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With the draft only three weeks away, it’s time to look closer at team needs for every NFL club.  (Translation: We’re desperate for new content.)

We’ll be rolling a few team needs posts per day in the rumor mill, starting with the New York Giants.

OL: Sure, you could narrow it down to just center. Shaun O’Hara and Rich Seubert are coming off major surgeries.  But the Giants need to replenish the group that keyed their Super Bowl title at tackle and guard too.  There are age concerns (Kareem McKenzie) and injury question marks (Shawn Andrews) elsewhere.

LB: The Giants don’t put a premium on linebackers, but they are taking this strategy too far.  They need more playmakers than just Michael Boley on the outside and Jonathan Goff is a good, not great option in the middle.

DT: It says a lot about New York’s solid roster that defensive tackle is a need with at least three decent enough options in place: Chris Canty, Linval Joseph, and Rocky Bernard.  Still, the team needs depth and youth with Barry Cofield possibly leaving.

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw will likely be a free agent and Brandon Jacobs will have to take a paycut to return. The best bet is the Giants only bring one of them back, and re-stock the position in the draft.

Overview: The Giants really aren’t desperate at any position.  That should allow G.M. Jerry Reese to continue to do what he has done well the last three years: Draft the best available player, preferably one with size.  And plan for the future.   (Two cornerbacks have contracts expire in 2011, so that could be a target.)

The Giants figure to be one of the toughest teams to predict on draft day.  Other than wide receiver, quarterback, and possibly safety, any position is fair game in the first three rounds.

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  1. Awesome. The Giants don’t have any needs.

    They should improve on their not-making-the-playoffs status significantly then with a new crop of draftees that are going to just be providing depth.

  2. “Overview: The Giants really aren’t desperate at any position. ”

    Man, as a Redskins fan I have no idea what that must be like.

  3. Weren’t the Giants ranked in the Top 5 in both offense and defense through week 13 last year?

    The Giants always draft well.

    Stop the mental mistakes and stop the turnovers.


  4. we dont have any NEEDS.

    i would like to see us draft some O-Linemen and possibly some LBs for the furute to go with Goff.

    CB is a position i worry about because we lack speed.
    Bruce Johnson was very good last year, but got hurt…..hopefully he can recover.

    we all know we will draft another DE or DE in the 1st 3 rounds, which i never mind 🙂

    just get the playcalling downpat with Gilbride and play more press man with a blitz ala Spags did…..none of this play off and zone blitz with fewell.
    Webster excels in press man coverage.

    resigning Plax would be huge and moving Steve Smith back to the slot would open up a plethora of options.

    resign Bradshaw and make jacobs take a paycut. if Coughlin can make Tiki not fumble, he can do it with Bradshaw.
    bradshaw should be a top 10 rusher next season.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  5. We’re going OL, I don’t even think it’s much of a debate. I would have to imagine it’s Carimi, Costanzo (I want to make a George Constanza joke every time I type his name…), or Pouncey. We have needs at each OL position, but I think they’d like to finally draft a legit LT – I think Costanzo fits the bill, by default. Nate Solder is another possibility. Something also tells me we’re moving Diehl to LG during/after this season.

    The only way we draft any other position like CB is if someone like Amukamara falls to us… which isn’t happening. I would absolutely welcome a LB or two, but not in the 1st round. Lots of 3-4 OLB’s, but no 4-3 Sam’s that blow me away.

    And if we draft Da’Quan Bowers or some other defensive end, I’ll have a heart attack. lol No more DE’s! And I agree completely with the Ingram comment, jakek2. I would welcome Ryan Williams in the 2nd round. Costanzo in the 1st, Williams in the 2nd – I’d be thrilled with that.

    LB in the 3rd, TE in the 4th, and reach for some CB’s and LB’s after that.

    And enlist Matt Dodge into the Libyan rebel army.

  6. I would love them to shore up that OL with some youth so we won’t have to throw some rookie to the wolves at tackle when the current tackles can no longer play to the level we as fans have enjoyed from them. Eagles and Cowboys ALWAYS have a great pass rush so I would fear for Eli if some rookie or second year had to line up against the Eagles d-line or Ware. I also don’t believe in taking a runningback in the first round. You throw a professional runningback in a system with a great OL you will get 1k yards in a season out of him.

    I just hope we don’t shrug our shoulders and grab another pass rusher this year. Yes, it is a point of pride how the Giants Ko’d so many qbs last year (not because injuries are cool – rather because it shows how effective the Gmen were at reaching the qb) but the OL is going to be a point of a concern for once in a year or two, let’s not let it reach crisis level before we address it. Sides, a young player can learn alot from such a group. Physically they have never been dominant they have always played well as a group, communicated effecitvely and had great technique. Great group to grow young talent from within.

  7. yeah the giants didnt make the playoffs last year, but 10-6 is not a bad season. like another poster said, stop the turnovers. if the giants do that this year theyll be an 11-12 win team.

    everyone is predicting one of the tackles or pouncy in the 1st….which means that reese will probably draft a d-lineman or possibly a lb’er. reese has drafted very well for the most part…he’ll wind up grabbing a jewel for the o-line in the 3rd or 4th round.

  8. noway can u let bradshaw go. i hope they do let him go, cuz i am an eagle fan. bradshaw is s stud, i would let go of jacobs. and do urselves a favor and dump shawn andrews, he doesnt like playing football, so he wont last much longer no matter how much talent he has

  9. Last year the Giants crushed the weak team, but got hammered by the good teams. This team is very overrated and has many needs on both sides of the ball.

    They need to build up both lines just like you wrote. But they desperately need the most overrated QB in the league to stop making stupid mistakes.

    Eli is horribly inaccurate. He has a weak arm. Couldn’t put the ball in a F250 bed at 30 yards down the field. He can’t run worth a lick. Plus he makes the stupidest mistakes.

    If one of the top 5 QB’s is available in the 2nd Round I’d snap him up.

  10. Quarterback!!!!!!!
    hahahahahhahahahaah, could’a had Phil!!
    You mean “Choke when it counts” Phil or “I pile up big stats in the warm, putrid AFC West” Phil? No thanks.

    If you want to Eli-bash, do it right. Say they could’a had Ben and his 2 rings (and his 2 rapes).

  11. tombradyswig says: Apr 5, 2011 4:47 PM

    hahahahahhahahahaah, could’a had Phil!!


    Yeah, and would’a been without ring #3!!

    Rivers is a clown. Keep him and his big mouth

  12. Giants won’t win another one with Eli at QB. So I’d say QB should still be on their radar

  13. How about some help BLOCKING for Eli. If he had a couple of seconds he probably wouldn’t throw so many interceptions. Manningham and Smith can catch if Eli had enough time to throw without some giant DE in his face.

  14. Brutus – Eli was well on his way to “winning another” if Plax didn’t shoot a hole in their 2008 season.

  15. well the leg-shooter could be back. OL getting older… get a real backup qb.

  16. Eli… 1 Superbowl ring and a SB MVP Award…

    Rivers… double zero. And he’s a whiny girl too. Just like the Charger fans. Priceless.

  17. I love how people bash Eli Manning constantly. I’ll admit, I can’t STAND his “Aw, shucks!” expression after throwing an INT. And yes, I wish he was a little more fiery like Brady or Rivers. You expect a QB to be a vocal leader, and Eli just isn’t.

    He does absolutely nothing flashy, he’s never (knocks on wood) missed a game, and since he’s been the starter Week 1 2005, this team has never had a losing season. Did he throw a lot of picks last year? Yes, but I think 10-12 of those were proven to be the WR’s fault (Nicks, most notably).

    Did he win us a Super Bowl? He helped. Our pass rush won it, as did our running game. But he was just about flawless in the 2007 postseason run. I think he had 9 TD’s to 1 INT.

    He’s throwing 4,000 yards and 25-30 TD’s pretty regularly, which is impressive considering our run game is consistently in the league’s top ten. His TD:Int ratio improves, his accuracy improves, and his yards improve each season. If you think the Giants have “no shot” of winning a Super Bowl, you’re insane. They have an incredibly talented team.

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