Reputation of Texas players could hurt Aaron Williams’ stock in Pittsburgh


The history of recent players from the University of Texas might hurt cornerback Aaron Williams’ chances of being taken by the Steelers this year.

Pittsburgh drafted two player from Texas in 2008 — wideout Limas Sweed and tackle Tony Hills.  Both have been disappointments.  While Casey Hampton has been a stalwart in Pittsburgh, he came from a different era in the Texas program.

“Vince Young also has been a major disappointment in the NFL and it has prompted many to wonder if there is not a certain culture that has enveloped the Texas program that inhibits some Longhorns as pros,” Ed Bouchette writes for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

We’ve heard this accusation plenty: That Texas players come out of  school a little soft and pampered.

A look at the recent history of the school shows this isn’t exactly fair.  Some top picks have been busts, but there have been many success stories.    Earl Thomas, Jordan Shipley, Colt McCoy, Brian Orakpo, Jamaal Charles, Jermichael Finley, and Michael Griffin are among the solid picks from Texas in the last few years.
Aaron Williams has been a popular target to the Steelers in mock drafts, but the team’s history with Texas players could cause the team to shy away.   Before Hampton, the Steelers drafted wideout Mike Adams in 1997 in the seventh round.  The last Texas player Pittsburgh drafted before that was 10th round pick Kirk McJunkin in 1984.
The debate about Williams’ position at the next level will likely hurt him more than any school reputation.   Many evaluators believe he’d be better off as a safety.

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  1. “The last Texas player Pittsburgh drafted before that was 10th round pick Kirk McJunkin in 1984.”

    McJunkin has to be one of the best last names I have ever heard.

  2. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Limas Sweed has just had hard luck, and Tony Hillis wasn’t that great in college.

    Vince Young hasn’t had success, because he can’t process NFL level information. And he throws like the kid from Rookie of the Year.

  3. Psssssssssssst.

    Texas players hate cold weather….

    and ugly women.

    Have you ever been to Austin?

  4. “The history of recent players from the University of Texas MIGHT hurt cornerback Aaron Williams‘ chances of being taken by the Steelers this year.”

    So this story came from where? No one from the Steelers ever implicated their feelings of bias towards Texas now, but PFT found it necessary to see two subpar Texas players on the roster and say that “might” stop them from doing it again? Worst story on PFT in while, if it even counts as one.

  5. Is this really journalism? It’s terrible, really. How did NBC take you guys on with opinion-based stories like this? I’d like to hear from a Steelers source or front office personnel. But nope, PFT just makes stuff up as they, and counts it as journalism.

    It’s sad really…

  6. @romoscollarbone –

    Limas Sweed just had hard luck? It’s more like bad hands, lack of football IQ, and horrible work ethic. The ball boys caught better than him…

  7. As good as his defense is, Lebeau would kill to have Brian Orakpo on his squad.

    So the idea that the Steelers will stay away from Texas players because they’re coming out of Texas is, uummm, suspect….

  8. It’s like saying no one will take Patrick Peterson because J-Russ came from LSU too, and those players don’t always work out.

    Seems like sound logic actually.

  9. Did Colt McCoy just get listed as a player that could vouch in FAVOR of Texas football players?? …must be a handicapped scoring system since he plays for the Browns… I guess you’re figuring that if he played on any OTHER team, that he would be pretty good

  10. What? You guys are full of it. Texas has sent a bunch of good players to the next level. Williams will do just fine if the right team takes him.

    VY has a winning record (although a little immature at times) Limas got hurt. Hampton is doing great. Orakpo is also doing great too. Others are also playing well.

    Bad reputation coming out of Texas must be a bad joke. Not funny!

  11. I wouldn’t go as far as to call Jermichael Finley and Colt Mccoy success stories.

    Upside and promise, yes, succesfull, no.

  12. Colbert and Tomlin were both at the Texas pro day. That would be a lot of time and resources to waste blowing draft smoke out of their butts, if they had any reservations about a certain school’s “reputation.”

  13. Before this last draft, UT had the most players in the NFL. Of course attention is going to be on the school since so many of the NFL players come from there. UT has their share of success as well as failure stories of players in the NFL like many other schools. I remember when you guys were saying the same thing about LSU players. Pointing out players like Limas Sweed is ignorant. He’s been hurt. If there’s an issue with the players UT puts out, it’s the fact that alot of these kids are so used to winning – in high school, college, and etc. and they are treated like kings in the state of TX most of their lives because of the success they have on the field. Then they get drafted high and get sent to some crappy loser team like the Raiders, Bengels, Browns, Titans, and etc., and people wonder why they drop off once they enter the NFL. Go to a team full of losers and you’ll soon feel like one too. Anyway, go away NBC and leave the sports talk to ESPN.

  14. @wilkj

    Don’t be so sure. Everyone knows they have great barbecue at the Texas Pro Day. They might have made the trip for the good food and a smoke screen.

    Then again, maybe they’re looking at taking Acho in the 2nd round or later.

  15. If you play football @ U. of Texas you’re idolized in Austin. Little kids love you, grandparents love you; you’re clearly placed on a pedestal.
    If you actually win something, like VY did in 2005, you’re a legend and will be treated accordingly. Vince Young goes back to Austin every spare moment he gets because he’s royalty in that town and he knows it.

    A large part of the reason he never grew up, IMO.

    In my estimation it’s really an unhealthy environment because the kids are pampered, catered to, and told they’re the exception to the rule from Day One.

  16. I think Texas’ DB’s have faired well in the NFL due to DB’ Coach Akina. The guy has coached three Thorpe Award Winners and five finalists.

    Saying all that, I still wouldn’t draft Aaron Williams on day one.

  17. Then they get drafted high and get sent to some crappy loser team like the Raiders, Bengels, Browns, Titans, and etc
    Players listed as success stories:
    Earl Thomas (Seahawks), Jordan Shipley (Bengals), Colt McCoy (Browns), Brian Orakpo (Redskins), Jamaal Charles (Chiefs), Jermichael Finley (Packers), and Michael Griffin (Titans).

    Players listed as disappointments:
    Limas Sweed (Steelers), Tony Hills (Steelers), Vince Young (Titans).

    Roy Williams was pretty good with the Lions (at the beginning) and now he’s struggling with the Cowboys.

    By your thinking, shouldn’t Sweed be dominant, and players like Shipley and Earl Thomas be bums?

  18. In equally nonsensical news, Jarvis Moss and Tim Tebow might cause the Broncos to think twice about drafting Mike Pouncey.

  19. I think the article should refer to Texas CB’s. Look at us in SF with Tarell Brown. What has he done lately? He had a decent season in ’09 but then dropped off the map last year.

    Can anyone name a stud CB from Texas? I might just not remember any.

  20. Aaron Williams is among the most solid players in the draft from a character/effort point of view. One of the smartest as well.

  21. eacuna05,

    I guess it all comes down to how you define studs. IMO, there are very few of them in the league. Revis, Nnamdi, Woodson, Champ???

    In regards to current Horn CB’s, Quentin Jammer has been an above average CB for years now. Nate Vasher had a good run with the Bears. Ced Griffin started getting league wide recognition as a upper echelon CB until his knee injury. All those guys are under the Mack Brown era.

    The thing is, as a Texas fan, we see this type of article EVERY year leading up to draft day. Yet year after year, we still have multiple guys drafted. We have hits and misses. We have instant impact players, we have guys who took 2-3 seasons to find their groove, and we have complete busts. No different than any other University that produces a high number of NFL talent.

  22. Duane Akina is probably the top defensive backs coach in college football again, now that Jerry Gray turned around and went back to the NFL. I’d be surprised if the performance of Mac McWhorter’s OT (Tony Hills) or Bobby Kennedy’s WR (Limas Sweed) impacted the Steelers’ decision on Aaron Williams.

  23. nabz034 says:
    Apr 5, 2011 10:45 AM
    I wouldn’t go as far as to call Jermichael Finley and Colt Mccoy success stories.

    Upside and promise, yes, succesfull, no.


    how many 100+yard receiving performances have you had during your first playoff game?
    did it come in 2nd to kellen winslow’s epic in miami?
    if so, then you only have “upside and promise” and “NO success!”

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