Martellus Bennett: Romo should have to compete with Kitna for QB job

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When the lockout ends and practices begin, Tony Romo will take back his spot quarterbacking the Cowboys’ No. 1 offense. But not everyone on the Cowboys’ offense thinks it should be that simple.

Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett believes that Jon Kitna should battle Romo in training camp and the preseason to see who the starter will be.

“I loved playing with Kitna,” Bennett said on ESPN 103.3’s Ben & Skin Show. “Kitna is one of my favorite people to play with. Just being out there on the field with that guy just makes you play even harder. He made some things happen in limited time, so I think if he got a longer chance, he’d be able to do more. I hope there’s a chance for a quarterback competition this year. Every position, I think we need to put more competition into it.”

There’s certainly a case to be made that Kitna was better than Romo last year. Their stats were comparable (Kitna’s passer rating was 88.9, while Romo’s was 94.9), and the Cowboys’ record was better with Kitna starting (4-5) than with Romo starting (1-5).

But there’s no real chance of a quarterback competition in Dallas. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett have made it clear that they’re completely confident in Romo as their starter. Even if the guys on the other end of Romo’s passes aren’t so sure.

59 responses to “Martellus Bennett: Romo should have to compete with Kitna for QB job

  1. Romo is a decent QB. He certainly puts up decent numbers. But he’s quite overrated. He has had tremendous talent around him, he makes poor decisions, and doesn’t take care of the football, and most importantly, he’s goofy looking.

  2. I wouldnt go that far…..

    Romo may be mediocre but he is light years ahead of Kitna in my book.

    Bennett is doing a goodjob proving a point though. This should be Romo’s last chance with the Cowboys.

  3. Bennett was later seen in an interview extremely emotional. As he was shedding a tear,he
    said “Kitna’s my quarterback man..thats my quarterback”

  4. MartyB’s comments probably stem from the fact that Romo won’t throw the ball to him.

  5. Cowboys’ record was better with Kitna starting (4-5) than with Romo starting (1-5).

    pretty much says it all right there!!!

    GO JON!!

    PS Cowtards blow!

  6. @fordman84

    Hard to throw to someone when they’re riding the pine.

    Bennett needs to shut up and earn some playing time, get some credibility as a player and then he can talk about who should be under center.

  7. “Even if the guys on the other end of Romo’s passes aren’t so sure.”

    We can definitely put a lot of stock in a #2 TE (soon to be #3) and what he has to say about quarterbacks.

    If this was Witten or Austin I’d pay attention. But Marty B. has been nothing but talk since he joined the Cowboys.

  8. Of course a TE is going to say that, Kitna throws just about every pass to a TE or RB.

    Its why Dallas’ passing game overall sucked last year and points were so hard to come by.

    Bennett knows that when Romo comes back, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are going to be getting the tater.

    Of course you don’t hear Witten whining, do you?

  9. Did anyone notice that Kitna will turn 39 in Sept? So the possibility that Kitna will replace Romo as the starter is null and void unless Romo is injured.

  10. How about Bennett worry about his own position and try and compete for the starting TE job?

  11. And playing the role of quarterback killer Terrell Owens today will be Martellus Bennett.

    Apparently Bennett decided to spice up all this labor turmoil with trouble in the locker room the players can’t access.

    Kitna’s a serviceable backup–certainly the Cowboys could have done worse. But though I don’t believe Romo will ever contend with the league’s best, you cannot possibly dump last season’s early meltdown on him. Tony’s not one of the guys I saw pulling up on plays rather than finishing them. He seemed to be one of the few who was actually trying. He’s kind of a Huckleberry character, but I’ve never doubted that he wants to win and gives it his best. Bennett’s comments should have been said privately to his coaches–or not at all.

  12. Bennett should probably be worried about losing his #2 TE job to John Phillips… not that I’m complaining about Martellus. As an Eagles fan, I love the guy. He’s right up there with the other non-Eagle NFC East idiots like Antrel Rolle, Dez Bryant, Albert Haynesworth, etc.

  13. I think Jerry needs to add Cam Newton to the mix.

    Between Cam, Dez and the rest of the dysfunction, that would make 2011 a real blast.

  14. > I know one guy who is going to have even less balls thrown to him this year (if there is one).

    Romo to Witten…. I think that’s the point Bennett is trying to make.

  15. i’ve been saying romo was overrated since the moment he stepped on the field. he makes terrible decisions and is shockingly inconsistent and inaccurate at times. i will admit, sometimes he lights it up and looks incredible but so did sexy rexy when he was in Chitown…who knows sexy may get another shot at it in WA this year.

  16. Sure Jerruh and Jason are going to go with Romo, and I wouldn’t question them.

    Certainly Jerruh has shown that he makes very good decisions and won’t let personal pride get in the way of making hard choices for the betterment of fans and the citizens of Dallas.


  17. I’m no Romo fan, but JJ fired Wade Phillips after a 1-7 start. Maybe that had more to do with their improved second-half record than Jon Kitna did.

  18. LOL! The craziest part of this story is that Bennett is still on the team. He is way way over paid for a guy that will be the 3rd TE when Phillips returns. He stinks.

  19. Players should play, coaches should coach and never the twain shall meet.

    Apparently, Bennett’s motivation is to get traded out of Dallas. The Cowgirls should really stick it to him and trade his sorry butt to the last place Vikings to set a precendence for this sort of thing.

  20. I don’t like the Cowboys..
    But come on.. Romo and Kitna is not even a competition.. Romo gives them hope.. Kitna just gives them pain and turnovers..

  21. In other news, Bennett thinks milky way is better than snickers, Sarah palen should be president and light beer is better than real beer.

    When Bennett is in the top 15 te’s drafted in fantasy football, maybe someone will care what he thinks.

  22. I don’t think this is the worst idea I’ve ever heard but it would work better if he was competing against someone better than Jon Kitna. I think when there’s no need to compete there’s no need to go above and beyond what’s required of a regular quarterback.

  23. cowboys consistently have playmakers on offence and a solid defense. but they always underachieve and never win playoff games. that usually comes down to qb play or coaching. i dont think this back up TE should be running his mouth to the public, nor do i think kitna is the answer, maybe garret is the answer

  24. I don’t know much about the cowboys…But Kitna didn’t win because he’s Kitna, he won because Wade got fired, and it lit a fire under your arses.

  25. The more some of the players open there mouth reminds me of a song ” there is no cure for stupid “Some have attended college, some have learn things, and some needs the cure. Bill

  26. That’s an unwise thing for a teammate to put out there, but I think having to compete for his job for a change might light a fire under Romo. He just seems far too comfortable with mediocrity at this point. Sometimes it seems like he’d rather be out golfing than being a successful quarterback and leading the Cowboys to anything other than a quick playoff exit.

  27. Martellus Bennett is not very smart by stating who he likes better. A QB competition is always better for any team, but taking sides on a radio program, not so bright…

    Its a good way to divide a team instead of making it stronger.

    Lee Evans of the Bills did it a few years ago with J.P. Losman and Trent Edwards, needless to say Evans was recieving much less attention from his QB.

  28. Romo was 1-5 as a starter last year. However, the first game against washington had a last second TD taken away by a holding penalty; Cowboys lost by 6. The other 4 losses the defense gave up a minimum of 24pts and the cowboys never lost by more than 6pts to anyone. To say they would be remotely better with Kitna is not only incompetent; it’s plain ridiculous. Romo is a gambler and does make mistakes, but that’s football. However, he is a very good qb and there are about 25 other teams who would love to have him as their qb. Defense was the reason this team started out 1-5. Go Cowboys……should we have a season.

  29. thompgk says:

    Of course you don’t hear Witten whining, do you?

    Of course Witten isn’t complaining. Romo is his roomate, best friend and a favorite target of Romo’s. He’s a 1000 yd receiver with Romo or Kitna.

  30. Just remember this is coming from an AGGIE. Kitna should retire not compete for a starting job. Romo is a decent QB and could use a young QB from the draft to mentor as a back up.

  31. Romo has the potential to be a top 5 QB. This isn’t even a debate – Romo starts. Guy can throw 4,500 yards and 30 TD’s. He can be elite, when healthy and protected.

  32. Sure a TD was taken away by a holding penalty but another was given away to DHall by boy wonder. Expect more of the same this year. Props for getting rid of Wade.

  33. Martellus is an ass clown.

    PS – Shieldsisland – worthless trivia – Martellus & Jermicheal are cousins that grew up playing aau basketball together.

  34. I`ve been reading some of these comments and most of the things Ive read are rediculous!!!! Romo has the potential to be a top 5 QB?.If he does then how come hes not????,And which one of you Jackasses said the Cowboys have a solid defense,That secondary was torched over and over again.Only Cowboy fans would make these boneheaded statements.Dont get me wrong guys,Dallas has some great players,Whitten,Ware,Jones,Austin to name a few but most of these guys are highly over rated including Romo and Terrence Newman…..

  35. Why is it so crazy to suggest a competition? I’m sure Romo was preparing for one months ago anyway, just by watching another guy perform well, make and CONVERT gutsy plays, and have the offense rally. Those factors had to make him uncomfortable. He’d be arrogant to sit back and think that competition or replacement is not on JJ’s or the coaches minds.

    Also, where there’s smoke, there is fire. I know T.O. is notorious for calling people out in negative fashion, but he’s usually right about them. So here is another example of a receiver stating that Romo has his favorites.

  36. No one, but you, is calling him boy wonder. He has his faults and I think with Garrett as head coach those will get corrected. Romo may have won only one playoff game, but he does have the best regular season record as a Cowboy starting qb, most td passes, and when given time is as good as anyone. That being said……it don’t mean a thing if he don’t have a ring…..just like Danny White. 3 NFC championship games and 3 losses. How old was Elway when he won his first title? 37ish? He’s human, but he needs a coach who is critical and I think Garrett will be that guy.

  37. Are people still really blaming Romo for the Cowboys’ failings?

    The Cowboys defense in 2010 allowed the second most points in the league last year (27.3 PPG). That’s more than Arizona (27.1 PPG), Houston (26.7 PPG), Buffalo (26.6 PPG), Jacksonville (26.2 PPG), and Carolina (25.5 PPG), and only less than Denver (29.4 PPG).

    Romo is not the Cowboys’ problem. The secondary is the Cowboys’ problem.

  38. Hey Huskeroo, the only reason Romo was able to throw that last second TD against the skins is because of the hold. Arakpo was about to squish him.

    That said, Romo wasn’t the reason Dallas sucked last year.

  39. Romo is underrated.

    I’m no Cowboys fan, obviously (AutumnWind999), but I’d rank Romo right in that echelon below Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees probably at the back end of the Roethlisberger, Rivers, Vick group.

    The guy puts up 4,000+ passing yards and 30+TDs every year. Very good mobility. Very accurate (though sometimes prone to mental lapses). Not afraid to push the ball down the field. I’d take him on the Raiders any time. The Cowboys were garbage before he became starter and have been a contender every year since, except this last one when he got hurt and the defense was giving up 30 ppg.

    I think the hate comes from the fact that he’s the Cowboys QB and the whole Jessica Simpson thing.

  40. I like nicknames Buckseeboy. If you saw the play…..I know I did… was a quick pass to Williams. The hold had no bearing on the play; other than the fact that it negated the touchdown. I’m also sure you’ve seen Romo scramble out of trouble before; who knows what would of happened. That being said……..the secondary and lack of pash rush were the two biggest issues early in the season on defense. The offensive line and lack of experience were the issues on the offense……..example……..the fullback who missed the block which got Romo’s coller bone cracked. Anyway…….yawn…….I’ll take a healthy Romo over all but 5 quaterbacks in the league.

  41. Ironic for Bennett to say that since he’s going to have to compete for his own job whenever the next season happens. And he’s going to have a much tougher job keeping his.

  42. If T.O. did this, Skip Bayless would’ve treated this like a federal crime and got his panties in a bunch!!!!!

    But then again … Bayless would like more air time with Martellus Bennett on his newly resurrected YouTube gig, MartyB TV!!!!!

  43. No matter what Bennett thinks, there won’t be any more competition for the starting quarterback position than there will for the top tight end job.

  44. The take on Romo, from a WC guy, is that he has physical ability but lacks leadership ability.Too many cooks on that team.The owner doesn’t help, either.”Cult of personality” stuff can stifle a team.

  45. PLEASE trade this idiot. He has been a gigantic disappointment on the field and if Phillips didn’t go down with that knee injury in the pre-season, he would have been #3 on the depth chart last year.

  46. The way McGee looked to end the year, I’ve been kinda just assuming Kitna won’t be on the roster in 2011.

  47. Martellus Bennett was drafted before Jermicheal Finley. haha. poor cowboys fans.


    Marty’s got almost as many TDs as a backup as Finley has as a starter. Can’t stay off the trainers table, can’t play.

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