Vrabel’s arrest arose from eight bottles of beer


KMBC 9 in Kansas City has tracked down some more details regarding the Monday morning arrest of Chiefs linebacker Mike Vrabel.

Per KMBC, Indiana Gaming Commissioner Director of Enforcement Kenny Rowan said that Vrabel was seen by an enforcement agent taking “bottles of alcohol from a deli” without paying for them.  We’re told that the “bottles of alcohol” were eight bottles of beer.

Since video cameras are installed throughout most casinos (insert your own “Vrabel should be used to that since he played for the Patriots” line here), there should be visual evidence of the alleged incident.

And speaking of the Patriots, would it be too cynical to suspect a Colts-Pats rivalry angle to the decision of the enforcement agent to have Vrabel arrested?

Either way, free booze flows like spring water in most casinos, since it serves as the ultimate WD-40 for the hinge of a wallet.  We’d therefore be surprised if the owners of the casino decide to pursue the matter.

80 responses to “Vrabel’s arrest arose from eight bottles of beer

  1. Oldest trick in the book.

    Sit by the slot machine nearest the concert venue entrance before the show you’re seeing at any Vegas casino, and get your drink on for free, even if you don’t gamble.

  2. I have had free beer in Vegas, but I never went and got my own beer. They were always brought to me by a waitress. That should just be common sense.

  3. 8 bottles of beer behind the counter, 8 bottles of beer. You take them all and run down the hall. One dummy sitting in jail waiting for bail.

  4. I would not be the least bit surprised if some hotshot rent-a-cop decided to get his name in the paper by sticking it to a former Pat.

    Why do we give the biggest weenies so much power in our society?

  5. I love it when athletes exhibit restraint. Good for Mike. I know it’s hard to limit your self to under two six-packs in a sitting.


  6. In most states they have laws that prevent the casinos from serving free alcohol, with Nevada being one of the obvious exceptions. The casino may not have a choice in persuing it, lest they “give away” alcohol.

  7. apparently vrabel is concerned about the lockout. too stingy for beer….or…
    vrabel is NOT concerned about the lockout since he’s throwing his money away at a casino.

  8. I would suspect that inviting millionaire NFL’ers to the casino & having them arrested for taking a less than $10 item is a little silly.

    I like that camera quip though, if the shoe fits.

  9. I thought of that too about the Indy-Pats thing when I wrote on the first post about this that denizens of Indy may not appreciate him…but I would think they hate Bruschi and Willie Mac and Rodney a lot more.

    I don’t think anyone would have guessed that alcohol would be involved though. /sarcasm

  10. Eight bottles of beer? That’s quite the felony arrest. Mike, I was hoping you would work in an Uncle Leo reference in this one.

  11. NFL partner Vrabel forgets about video cams, steals 8 bottle of beer, would resign from ex-NFLPA Executive Board if there still was one.

  12. So, since the March 12th lockout we have the following: brandishing a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm, public intoxication, possession of codeine, disturbing the peace, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a controlled drug without a prescription + resisting arrest + failure to obey a police officer, and now Class D felony theft. Oh, and Charlie Batch filed for bankruptcy right after the lockout started too.

    Congratulations players, you’ve managed to make yourselves look like utter fools. No wonder nobody wants to be “partners” with you!

  13. He was most likely hammered at 5:30 am when it happened. Probably thought it was house beer. At least he didn’t pee in the corner like I did at the Fiesta Rancho.

  14. There’s probably video of this to clear it up. Then again, maybe there’s also video of him getting in his Bentley and driving off immediately thereafter. Cops won’t bat an eye at that, right??

  15. Sorry Mikey. You’re not in Kansas anymore. In Indiana, casinos cannot legally give away alcohol, and they’re a lot more concerned with their gaming license than your reputation. Now, it will be reduced to a misdemeanor as long as it’s a first offense, or perhaps there will be a pee bargain (sorry, couldn’t help myself. 8 beers….)

  16. The Lockout is really hitting these players hard. A Jets player had to move in with his parents and now Vrabel is stealing $7 worth of beer. What’s next, the Manning brother’s ripping Oreo’s in half not to speed lick the creme, but rather to share.

  17. It’s only 8 bottles of beer. Geez.

    But still, another player arrested. Yea, the owners have great “partners”. These “partners” represent the league real well don’t they.
    But still 8 bottles of ale?
    Come on man!

  18. Figured it was something stupid like this. He was probably served all night for free and grabbed some here and thought nothing of it. Sure he shouldn’t have taken his own and been served [laws against serving yourself to prevent over serving] but not exactly a big crime here. The casino will look at how much money he drops and say our bad, how about a free room on us.

  19. lol i’m sorry to say this im just glad it’s finally a white guy getting arrested, but disappointed it’s a buckeye.

  20. He was charged with felony theft over 8 beers? Unless those are the world’s most expensive beers, wouldn’t that be misdemeanor theft?

  21. Correction – stealing 8 bottles of beer…at 530a in the morning and then not being able to explain himself.

  22. Congrats Barney Fife you earned that $7.25 an hour. Really you arrest a guy like Vrabel for this??

    Someone needs to give this Casino in Marketing 101. You grab Vrabel and say hey technically this is stealing, how about you take a few photos and you say how much you love it here and we’ll look the other way.

    What a bunch of jokers – @angrycorgi. EVERYONE wants to be partners with the players…and you’re so in love with them that you blog about 3rd stringers who get arrested.

    Maybe we can stop being so jealous of these players and wanting them to fail and just enjoy the game.

  23. I wonder if Goodell will take it easy on him once the new cba is reached? Not.. I see an 8 game suspension in your future Mike, maybe you shouldn’t sue the league and then commit a crime. Karma is a mother…!

  24. The Lockout is really hitting these players hard. A Jets player had to move in with his parents and now Vrabel is stealing $7 worth of beer. What’s next, the Manning brother’s ripping Oreo’s in half not to speed lick the creme, but rather to share.

    $7? When’s the last time you’ve been to a casino? That’s AT LEAST $80 worth.

  25. Maybe Vrabel should try gambling in the Big City where they’ve heard of tabs and won’t consider it a class-D felony to take your beer back to your table 🙄

  26. This casino may be in Indiana, but it’s really in the greater Cincinnati area. The cops probably just figured he played for the Bengals.

  27. Walk into any Casino and you have a trail of waitresses trying pour drinks down your throat.

    C’mon man

  28. Yeah, angrycorgi, things are sure getting out of hand. Players are getting hauled in for wearing their pants too low, having a handful of viagra, and taking $25 worth of beer back to their table.

    Gee … it’s almost starting to look as though some pissed-off anti-union types are looking for reasons to arrest them, isn’t it?

  29. @iknowfootballinmyhead …

    There you are!! Think I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t dropped by today to rail about minutia. Then again, angrycorgi’s been keeping your seat warm.

  30. but disappointed it’s a buckeye.
    Oh come on, now he is an even better fit for Ohio State!

    I hope it was a low carb/calorie beer!

  31. And this is one of the big mouth leaders of the union. You can’t make this crap up. Hilarious.

  32. What a moron. I mean, if you are going to steal beer, why would you take a six and a third of a pack? Just take two 6 packs. An unemployed guy in a bad economy should do a better job of stretching his money.

  33. So are we gonna see 8 consecutive days worth of posts of how Vrabel is “in a dark place” and how there needs to be a CBA already so the Chiefs can watch over Vrabel? Oh wait, he’s not a Cowboy, this article won’t generate hits. Move along, nothing to see here.

  34. tednancy says: Apr 4, 2011 5:40 PM

    “Why do we give the biggest weenies so much power in our society?”

    Same reason we gave our country (via The “Federal” Reserve Bank ) to the private Central Bankers Cartel.
    Because we’re idiots.

  35. If this guy played for the Jets, he’d be considered “cool” and just “expressing himself.” Due to the fact that he is a former Steeler and Patriot, it’s time for the negative headlines.

  36. Deb says:
    Apr 4, 2011 4:13 PM
    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of casinos in Indiana.


    Judging by a nauseating sampling of your posts, it appears you have a difficult time wrapping your mind around anything that requires much thought

  37. Its not Vrabels fault. The casinos entice people to do things they would not normally do.

  38. He’s staying in shape way ting for the lockout to end. He will be ready to go on day one. NOT!

  39. The real question is: why did Vrabel need 8 more beers at 5:30 in the morning?

    Patriot Place is smiling tonight.

  40. @iknowfootballinmydreams …

    Last night the guy caught with 11 viagra was destroying the moral fabric of society and I was a dumb bleach blonde. I said I’m not blonde, so tonight you’re ranting that the guy with eight beers is destroying the moral fabric of society and I’m just a dumb broad.

    Great new routine. Really. Awesome.


  41. Dude’s broke even before retirement! He can’t even afford to buy some beers that are usually given for free in casinos.

  42. DEAR PFT,

    I think, in order to properly judge this situation, we need to know what kind of beer he was taking. I know it may seem trivial to some (because it is), but I am guessing a few of us on here will judge him more harshly if he was taking yellow piss then if he was grabbing Hopslam. If it was better beer it doesn’t make it right mind you. (well maybe right…er)

    You have access, get us the details and we will all click on your sponsors link.

    a guy who likes to taste his beer

  43. you would think he would have learned from his old coach that everything is video taped. everything from casinos to other teams practices

  44. The question you have all missed is this:

    “Why is he in a casino…in Indiana?!”

    Of course some backwoods Paul Blart is going to try and make scene with an NFL player. It is Blart’s only chance at recognition.

    But come on Vrabel, you couldn’t get to Vegas or Atlantic City? I would be more embrassed by getting caught in an Indiana casino. Man I guess that lock-out really has hit the players hard.

  45. “Either way, free booze flows like spring water in
    most casinos, since it serves as the ultimate WD-40 for the hinge of a wallet. We’d therefore be surprised if the owners of the casino decide to pursue the matter.”

    Not in Indiana

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