Mark Brunell doesn’t want to lose his rings in bankruptcy

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Mark Brunell won a national championship ring as Washington’s backup quarterback in 1991, and a Super Bowl ring as the Saints’ backup quarterback in 2009. Brunell says that just because he’s filing for bankruptcy, that doesn’t mean he should lose those rings.

The Florida Times-Union reports that Brunell filed a debt reorganization plan filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Jacksonville that included a plan for him to pay for his own rings, meaning he would get to keep the rings but his creditors would get the money. It’s not clear how Brunell can afford to pay for the rings if he can’t afford to pay off his debts.

Brunell, who made about $50 million in his NFL career, also wants to keep other assets, including three Rose Bowl rings, two watches, helmets, memorabilia and shotguns.

Last season Brunell was the Jets’ backup quarterback. His bankruptcy filing says the 2010 season may have been his last.

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  1. So, the chump who managed to blow through 50 million dollars wants to keep his mementos of a failure of a career to remind him of how stupid he was to blow 50 million dollars??

    What a dufus.

  2. Dude might want to take his stuff and head out of the country. Might be the only way to keep his stuff.

  3. Unless he listed the rings as collateral to take out a loan, I think they should be considered personal items and not taken away from him and sold. Taking them away is a slippery slope. Lets say that Kurt Cobain’s mom or John Lennon’s son went bankrupt. Childhood family photos they may have with parent and son might have some value to collectors too, but they are also inherently momentos of personal memories. If we go down this slope we could also be forced to sell our family photos if we are famous enough.

  4. Doesnt work that way Mark, give them up. Your creditors need to be paid back and if those things can be sold to pay down your debts…tough.

  5. maybe he should start lobbying the current players to give him some money, I mean, he helped pave the way for how the game is payed today right? San Huff, where is your outrage that this guy lost his money and the current players are not ponying up to take care of one of their own?

  6. Only a total meathead could mismanage 50 million dollars? This is just another reason why the players need to get their head out of their collective ass and sign whatever offer the owners have on the table. These guys are so stupid they cannot manage to surive withour their monster salaries. Resorting to crime and bankruptcy is not a realistic alternative to a paycheck. Sign you idiots, before you all end up homeless.

  7. Just so people know, Bankruptcy doesn’t mean you “blew” all of your money, it simply means your debts are greater than your assets. Brunell made terrible investments, many of them in real estate or in other businesses, that are literally worth nothing now. I’m sure all the commentators here would be very judicious in managing their millions of dollars but it’s not that surprising that professional football players, who are already riskier than the population at large, also tend to be riskier investors. This is the downside of risk.

    I wish Mark well. He’s a good and charitable person who has literally given away hundred of thousands if not millions in his career. That also seems to be missing from the comments. There are plenty of villains in life, Brunell ain’t one of em’

  8. Those “sentimental” things are called “assets”, and you forfeit your right to own them the minute you file bankruptcy and try to avoid paying your debts.

    If you’re stupid enough to blow $50 million, then sorry, you need to sell off every single asset – no matter how sentimental – to pay off as much of the money that you are trying to stiff people out of, no matter what.

  9. feel bad for the guy, i know he made his own bed and he gets to sleep in it and all that.

    its hard for us normal folk to fathom wasting 50 million, had to be some BAD decisions along the way…

    now hes clutching to what he holds dear…

  10. I don’t think he should lose his rings, but seriously, what collector is out there thinking “Yes! Someone went bankrupt. I want THEIR rose bowl ring!”

    That’s like the people that buy championship rings for their teams. Were you ON the team? A t-shirt is one thing, but the ring is for the players. A jersey is about as close as a fan should go…buying a ring is akin to role playing and putting on a costume.

  11. These NFL players spend money worse than the state of California. You blew 50 million dollars. 50 MILLION DOLLARS. Absolutely zero sympathy for these guys. I honestly don’t think I could find enough crap to spend 50 million dollars on.

    Shakes head

  12. He should be able to keep his rings. Yes he sucks at money and yes he deserves to get what’s coming to him. But there are some things that transcend money and debt to creditors, and SB rings are one of them.

    Many of us have had debt issues and bankrupcies or similar, it shouldn’t mean that we should have to give our most treasured family possesions. Houses, cars, TV’s furniture are all replaceable. A SB is proabably the most sacred of any possesion. Let him keep them and find a different way to pick him dry.

  13. Wow, $50 million. I mean, I obviously feel bad for him but he must have made extremely horrible decisions.

  14. mark never played NFL Football in 1991 for the Redskins. he was drafted in1993 5th round by the PACKERS. He left there in 95 for the JAGUARS so therefore he only earned one ring with the SAINTS

  15. He actually didn’t blow 50 million. You have to consider that half went to the government and another 20% went to his agent, lawyer, etc.

    So he blew 20 million…which is still pathetic.

  16. Putting aside endorsements and such, he didn’t blow $50 million. The tax rate on what he earned would be well north of a third, and closer to a half, especially when you count New York taxes from last year.

    If you want to add in endorsements, appearance fees, etc., there’s no telling what the right amount is.

  17. @blitz2unow says:
    Apr 6, 2011 12:11 PM
    mark never played NFL Football in 1991 for the Redskins. he was drafted in1993 5th round by the PACKERS. He left there in 95 for the JAGUARS so therefore he only earned one ring with the SAINTS

    It states National Championship at Washington. Read the story again idiot.

  18. He won a national championship ring, as in college national championship in 1991.

    And just to reiterate what someone said earlier, he made a lot of real estate investments which did not pan out. And a few other business decisions that turned sour. I wouldn’t call that “blowing” 50 million. Not sure anyone here should be judging anyone else.

  19. Dont worry fans, Brunnell will be used as the poster boy for the 2034 NFLPA strike. and how retired players are broke and on the streets with no health care.

  20. a national championship ring is different then a superbowl ring…I think he was playing fotr the Washinghton Huskies when he won the national championship ring..

  21. I would’ve taken all my sports mementos, to my parents house, and if anyone asked, said I pawned all of it, when things got tough.

  22. Unlike some of the other posters on this story, I remember reading that Mark lost a lot from his real estate investments when the market tanked. Many news outlets ran the stories, and even PFT mentioned it at the beginning of last season. So, while it’s fun to bash others misfortune, please don’t let the facts get in the way of your insensitivity.

  23. Very well said, “awhite46″….

    Just hope I can be there when Saint Drew takes it upon himself to lecture Brunell.

  24. Shortly after Mark Brunell was traded to the Jaguars, the team held a mini camp in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

    On May 2, my friend Brian invited several of his friends to a birthday gathering at Grumpy’s Bar in Appleton (about 2/3 of the way between Stevens Point and Green Bay). A stranger in a #8 “Brunell” Jaguars jersey and a female companion were shooting darts at the bar during the party, and Brian speculated that it was the “real” Brunell.

    The rest of us said, “No way.” (We felt that a legitimate NFL starter wouldn’t be so desperate for recognition as to wear his own jersey out on the town.) But Brian pointed out that replica Jaguars jerseys were fairly scarce so early in the team’s existence. And the dart shooter, he pointed out, was left-handed.

    My wife and I had other obligations, so we returned home for a moment and I grabbed a Packers yearbook and looked up Brunell. No doubt about it–the guy in the bar WAS Brunell. He was an NFL starter, yet nobody knew who he was despite him giving us a blatant hint.

    Maybe it was that craving for recognition that allowed the scammers to zero in on him.

  25. Brunell is stupid. Like all athletes are stupid. He should have been smart enough to invest in sure things like, I dont know, Enron.

    And he should have allowed someone trustworthy and savvy like Bernie Madoff, to oversee all of his finances. See, those are the things “smart” investors do…

  26. He personally guaranteed several loans made to the RE company he and some other teammates formed to try and keep the group afloat through the recession. He didn’t “squander” his wealth, he made some bad business decisions and threw good money after bad. Plenty of people have done that. It’s unfortunate and I hope he can get his finances in order and take care of his kids. Great guy, bad situation.

  27. In this country bankruptcy is a license to steal. Brunell is a scumbag like any other thief trying to stiff somebody out of what he owes… and what arrogance to think he should be entitled to keep his rings when he’s taking food off somebody elses table!!

  28. Maybe this is what Dez Bryant should have done and avoid all these sports folks all up in his business.

    Unless, his suits aren’t anything more than people seeing an opportunity to get their hands on his money now that they feel the sports media is on a public witch hunt for any negative news about his private life. Where were these lawsuits before the fake arrest at the Mall for his friend’s pants not being pulled up.

  29. Mark Brunell seems to be the Lenny Dykstra of the NFL. How do you turn $50 million into $25 million in debt on bad investments? Amazing.

  30. Brunell invested in a lot of LLCs and signed personal guarantees for many of them. When his LLCs went south, his personal liabilities went through the roof, so his $5.5M in assets obviously ended up being less than his $25M in liabilities.

  31. Brunell is stupid. Like all athletes are stupid.

    When you paint everyone with the same brush, you must be very careful, lest you trip over your own self imposed negative stereotype, and fall into the well of stupidity !

  32. should have just banked it all and lived off the percentage he would have earned!

  33. Anyone who thinks he should be allowed to keep his rings is an idiot and surely isn’t OWED money from Brunell.

    Say you sell your home & hold a $50,000 2nd mtg for the buyer who later files Bankruptcy and includes/erases your $50,000 mtg. You then see him daily with his shiney $100,000 Rolex & you’re fine with that??? Give me a break!

  34. A very serviceable QB for the Jags, a poor mans Steve Young. You can’t really feel too bad for a guy who blew that much money, but I wish him the best. Maybe he could the Jaguars as a front office guy.

  35. awhite46 says:
    Just so people know, Bankruptcy doesn’t mean you “blew” all of your money, it simply means your debts are greater than your assets.
    ————————————————–Hey genius, if your “debt” is greater than the $50 million in assets that you’ve attained, guess what ….. YOU BLEW THROUGH $50 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

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