Andy Dalton gets an invitation to New York, and to New Orleans

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The PFT lieutenants have done a great job of holding down the fort today while yours truly has bounced around from PFT Live preparation to the PFT Live show to post-show workout (ever since Jay Glazer accused me of being shaped like a pear, I’ve been trying t0 at least adopt the shape of a Rubik’s cube) to post-workout radio.

But now it’s time to jump back in and make sense of the stuff that has been happening today in Minnesota.

Before I do that, let’s add another name to the draft invite list.  Courtesy of our friends at The Dan Patrick Show, TCU quarterback Andy Dalton has been invited to the draft.  The news specifically comes from Andrew Perloff of, who appears with DP under the alias of McLovin.

The Colts have shown interest in Dalton, and Adam Caplan of reports that Dalton will visit the Saints.

If either team uses a first- or second-round pick on Dalton, it would raise eyebrows in the same way that the decision of the Eagles to pick Kevin Kolb at the top of round two in 2007 when Donovan McNabb was still the starter.

And it possibly would imply something even stronger than that, given that both Peyton Manning and Drew Brees decided to apply their names to the antitrust lawsuit about which the owners uniformly and consistently have been complaining.

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  1. if the owner so choose, collusion has only begun….and collusion that they will make sure cannot be proven…..

  2. I have a solution to the CBA issue. Agree to 53-55% of the gross revenue and all that jazz, but no salary floor. Then force an agreement on a rookie wage scale MUCH less top-heavy than is now used. Set the FA wait to 5 years. Once everything is signed, all the owners can cut any player over the age of 30 or anyone who’s making over $3 million per year. Then extend the draft to 12 rounds. Fill up the spots with young talent and just keep doing this every year. It would be like college football, only more exciting. College football makes LOADS of $$$$$$ every year. Imagine that. Players would be young, pretty well paid (minimum salary raised to $1 million), they would be more identifiable with the teams that drafted them and ticket prices would come down some without killing profitability.

    THAT is how the FANS win!

  3. To say this implies an agenda of the owners against Brees or Manning is a bit of a reach. Dalton isn’t going to go in the first round. He’s a second or third round prospect at best, who could develop into a starting QB in a few years. Why wouldn’t the colts look to groom a QB of the future behind their 35 and 32 year old QBs?

  4. “Sounds like it’s pretty much an open invitation.”

    Yup. Just got my invitation in the mail too. Apparently there is a need in the NFL for 35 year-old guys with no college football experience.

  5. I’m sure Manning and Brees are both quaking in their boots. They’re inviting Dalton to get information on him. As an intimidation tactic, it’s not even good for a laugh.

  6. Manning could very well be playing in his 40’s. He’s 35 now so unless nothing dramatic happens, Dalton could end up being the backup for 5+ years. Brees is, I believe, 31 years old. Again, given that nothing major happens to Brees, Dalton could end up being the backup for longer than 5 years. This is a possible 1st round pick QB so I find it interesting.

    Or it could just be an open invitation like someone mentioned.

  7. This is so going to be funny if it turns out the “invite” was a prank call from some of the TCU offensive linemen. Awkward, yet funny.

  8. if the colts or saints burn a first round pick on andy dalton I will buy them a brand new car…if they use a second round pick I will send them a thank you card

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