ESPN brings back Jon Gruden’s quarterback camp

In the weeks leading up to last year’s NFL draft, one of the most-discussed subjects in the football world was Jon Gruden’s QB Camp feature on ESPN, in which Gruden sat down with the top quarterback prospects and went over everything from whether they were good enough at recognizing coverages to whether they needed to change their accents.

Now Gruden’s QB Camp is coming back.

ESPN announced that Gruden will conduct film sessions with Ryan Mallett of Arkansas, Jake Locker of Washington, Andy Dalton of TCU, Cam Newton of Auburn and Blaine Gabbert of Missouri as part of an hour-long special that will air Thursday, April 21.

Last year we noted that Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen didn’t come across as much of a leader when talking to Gruden, and NFL Network’s Mike Mayock later said he thought that interview may have soured some teams on Clausen. This year we’ll be tuning in with particular interest in how Newton and Mallett come across — and some of the folks in NFL front offices may be tuning in with the same interest.

12 responses to “ESPN brings back Jon Gruden’s quarterback camp

  1. Oh gawd, that thing whipped me last year. Its hard to watch since Gruden was QB killer. He barely could stand them and was like Parcells…only wanted bus driver’s. ESPN needs some competition, they are worn, same people, same concepts which they run into the ground.

  2. Good television, thats it. Gruden has coached guys like Chris Sims, Rob Johnson, and his interview with Tebow went great last year – In fact maybe Denver is the only team basing their draft on this stuff.

  3. Good! This was a good documentary last year. If it really hurt Cluasen last year, then it did wonders for Tebow. They really focused on him and he came across as coachable and affable.

    I’m especially interested this year as a Bengals fan because they’ll probably be drafting one of these 5, AND their new Offensive Coordinator is Jon’s brother. Newton’s and Mallett’s interviews will be very interesting to watch as well.

  4. Loved his one on one with Colt McCoy. Lol at the texas drawl comment. But, I think Colt impressed him.

  5. Trust me… I hate to piss in your cornflakes guys, but there are positively NO teams that actually based any of their decisions on your commentary…. let alone thsi silly show.

    Well, maybe teams as pathetic as Denver, Buffalo, and Carolina would actually make a draft decision on such ridiculousness… LOL…

  6. tell me which other coach made chris simms look good at any point in his career? not mack brown….

  7. Interesting that all of those QBs agreed to this. After how bad he made Clausen look last year, one would think they’d be more wary about it.

  8. Colt McCoy came across great last year. Like a kid that wanted to own the candy store.

    I would have bought into McCoy’s emotional makeup for the same reasons I would have not bought into Clausen’s. And I (and most everyone else) would have been right.

    Bring on the next candidates –

  9. @jhorton83:

    Umm, Claussen made Claussen look bad there, Channing Crowder.

  10. Sam Bradford seemed borderline indifferent in his segment last year (which I actually respected him for) and is obviously going to have by far the best career of last year’s “attendees”.

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