Report: Richardson “not sold” on Cam Newton, but will likely defer decision


As we’ve written a few times lately, Cam Newton looks like the odds-on favorite to go first overall in the draft.

Mike Freeman of is hearing the same information, with one key warning to keep in mind.

“Owner Jerry Richardson still isn’t completely sold on Newton,”  Freeman writes.   “Still, Richardson will likely defer to his personnel staff, and many of them have met with Newton, and like him.”

Freeman hears the Panthers are also “enamored” with wideout A.J. Green, who was one of the three players the Charlotte Observer believes was in the mix for the top overall pick.   NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said Tuesday he’s not convinced the Panthers will take Newton just yet, believing they may prefer to trade down.

Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly, meanwhile, says the Panthers want a second round pick to move down.  He believes Carolina’s decision will come down to Green, Patrick Peterson, and Marcell Dareus.

We’re not really sure who is on point here, just that misinformation season has truly started.   Newton looks like the favorite to go No. 1; the larger question is whether the Panthers will be the team to take him.

22 responses to “Report: Richardson “not sold” on Cam Newton, but will likely defer decision

  1. LOL. Give me a break. The only way he is allowing anyone to make this decision is because he is comfortable with it. Cam would be the face of his franchise and the reason why people would fill the stadium. That would be the dumbest business decision ever if he selected a QB that he wasn’t completely sold on with the 1st overall pick. Sounds like an attempt at plausible deniability.

  2. “Sold” is the word, Jerry-boy. “This here’s a financial statement, son. Are you sure you know how to read one of those?”

    You know, drafting Kerry Collins worked out pretty well for them. Maybe it’s time to draft another QB, unless you want to be Miami The Sequel. I bet you can Kitna for a second-rounder.

  3. He would be a steal at #1. Not only would you get a guy with a whole year of college under his belt, but you get an entertainer and icon in the package as well.

  4. It can’t be a worse decision than giving Delhomme that big deal after his immortal EPIC FAIL in the playoffs against the Cardinals.

  5. They will trade down some if possible to get back into the 2nd round and take a DT with their 1st pick, probably Fairley (Peterson and Dareus will be long gone).

  6. You’d better take him at #1, you wouldn’t want anyone to think you are racist for passing him up, would you? Would you?!

  7. It comes down to this..would the Panthers risk being a continuing 2nd tier market team, rather than a team with a transformation entity similar to Donovan McNabb in Cam Newton….or would they go defensive, with Darius/trade down and get Locker or Dalton later with more of a run game defensive thing – but who’d trade up for Newton..Denver? no, Dallas has enough, Minnesota…maybe? Whats real is can they get a QB later, but build on defensive with a defensive minded coach?

  8. dcninerfan says: Apr 6, 2011 10:08 AM

    You’d better take him at #1, you wouldn’t want anyone to think you are racist for passing him up, would you? Would you?!
    wouldnt smirk too much about it, niner-fan…since you could end up with him, Ryan Mallet or Dalton, and A.Smith is no great shakes, either.

  9. They really need a rookie wage scale. Then you could actually afford to take chances like that at the top of the draft without setting yourselves back years. And other teams might actually be iinterested in trading up into those spots with good packages.

  10. The Panthers will have to give picks to move down. The Rookie Salary cap is not in place and probably won’t be for at least a few years. What team would want to pay 50 million guaranteed for marginal players? Last year Bradford was worth it. This year no one.

  11. Just what a player needs is a vote of confidence. This will be a good excuse if and when he is a bust. Typical of the Panthers in order to low ball a contract.

  12. If Richardson belittles Peyton Manning at the negotiating table, I can only imagine what it will be like with Newton and his father.

  13. tatum064 – I doubt we’d take him, Harbaugh doesn’t seem too keen on him. Do some research. The 49ers specifically decided to skip visiting or having him visit.

    I never thought Smith was all that good. A nice guy, but not a good QB. Why bring it up? Unless this lockout extends deep into the off season, there would be no reason for Smith to be back in anything but a backup role.

  14. Good job Marty…keep making them think you want Newton.
    I cannot even fathom a roster with Steve Smith, and Newton and Clausen @ QB . Talk about a time bomb. Clausen irked him enough.

  15. nobody is trading up to that pick if the old rules are in place…..
    I wouldnt touch newton…
    harbaugh has it right……
    the kid that is growing on me is the kid from fsu…
    i wouldnt touch gabbert…..
    wouldnt touch locker….
    Mallet makes decisions way to slow for my liking….

  16. It so annoys me how people make statements about the Panthers and don’t really know anything about them. Does anyone know the last time they did NOT sellout a game? They would not be getting Cam to fill the seats, they sellout every game, every year, and have been doing so for years. They have had only 2 Non-Sellouts since 1996, and the last one was in 2002, this is not about selling tickets people…

  17. Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone can be sold on Cam Newton. I give him a 3% chance of fulfilling his potential. I’m sure not a lot of people will agree with me, but I think Jimmy Clausen will have a better NFL career than Cam Newton.

  18. With this article and with what Nawrocki said it makes me wonder if Richardson was “one” of “multiple” sources that isn’t convinced that Newton is their guy. If he struggles there are going to be a lot of comparisons to J.Russell and how will he be able to deal with that? It sucks because no team is going to want to trade down because there really isn’t that WOW QB, so if I was Ron I would play it smart and take P.Peterson or that Darius kid out of Bama’

  19. Hey, like anything said by PFT on Cam Newton shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt. I see Mayock and Nolan still got their hate glasses on when it comes to Cam. Of course Nolan is going to say what he said about carolina trading down for cam instead pf taking him first. Should one expect anything different from him. Anyone who does feel that the elite media is willing to do anything to send Blaine off the board first are seriously blind. Funny how they are all okay with teams spending millions on Blaine but not Cam….hmmmmm

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