Ryan Williams accepts invitation to draft

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With the draft now stretching over three days, the NFL doesn’t simply invite players expected to go early in the process.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams has accepted an invitation to the draft.  Regarded as a second- or third-round prospect, Williams is viewed as one of the top running backs in the 2011 class.

Williams rushed for 1,655 yards in 2009.  His numbers dropped dramatically in 2010, due to injuries and Tech’s use of a three-back system.  He nevertheless opted to jump to the NFL with two years of eligibility remaining.

Several teams have shown interest in the Williams.  He recently worked out for the Ravens.

23 responses to “Ryan Williams accepts invitation to draft

  1. “Several teams have shown interest in the Ravens. He recently worked out for the Ravens.”



  2. Is there a bathroom handy to the Green Room? Some of these guys should bring a sleeping bag and change of clothes. Or two.

  3. Maybe now that Gil Brandt is getting older he is getting names mixed up. There are always a few Williams in the draft, it is easy enough to do.

  4. Several teams have shown interest in the Ravens. He recently worked out for the Ravens.

    Why are teams showing interest in the Ravens?

  5. You can cross your fingers that maybe the Bills will take yet another RB in the first round…

  6. This just in: Adam Schefter is reporting that the Raiders have expressed interest in the Ravens. Meanwhile Peter King just tweeted Al Davis denies all allegations of an interest in the Ravens.

  7. dont understand why he will go he will slip at least till day 2. But i dont get why people arent high on this guy, he had a monster freshman season in a pro style offense, and a productive season last year in a 3 back set, his numbers would have been way up if he was the main guy. He is gonna be the suprise of this draft in my oppinion

  8. I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Ravens are showing what is described as “very strong interest” in the Ravens. Should make for an interesting draft….

  9. He’s going to be in the green room a LONG time. He better take a bed with him to spend the night and wait for round two or three.

  10. So I see it’s been edited to read “Several teams have shown interest in the Williams.” instead of the Ravens.

    The show “Scrubs” had “The Todd”; the NFL now has “The Williams”.

  11. why are the ravens looking at him?
    He is an exact replica of what they already have enough guys that cant get to the house……
    they need game breakers……….williams is not that.

  12. How many times does someone have to mention a typo and think they were the first to catch it and the first to make a witty comment like “What?”?

    If someone makes the comment that you were thinking of posting…do everyone a favor and DON’T POST A REDUNDANT COMMENT.

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