Ryan Grant does not mess around


11 Packers players threw out the first pitch at Monday’s home opener for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Only one of them spent an insane amount of money to get there.

Running back Ryan Grant told his crazy story during Fox Sports Wisconsin’s telecast of the game.

“My car service that was supposed to me pick me up and take me to the airport from New York,” Grant said via Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

“As I stuck my hand to open the car door, he locked the door and drove off. It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what happened. He drove away slowly so I thought he was going to make a U-turn. He might have been a Giants fan, I don’t know. He wasn’t a Packers fan. He just kept going. I looked at my brother and my friend and said, ‘Did we just get pranked? Is this a joke?'”

Grant said he couldn’t get another car, so he drove himself to the airport.  He missed his flight and there appeared to be no way to get to the game in time.  So of course Grant hired a private plane.

Grant was asked how much it cost during the telecast.

“Lot of money,” Grant said.  “Lot of, lot of, money. My friend and my brother joined me. I told them to enjoy the flight and stay awake.”

The one takeaway here: Do not doubt Ryan Grant’s commitment to the Milwaukee Brewers.

26 responses to “Ryan Grant does not mess around

  1. Considering the recent news about people skipping engagements, this is good to hear. Good luck on your comeback, Mr. Grant, the NFL needs more men like you!!

  2. “As I stuck my hand to open the car door, he locked the door and drove off.”

    Damn, everyone’s taking this lockout pretty seriously.

  3. Hope it hurt your wallet Grant. Jokes on you big mouth. It only cost Favre a grand to pull it off.

  4. bengalsown says:
    Apr 5, 2011 10:13 AM
    He also does not produce.

    In the Packer’s offense, he produces about what they need. Sure he was injured this year. But he averaged 1200 yards and 7+ TD’s the last two years. For a passing team that’s not too bad. Of course you have Cedric Benson. Almost as good as Grant.

  5. “Hope it hurt your wallet Grant. Jokes on you big mouth. It only cost Favre a grand to pull it off.”

    Is that how he’s spending the money he stole from the Vikings? I wonder how many pranks the Vikings could have afforded with that 3rd round pick they spent on Randy.

  6. Couldn’t agree more brewdogg. Pervy, I’m sure Favre has enough trouble at home — seriously doubt he’s got time to prank anyone.

  7. One of Ted Thompson’s best pickups, he not only gives 110% on every play, he’s smart (4.0 Notre Dame) and dedicated. He also realizes he is not a modern day slave. May not be as talented as Adrian Peterson, but way smarter and doesn’t fumble. Glad he is a Packer.

  8. Wow. Proud to be a Packer fan. It’s nice to see, in the heat of this labor battle, that some players are doing whatever they can to represent themselves and the organization well. It’s things like this that give me hope a deal will get done.

  9. “He might have been a Giants fan”

    this reminds me of the fresh prince episode when Carlton and Will get arrested for “driving too slow”

    Yes Ryan, he was not a Packers fan …. but he instantly recognised you … Weird ?? isn’t it

  10. Apparently Grant uses that car service so since he knows who drove off there will be more to this story. I would suspect Grant will be following up on this and somebody is going to get yelled at.
    Kudos to Grant for keeping his word and doing what he had to in order to show up. Some pro athletes
    don’t seem to think that’s important.

  11. So does Ryan Grant mess around with his pitching? Did he make his pitch to the plate?

  12. Contrast this with LeSean McCoy, who apparently can’t show up to anything.

    I like Grant’s determination to fulfill a commitment.

  13. stevincinci says: Apr 5, 2011 12:17 PM

    Sounds like an idiot to me.


    Coming from someone in Cincy, that is rich…

  14. Gotta give Grant some serious props there. . .that’s a long ways to go to make sure you’re there for the opening ceremony of a minor league baseball game.

  15. The reason a guy in NY would recognize Grant is that was Grant’s first team. He was traded from the NY Football Giants to the ACME Green Bay Packers for a 7th round pick.

    The reason for the trade? Grant fell through a glass table at a bar and cut his arm really bad and it cost him a year. It frustrated the Giants so they gave him away basically.

    Yeah, seems a fan might be a bit angry.

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