Jones-Drew gets show on Sirius NFL Radio

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When Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew joined PFT Live in January for an entertaining segment, he said that he could be following his 2010 SiriusXM fantasy football show with an offseason program.

“Could” has become “will.”

We’re told that Jones-Drew will host a weekly show on Sirius NFL Radio, with co-host Bryan McGovern.  It’ll be called Late Hits with MJD, and it airs from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays.

“My SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio show has been such a successful way for me to interact with the fans that I felt doing another show on Sirius NFL Radio is the best avenue for me to discuss a range of current NFL issues,” Jones-Drew said.   “On the show we’ll discuss the work stoppage and its effect on the games, talk to players to find out how they are spending their time away from the game, and give fans a place to talk about the NFL draft and what their teams need to do to prepare for the next season.”

We’ll reach out to Maurice to invite him to return to PFT Live to promote the new show, which debuts tonight.

7 responses to “Jones-Drew gets show on Sirius NFL Radio

  1. This is great! The only thing that doesn’t keep me listing to McGovern every night was Gil Brant slowing everything down. This will be a HUGE lift for the show. McGovern is the best and MJD is going to make this a great show. Glad they made the move.

  2. What’s the update on the Madden cover? Did MJD beat Jamaal Charles?

    Could be a double-great day for MJD… Landing a radio show and possibly being on madden cover.

    …Of course as a Chiefs fan I hope he got beat

  3. @jrodz19

    Completely agree with the Brandt comment. Some people will take it as disrespect towards one of the truly legendary figures in this sport but its not.

    The bottom line is that Gil Brandt as impressive as his memory and player knowledge is, he just doesn’t belong on radio/tv. He commonly doesn’t answer the question that is asked and will frequently go off on tangents that have nothing to do with what the caller asked about. He forgets what people have asked and he seems to commonly try to answer people questions but ends up changing the subject because he cant stay focused.

    Brandt is a living legend but his time speaking to the public should be over.

  4. Wait, so the NFL is locking him out as a player, so he should be boycotting the NFL Network and Sirius NFL Radio, but yet he’s employed by Sirius NFL Radio and getting paid as an employee of the league while he’s locked out.

    My head hurts.

  5. Why didn’t Fred Taylor get notice like Jones Drew is.Fred Taylor was a great player and sould of been in the pro bowl more times.I am happy for Jones Drew .It will be a great show.

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