Zbikowski’s next boxing opponent announced

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A tougher-than-expected third professional boxing match for Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski is not slowing his boxing schedule down.

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun passes along the news that Zbikowski’s next opponent has been announced.   He’ll face Blake Warner, a 33-year-old cruiserweight, on April 23 at the WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma.   (Good seats are still available.)

Zbikowski is 3-0 as a pro with two knockouts.   Warner is 1-2, but he’ll have the home crowd advantage because he’s from Oklahoma.    Zbikowski is also scheduled to fight on May 21 in Cabazon, Calif., and on June 4 at the Staples Center in L.A.

The Ravens safety has said boxing isn’t really a “second job” and he wants to eventually be cruiserweight champion.  He’ll be looking to show improvement after his last opponent Caleb Grummet gave him some trouble before a unanimous decision on March 26.

9 responses to “Zbikowski’s next boxing opponent announced

  1. “Tougher-than-expected”……a 33 year old boxer with a 1-2 record? Who was he suppose to fight if this guy is tougher than expected? This fight shall be like his last two…one round knockout. He is fighting tomato cans, and Bart Scott stood a better chance of getting hurt in TNA then this guy does fighting.

  2. His LAST FIGHT was tougher than expected… he was supposed to execute the last guy like he did the first two, but got taken the distance and seriously contested in some of the rounds

  3. I really thought this guy would be decent in the NFL.. like starter, not special teams all star.

    I hope he keeps it up in the ring. another caucasian champion wouldnt hurt the sport.

  4. @myeaglescantwin

    He started when Reed was out the first half of the year and did really really well – the Ravens I don’t believe are expected to bring back Landry in favor of having Zibby as a starter

  5. Coming out of college I was hoping he’d be a solid NFL player. Since it doesn’t look that way then he may as well box. But as others have said, I’m not seeing signs of greatness there either.

  6. They called me to see if my grandmother was interested. I told them she wouldn’t be available due to the fact that she has been dead since 1996.

    They told me they thought they could work around that.

  7. With the NFL’s incessant emphasis on player concussions and their long-term effect, why would a player boxing be viewed as OK? I realize that they can’t enforce contract clauses during the lockout, but, this just seems to counter the players’ argument concerning safety and long-term health issues.

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