Eisen says schedule will be released before the draft

Rich Eisen, who has served as the primary host of NFL Network’s Total Access and various other shows and events since the channel launched on November 1, 2003, paid his fourth visit to PFT Live on Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics.

One topic about which many of you have asked recently relates to the release of the 2011 schedule.

Though Eisen will host the league’s coverage of the schedule release, he says he has no inside information regarding the date on which it’s coming.  But it will be coming before the draft.

Even if the lockout remains in place.

The full segment with Rich Eisen, who talked to us while adroitly making Mickey Mouse pancakes for his two-year-old son, appears at the PFT Live home page.

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7 responses to “Eisen says schedule will be released before the draft

  1. At this point, considering the current situation, I’m far more interested in the college football schedule.

  2. First off, who cares, the schedule has always come out before the draft. Nothing to see here.

    Second, before Goodell took over and mercilessly slaughtered the golden goose, the schedule was always out by the first week in April, i.e. now, before general incompetance delayed the schedule unveiling for weeks for no valid reason-the last couple years.

    Lastly, this time of year has always been eagerly anticipated (by me anyway) for the schedule to come out so I could start making plans for road trips once I knew dates and times where my beloved squad would be playing. Not this year. Frankly, until I read this article, I had completely forgotton that this was always the time when the schedule was released. The NFL is so far on the backburner right now, for me at least, and I have a feeling it will never be the same. The NFL has had a good run, and I’ll always love and follow my team, but as far as the the league on the whole goes, I think I am cashing out. Sad, it didn’t have to be this way.

  3. How can they release the schedule if we don’t even know if there’ll be 16 or 18 games played this year?

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