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The St. Louis Rams finished the 2010 season with a 7-9 record, narrowly missing what would’ve been their first playoff berth since ’04. Things are looking up in the Gateway City with a franchise quarterback and young, bookend tackles to protect Sam Bradford in a weak division. But this is still one of the NFL’s least talented rosters.

WR: The Rams should be able to re-sign free agent Mark Clayton, but he is coming off a torn patellar tendon and hardly a lock for future impact. Danario Alexander has a five-times surgically repaired left knee and is a poor bet for a long career. Danny Amendola is a fine slot option, but he’s the only player at the position worth counting on for next season.

DE: Former No. 2 pick Chris Long has quietly developed into one of the league’s most effective pass rushers, but there’s little to speak of behind him. James Hall turned 34 in February, and he’s more likely to hit the skids than repeat his fluky 11-sack season. C.J. Ah You, George Selvie, and Eugene Sims are middling-to-poor talents.

S: The Rams released O.J. Atogwe, leaving a safety depth chart topped by former undrafted free agents Craig Dahl and Darian Stewart. Due a $3 million 2011 salary, burnable veteran James Butler could follow Atogwe out the door.  Coach Steve Spagnuolo doesn’t highly value the safety position, but it’s undoubtedly one of the weakest spots on the roster.

G: St. Louis is theoretically set with Rodger Saffold and Jason Smith at offensive tackle, but guard is a problem area. The coaching staff has shown little trust in former third-round pick John Greco, and incumbent right guard Adam Goldberg was one of the worst linemen in football last season. The Rams are known to have interest in Baylor’s Danny Watkins.

Overview: Running back is another potential trouble spot after Steven Jackson averaged a career-low 3.76 yards per carry. Defensive tackle could also use replenishment. But we’ve tried to limit these write-ups to four need areas.

G.M. Billy Devaney has a lot of work to do. The Rams can remain competitive in their division with the roster as is, but they won’t make a move in the NFC without continuing to upgrade their top-to-bottom talent.

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  1. Couple notes:

    *Little Harsh on Selvie.. Kid is a stud, was a rookie,and is only going to get better.He also had a 14 and 1/2 sack season in his college career,the next season was a down year due to double teams.

    *Darian Stewart is next on depth chart, as he beat out James Butler during the season.Atogwe was released probably because he doesn’t fit what spags wants in his safeties,which would be guys who know how to lay the wood.

    *OLB is a bigger need than D-line,and thats saying something about that 2nd D-Tackle spot.

  2. I know everyone and his brother is looking for Jones to go to St.Louis but I don’t think you’ll get him. I am going way out on a limb and say that if the Vikings don’t trade away their #12 to drop down and get an OL later in the first and pick up a 3rd that it will be the Vikings who pick the best WR in this years draft (in my opinion).

    Don’t forget they went and drafted Randy Moss at the SAME TIME they already had Chris Carter and Jake Reed.

    Draft to strength. If they end up with Rice, Jones and Harvin that’s awesome. They could then pick a QB in round 2 that will be just as good as anyone they would get at the #12 spot (will be a career back up at best anyway). Even better they could skip the rookie QB all together and use their pick in round two to pick up the best OT/OG/C available. Then just pick up any old free agent QB this year.

    Next year go all out and trade up to get Andrew Luck. They won’t be winning the superbowl this year anyway. Why not have Luck come to the Vikings with Peterson, Rice, Harvin and JONES!! LOVE THIS PICK!

  3. As a Titans fan i have to ask… what happened to G Jacob Bell i was under the assumption at the beginning of last season that he had made strides with the Rams and was relied on as they’re top G did i miss something about him getting bad?

  4. NFC West – all mediocre. The Rams should have done better even with a rookie QB.

  5. It sucks that the Rams could play better next year and have a worse record..away games at G.B, Pitt, Giants,Dallas and home to Ravens,Saints,and Eagles. BRUTAL!

  6. @xmiksticky: Jacob Bell plays LG, Goldberg/Greco play their RG position. Either way, Jacob Bell hasn’t played up to his contract.

    with that said, I wish I could thumbs down “norsedrew” — too bad the feature got removed/its not available right now. 🙁

  7. @ miksticky

    Bell is still an effective pass blocker but not much of an asset in the run game. He’s had trouble keeping weight on, and really is grossly overpaid.

  8. Geez, Evan, you don’t hold back here.

    A fluke is a chance occurrence. No one expects Hall to repeat his 2010 season, but his 10.5 sacks weren’t even a career high. He can still be an effective part time rusher, and if Chris Long continues to create havoc on the other side, Hall will clean up. I don’t think his production will completely evaporate.
    Ah You and Sims don’t offer much upside but like other DEs, benefit from a rotational role in Spags’ scheme. And I think Selvie showed some promise in limited action. The Rams did finish with over 40 sacks, and the play of their defensive line was the reason for that.

    And while people can trash Goldberg, he’s still a valuable reserve. He shouldn’t be starting, is all.

  9. We have 2 draft paths, 1 with 1 without Julio Jones. If he’s there obviously pull the trigger, if not try to move down a bit, but if this is not possible Cameron Jordan is at the top of my list with Aldon Smith #2 for this pick. Second and third rounds should be a guard and an outside linebacker. Some names: G Stefan Wisniewski, Danny Watkins, Pinkston, Cannon. OLB Mason Foster, Martez Wilson or UCLA safety Rahim Moore. Rounds 4 & 5 fast quick RB, Safety.

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