’t! we’ll see this year what happens if we have football at all. and if your a steeler’s fan you didn’t won the super bowl so you may as well be in the same boat with us lol, Greenbay lost two of their best players and they still won! bet Big doesn’t last much longer! And all the fans that think that the Bengals are the only team that has problems with Players check the facts before you talk!

  19. Poor Kevin Kolb. Going from the frying pan into the fire. Let’s see, which is worse? Riding the bench in Philly or playing forMike Brown’s team. Poor guy!

  20. Knowing how dysfunctional the Bengals have proven themselves to be, I have no idea why Palmer signed such a long extension. Oh that’s right, he saw security and $ signs. Can’t have it both ways Carson.

  21. The level of commenting here is comical. Gotta love the “Internet scouts” that look at stat lines without actually, you know, watching some game film of the guy. There isn’t a single critique here about what specific aspects of Kolb’s game people like or don’t like. It’s all stats with no context.

  22. Just seems like Kolb is the next Sage Rosenfels. An over-hyped back up. Good but not great, and really not worth the media attention that he and the Eagles are getting.

  23. Poor Kevin Kolb is sure going to be disappointed when he ends up being Mike Vick’s backup again this season, after all of the attention he’s getting in trade rumors. Its not looking good for the Eagles to be able to trade him prior to the draft, and unlikely they’ll trade him after the draft unless they get a boatload of high 2012 draft picks and maybe an impact player in return (someone who can help in 2011).

  24. Kolb is a good WCO QB. When he was in for the Birds, Kolb and Maclin connected alot. DJax, not so much. Can’t throw the deep ball. Which is why it’s so nice to have Vick. Give KK a good Oline and he’ll be more than ok.

  25. “Facts about the Bengals” –

    -Haven’t won a playoff game since 1991
    – Carson Palmer supposedly has 80 million in the bank and isn’t coming back.
    – Jordan Palmer and Dan Lefevour are horrible at best.
    – Mike Brown is too stingy to trade for Kolb and too stubborn to trade Palmer.
    – Marvin Lewis probably should have been fired three times over.
    – The likes of Pac Man Jones and T.O haven’t made them a better football team.
    – Andre Smith is an injury prone bust so far.
    – The Bengals will be front-runners (neck and neck) with the Browns in the andrew luck draft derby in 2011 if there is a season.

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