Antonio Cromartie supports HGH testing, questions players who don’t


Bucking the NFLPA* and supporting Commissioner Roger Goodell, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie said today that he’s all for testing for human growth hormone.

And in comments that surely won’t endear Cromartie to his fellow players, he suggested that the only players who oppose testing for HGH are the ones who are cheating.

Cromartie weighed in after Ravens receiver Derrick Mason lashed out at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s insistence on HGH testing. Cromartie took to Twitter and said he’s fine with blood tests for HGH because he has nothing to hide.

“Just was reading an article about HGH testing in the NFL,” Cromartie wrote. “I’m for it. I’m not against it. If you’re against that mean you’re hiding something.” (I’ve lightly edited Cromartie’s tweets for readability.)

Cromartie said he opposes the use of performance-enhancing substances and believes in testing for them.

“I mean you shouldn’t have to cheat to get an edge, just go out and play ball,” Cromartie wrote. “God created us all differently so use the talents he blessed us with.”

So Cromartie has once again taken a public stance that runs contrary to the feelings of most of his fellow players. At least he didn’t threaten to smash anyone’s face in, or call any of his fellow players a–holes.

31 responses to “Antonio Cromartie supports HGH testing, questions players who don’t

  1. hell, he’s taken so many paternity tests, testing doesnt scare him anymore.

  2. Once again, it is amazing how through all of this labor dispute, Antonio Cromartie has become the voice of reason and making the most sense.

    Now we just gotta teach him to use a condom once in a while.

  3. Antonio has been making more and more sense this off season. I’ve agreed with many of his takes in the last 3 months.

    Should that worry me?

  4. It’s not even a debate anymore – the majority of NFL players are using HGH. Having someone watch you urinate in a cup is some LESS intrusive than getting pricked with a needle for literally a couple of drops of blood? Really?? lol

    Thank you for saying what no other players are saying, Cromartie – you’re absolutely right.

  5. It’s fine and dandy to say you have nothing to hide but I would want to know exactly what they were testing for and how. In addition if it is found they are testing for things other then what they state what type of compensation would I be entitled to for the invasion of privacy.

    I would hate to see a rookie player get cut because the owners look for a genetic disease that could prove to be costly in the future and/or they believe the player might have.

    The more testing you allow the more safe guards need to be in place for the interests of those being tested.

  6. Cromartie continues to make sense throughout the labor dispute. I don’t like him, as a Pats fan, but he seems to hit the nail on the head whenever he talks about the labor dispute. Surprising to say the least

  7. We all know he isn’t on something, he avoids contact at all costs. He just wants those big RBs to get off the juice so he might have a chance.

  8. So Cromartie has once again taken a public stance that runs contrary to the feelings of most of his fellow players.

    Really? Derek Mason is 1 guy. Nobody else has spoken up. So this is now “most of his fellow players”. I love how this site writes crap and runs with it.

  9. Thank you AC. Why would the players be against it?
    The other factor why the players should embrace HGH is safety. Not because the long term effects are really unknown, but because bigger stronger players increase the likelihood of injuries to themselves. The players keep preaching safety, but a very simply obvious addition to the CBA such as HGH testing distrurbs them. This concerns me about the players intent and willingness to get an agreement done.
    This makes me believe more and more, they want it all and think they deserve it.

  10. Since no one has anything to hide, let’s place an agent in everyone’s house to make sure there’s no wrong doing…nothing to hide, right?

    Even without something to hide, you are still sacrificing privacy. The “nothing to hide” argument really isn’t that effective an argument.

    Even if the sacrifices are small, there is always a next step, and that means eventually you could be looking at huge privacy invasions, even if it’s only a small increase from the last one. Think about internet advertising: It started small, and now you have to watch an ad to see most videos on the internet, and it’s going to continue to get worse.

    Now, I do support this, because the players job is to play football, and the league needs to make sure there is no competitive advantage through the use of drugs. However, think again before you start voluntarily sacrificing your freedom/privacy. There’s always a next step.

  11. The arguments used in baseball, namely that testing was intrusive on privacy were ridiculous then as they are now. Olympic athletes are subjected to year round testing and are unannounced. The arguments current players are using are weak and show that they have something to hide just as baseball players did.

  12. Of course he’s not worried about HGH use; it not like he actually tackles anybody.

  13. Cromartie has no problem giving blood samples. He probably does it every few days to find out if he’s a new daddy.

    The players can’t agree to go back to work by returning to the table so they will probably fight testing for HGH too.

    Oh, and nobody cares what Cromartie thinks or says.

  14. Everyone who thinks Cromartie has become Forrest Gump and is now the “voice of reason” of NFL players should calm down. These quotes are coming from some PR guy who is trying to rehabilitate his image among NFL fans. This is all a campaign to make him look more thoughtful than he really is. What you do when the cameras, microphones, and twitter readers aren’t around is the real you, not this phony nonsense. We (NFL fans) are a pawn being used by both sides in the lockout.

  15. If less players were on HGH, Cromartie might not be so hesitant to actually tackle one of them now and then.

  16. Cromartie is just getting a little nervous. He’ll do anything to start playing again.

    His baby momma’s are startin’ to worry about where the checks be at.

  17. I do not think many players oppose a test, the problem is the only accurate test now is a blood test.

    It is different getting blood drawn every week then pissing in a cup. Can you imagine someone who had smoked weed as an idiot rookie having to get blood drawn once a week for their career?

    I am pretty sure there are health concerns with that, veins start to collapse etc Next thing you know they are drawling blood out of their neck.

    At the very least they need to address how often they do blood testing vs urine testing for people that are getting frequent testing.

    That said, they absolutely need to test for hgh.

  18. (I’ve lightly edited Cromartie’s tweets for readability.)

    So you translated them into English?

    (Kidding aside, I agree with Cromartie. Which kind of worries me.)

  19. I support being able to function as a father to my children and question players who don’t.

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